Being Human Review: I'd Like A Different Season Finale, Please

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Yes, "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To" and it's also my finale and I'll cry if I want to. Not because I'm sad it's over, but because I am so incredibly disappointed in the Being Human season-ender. Ugh.

To spend even a minute on Mother felt like punishment. I kept thinking, what did we do to deserve this? We've been good! We've loved the last five or six episodes. They've been fantastic. Who let the monster into the room and let Mother loose into what was supposed to be a fantastic finale focusing on Aidan, Josh and Sally?

You know what else happened? Not one redeeming thing. Nothing fun. Maybe two witty Being Human quotes. Hardly what we've become accustomed to enjoying weekly.

I cannot remember sitting through an hour of television with a frown on my face that lasted the entire hour. I wish this was the moment I jumped up and said April Fools even though it's nine days late. But, I can't.

Aidan in Trouble

The majority of time was spent languishing through Aidan's walk down cemetery lane, remembering his annual visits to Suren's "grave" and his ultimate run-ins with Mother. Pleasant as peach pie, that one. At least we finally learned why she put Suren underground - so she would learn temper her feelings and stop acting human.

Nothing like putting someone in a skinny box, starving, with a dying mind, to rid them of all possible thoughts. What a scatterbrained idea that was. For craps sake, to stay alive the only things Suren could have possibly been thinking about would have been her love of Aidan and, well, blood!

When Mother told Suren to kill Aidan to earn her birthright as her successor, and he gave her permission to just get it over with, I was so hoping that her confrontation with Mother would lead her to finally stand tall and stab the bitch in the heart with the stake she had right in her hand.

Instead she turned around, slumped to the floor and mommy used the stake on her. Really? REALLY?! Slumped on the ground rather than stake the bitch in the chest? How was that even possible? Eighty years and she never once thought about killing Mother? Impossible.

So with Suren dead, Aidan is going to spend the next year underground. Unless they fast forward a la Desperate Housewives and they're 80 years in the future next season. Doubtful. Also doubtful he'll learn a great lesson of love for Mother and how to be obedient.

Meanwhile, Nora fell down the stairs during the eclipse and they called Josh. She finally told him that killing Ray would mean not only saving himself, but her as well. Just like on The Vampire Diaries, the entire bloodline would be effected. But instead of dying together, they would all heal together. Josh set into motion a plan to kill Ray which, naturally, fell to pieces.

Ray was holding a gun on Josh and Nora had one on Ray. If Nora killed Ray, she and Josh would be stuck as Werewolves forever. Two gunshots rang out as the scene went black. Odds Nora didn't kill Ray? Nil. If they aren't werewolves then they aren't on the show and that is just not going to happen.

Sally helped get Ray to the spot where Josh planned to kill him by inhabiting his wife's body, so she fell off the wagon. She was trying to steal other people's doors, anything she could think of to get to limbo as punishment. She finally asked her mom to shred her.

Of course mom said something nice about being there for her and her own door showed up. Not willing to destroy anyone else at her own hands, Sally shredded herself. She made it to limbo, but then needed Josh and Aidan to get her out. They, of course, were off on they're own little journeys.

What did I expect for this finale? Some roommate love. I wanted to see Josh, Sally and Aidan reconnect and talk about all the crazy they had been through and pledge to step up their efforts to be human. Being ghastly certainly wasn't getting them anywhere, and not being there for each other wasn't helping either. That was not what I got.

I got... something I wouldn't want to watch twice. A bad end to a season that started slow, then flew off the charts in excellence and sputtered and died in one outing. Yell at me, curse at me. Tell me I'm wrong.

What did you think of the Being Human season finale?


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I think you write pretty fair reviews, although on occasion your bias for josh comes through :) I agree with all if this. I recorded and found myself checking to see how much was left about every five minutes. The Siren thing annoyed me. I never bought that he was so irrevocably in love with her but I never understood his love beyond guilt for the red head either.I too was waiting for suren to stake her mom. When she got staked instead I was too frustrated to care . Sally's story seemed to be a setup for next season I guess. I didn't understand her plan for going to limbo and when she shredded herself and pleaded for yge boys I sighed. She's flawed and I know they care about her but they never think about her when their consumed in their own stuff. It sucks.


I just don't get it. Aidan is supposed to be a powerful vampire, but he can barely fight! I like his character, but the writers need to let him show a little strength now and then instead of making him into such a wimp. Just because you "say" he is a powerful vampire, doesn't make him one. Show us some strength instead!! Until then, even the idea of him taking on "Mother" is a joke. And, for pete's sake, can't vampires wipe their mouths after they eat?! ugh. Josh also needs to grow some. And I used to love Sally's part - she was level-headed, honest and fun, but now her best thought was that it would be better to be in "limbo"??!! Probably won't hang around for another season, but good luck. Hopefully you can liken up the characters for those that continue to watch.


Things I liked about this season:
1) Kyle Schmid as Henry. It wasn't clear whether or not Mother killed him. But, I hope he survived and will be a recurring character next season.
2) Sally's hot alter ego, the Reaper. Let's make it clear because some people on other websites seem confused. "Reaper" IS Sally, her id. She can't hook up with him because he's her dark side. Well, she could. But, it would be narcissistic. I wish there was a way the actor could be a recurring separate character because I like watching him.
3) Josh finally being able to hug Sally. Josh & Aidan's inability to touch Sally gets me every time because they obviously care a lot about each other. Touch is so important to the human experience that when they are finally able to connect with her physically, it feels like such a great relief. Yes, it really sucks to be a ghost.


I HATED the few minutes I did see. I HATE MOTHER! getting rid of Bishop(and Rebecca) was a HUGE HUGE HUGE mistake. That (mother) shit is boring as hell. Sorry. I did not enjoy this season, I actually missed about half of it. I'm very disappointed:( Especially as a Josh and Nora fan.


@Mike - While I was never a big fan of the Mother-Suren storyline, I think you misunderstood its purpose. Suren was killed because she couldn't be what her mother wanted her to be. All she ever wanted to do was love Aidan and live somewhere in peace, apart from all those "royal" responsibilities; perhaps visit old mom on holidays, etc. She loved them both and shouldn't have been made to choose. 99% of the other vampires are able to live like that (because they have makers, not royal moms). So, why not her? In the end, it was clear to me that love won over fear. Mom could not make her kill Aidan. To me, that proved she was strong, not weak. Ironically, her mom believes that bowing to her every whim indicates a strong daughter when really, the opposite proved true.


Couple things that bothered me, plot wise:
1. Who told Norah about this "killing the werewolf lifts the curse"? Was it the surviving pure bred twin?
2. Ray said "putting a bullet in me is like putting a bullet in him". What? Aside from that Werewolf nonsense, it wasn't terrible. It's leaving you genuinely curious about the fate of each character and will be a decent place to pick up next year, my problem is that literally nothing has changed. Mother will still be the main villain, Josh will still be a Werewolf.
I suppose the main plot point for next season is getting Sally out of limbo, which doesn't sound very promising. I give it a C+, didn't wow me but it could have been worse.


Suren got what she deserved, she had the perfect chance to kill her mother and then take the leadership herself, she was inches away with a stake in hand, she could have easily done it and surprised the mother, but she wimped out. So she got what she deserved. So why can't Aiden just dig himself out with his vampire strength in a couple of hours when everyone has left? Pretty sure he could do it.


So happy that Sorien is dead , she is not right for Aiden !! you know Josh and Nora will still be werewolves, and what's his name will get away !! Sally going into Limbo to save the other ghosts she put there was a brave move and Im sure she will come back soon.. This season I did not like the lead they picked for Aiden to love I didn't feel a thing for them !! And I didnt like her looks or acting...Yuk !! As for Josh and what's her name , when she got struck by the car and told Josh she always loved him , sorry but that was heart felt and made me sad. I felt the emotion more from their relationship.. Mother SUCKS and I cant wait for Aiden to kick her butt and get rid of that whole story line ..


Two words; not impressed. Really? That was the grand scheme for the Season Finale? To answer nothing? Really? I'm trying to figure out why people thought it was a great finale, sorry I just can't go there. As was mentioned, in all finales there is at least one story that comes to a conclussion, but here it just became nonsense. Ugh. Season 3? More of the same fun and joy? meh, we'll see. I do know that in 8 or 9 months I won't be eagerly awating the return of the show.


@AntonioSaucedo Forgiven! Don't chew my head off on the next full moon and I won't reap you unnecessarily. ;-) @Kate Totally right on the homage to UK Being Human, but the writer's have sworn not to take story from there, so it gets confusing when they do. How could we NOT compare those two stories?

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