Army Wives Review: Mission Accomplished

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"Non-Combatants" was another LeBlanc-centric episode, as both Roxy and Trevor were in the spotlight at home and in combat.

I realize that cultures have different ways to resolve problems, but after Galassini brokered the deal to save the doctor in Africa and he had to drink what looked like placenta out of a gourd, I was certain he would throw it up and they would start a war. How someone in such a stressful situation would be able to drink that and keep it down is beyond my comprehension. I think they would have killed me on the spot. 

Denise Hears News

The kind of mission they were on over there would be extremely difficult to carry out and just walk away. Frank was tasked with rescuing three civilians who turned out to be housing a school of orphans. When one of the civilians, a woman, refused to leave the children behind, Frank had to leave her and the children behind.

Following through with those types of orders must be impossibly challenging. If it's not in the mission, you move on. That's an Army custom that would have made me want to throw up.

Roxy really had her hands full with her new FRG group. Her group harbors some of the most callous women on base. After Mingy died, they didn't want to make a big deal out of her death. The two women, of course, who verbally assaulted her more than once. I loved the speech that Trevor's right hand man's German wife made at the FRG meeting, about how difficult it was to marry a soldier, move to another country and what a difference one friend could make. That one friend, of course, was Roxy.

Roxy has touched so many lives this season, and if Trevor does the same with his position that she has done with hers in the FRG, the LeBlancs will be unstoppable, and deserving of every honor they receive.

Other thoughts:

  • The mission was accomplished quickly, and the team is home already.
  • Jackie was still popping pills, that's bound to come to a head.
  • I was really bummed that Hanson tried to turn away Tanya. As if that will stick.
  • I thought the open display of affection between Nicole and Charlie at the end was awesome. I'm afraid to meet Nicole's mother.

These last few episodes have been difficult to dig into, and I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal; Normal being everyone at home and at each other's throats fighting for rank, wives throwing parties and kids getting into trouble. I've missed Claudia Joy and I'm eager to see how she and Denise and Jackie hash things out. How about you?


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@ce - the US invasion into Grenada was not so much as to 'rescue' American citizens but because Reagan wanted to get into Grenada to get rid of what he saw as the spread of communism in the US' backyard (he actually said backyard - the nerve!). Grenada was and still is a "third world island nation" - actually a tri-island nation. The marines went in first for a short time (week or so) on their way to another war. But the army stuck around for a while - long enough to introduce cocaine and other hard drugs into a third world country whose main drug problem was marijuana.


it was more because I bkoeod it further in advance. After a little arguing on the phone they finally gave me a cheaper price, but if I never would have checked on line I wouldn't have known it was any cheaper and I would have paid more.


I have watched this show from DAY ONE, never missing an episode. With that said I love SOME of the new characters and miss the ones that are missing. To bad they can't keep the ones missing with some of the new ones. However if Army Wives keeps up the weird stuff I am going to have to stop watching. I DVR each episode and find myself fast forwarding A LOT, about 30%, of the show due to uninteresting characters and the political correctness the show suddenly has to have in each new episode. I think the writers need to spend more time on the interesting characters (i.e. Denise, Frank, Roxy, Trevor, Tanya, newbie Gloria, Jackie) and less on the political correctness characters (i.e. Roland, Joan, Charlie, Nicole).


Very disappointed in the desire and need to show the two women kissing. Seems like this is being shoved down Christians' throats and was sickening. We won't be tuning into Army Wives anymore. Everyone will answer to God and I feel so sad that this kind of trash is being imposed on Christians and we are supposed to keep our mouths shut. Enough is way past enough!!! Seems like our country better stand up for what is right and say NO to garbage like this on what used to be a good, clean show. Every knee will bow and answer to God for supporting and bringing this type of garbage into your home. Actors and actresses better think twice about how they are enfluencing people.


Hi Barbara! Welcome! I wish Tanya had been pregnant, too. I guess it was too soapy for the soap. I kept hoping that maybe she just didn't know and time was passing slowly and we'd find out late. At least Denise and Frank still include her as family. That's something. I wish she would take them up on it a bit more, because as it is she must be terribly lonely.


Hi I am new here. I am afraid they are taking Army Wives off. I really enjoy the show and miss CJ and I wish the script writers would have had Tanya pregnant with Jeremy's baby in the last season. She would have had the baby by now and could have still found a new love.


Hi Betty! I don't think they're jumping the shark, but they are definitely having a difficult time finding their footing this season. I'm enjoying Roxy and the FRG and the addition of Gloria and Gisella (thanks Meredith - I couldn't remember her name for the life of me!). I like Charlie and Roland a lot, and because I like Charlie, I'm interested in Nicole (again, thanks Meredith). But where is the root of Army Wives? The base friendship of our main characters? That's what I really miss. They're very fractured and introducing a lot of new characters to try to fill the gap isn't really helping with regard to cohesiveness.




Yes there can be rapid deployment missions where they go in for a specific reason (like rescuing Americans) and then leave. If you google Grenada in the 80s when a similar political environment was going on and the US went down on orders of President Reagan to rescue American citizens that weren't smart enough to get into US medical schools but attending one on what was then basically a 3rd world island nation.


It was said when they had to leave those kids behind and when those woman were mean when the woman died about not helping out

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Nicole hasn't pushed it. Even with the end of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"'s a long story.


Jackie: You did everything right, Roxy. You kept your head and you got the paramedics there.
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