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We're getting down to it across the dial: Upfront week (May 14-17), where the fates of numerous shows are announced by various networks.

We've already covered which CW programs are on the bubble. Now, it's time to pay attention and let your voice be heard, ABC viewers. Especially if one of your favorite series is on the following list.

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The network is in the middle of production on a number of promising pilots, from Marc Cherry's Desperate Housewives follow-up (Devious Maids) to Terry O'Quinn's return to primetime (666 Park Avenue) to another Shonda Rhimes drama (Gilded Lilys) that, ironically, may bump a current Shonda Rhimes drama from the lineup.

If picked up, which shows will these replace? Some in the poll below may be in more danger (The River, Pan Am) than others (Private Practice), but none has been renewed yet, meaning all are in danger.

Vote now for the series you most hope comes back for the 2012-2013 season:

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ABC hasn't really got the most top rated shows! So why cancel the best shows they have? Doesn't make any sense! Whoever is in charge there needs a serious reality check! GCB was one of the funniest new shows this season so they cancel it and keep the Bachelor (ette) and such nonsense! In case y'all didn't know the Bachelor went out years ago! Don't know who is still watching, but I had big theme parties that everyone loved but when Brad decided to forgo a mate, people where suddenly done with it! We transferred the party to Desprate Housewives and found GCB! Everyone looked forward to next season and now there will be no new season to gather for! Looks like we will have to tune in to the cable stations, they seem to have the best shows these days! The networks get ahead of themselves worrying about ratings, when some shows just need time to gather an audience! Remember Friends? ABC needs to cancel the person who cancelled all our favorite shows!


I am begging you to save The River, it's the best drama I ever saw and it's different for other bubble dramas. My whole family are waiting for the second season. Please, please, please save it for us. Thank you.


Please save MISSING!!! Best new show on TV, action, adventure and great plots, and acting!! Please save MISSING!


Save Missing! I love that show.


ABC execs -Save Missing... The BEST show on tv... Why not try another night? Why do some shows get multiple chances and others don't? This is the best show since 24 as far as storyline and suspense!!! If this show doesn't get saved, I will NEVER watch an ABC series again!!!


PLEASE Save Missing -- It's a great show. I think the time slot and not enough promoting is what killed it as far as what Network Execs look at. I don't really see promos during the week and it's on at 7pm on Thursday -- Come on ABC you suck. You have good shows -- fire whoever makes these types of decisions because all your good shows are being cancelled.


Many of us in Dallas are huge fans of 'Missing'. It's the thinking mans show. GCB is just ridiculous. Life isn't like that in the Park Cities.


Save:The river!!!


I'm sorry. who is watching Private Practice? I mean I was a huge view of Grey's Anatomy the first 2-3 seasons then it became ridiculous and I moved on. I tried watching Private Practice but couldn't get into that show at all. I guess the Grey's viewers just don't know how to change the channel is the only way Private Practice has viewers. GCB didn't seem to get that much promotion, but I love it and so do my friends. Missing I watch with my parents. It's a movie quality show and I love it. The only thing I worry about is where they go once they re-unite mom and son, which they have to do.. I don't know how many near misses that they can do without losing the audience.


Please Please keep MISSING. We love it. The show is the best drama with fast moving action, emotionally gripping plot, great acting. The storyline is one of the best written I've seen in a long time. Please let it run, you could move it to a different slot, I will watch it whenever it's on.

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