Blue Bloods Review: Angel of Death

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Blue Blood's came back after three week's with an exciting murder trial and an unexpected job offer. "Working Girls" put Erin in the spotlight and her reaction to it wasn't always pretty.

I had to chuckle when Erin tried to tell Boris that everything was going to be OK. A cold blooded killer just told him that he knew where his children were. There was nothing OK about that. I'm pretty sure any sane person would think twice about testifying.

Then everyone was telling poor Sophia that her family in Russia would be kept safe. They couldn't keep their witnesses here safe. Why should she believe they could protect her family half a world away?

I know Erin was trying to sound strong for the press in this Blue Bloods quote

Erin: We have truth on our side that's all the evidence that we need. | permalink

…but I thought it came across as naive.

Of course the mayor didn't see it that way. He saw Erin as smart and tough and the perfect candidate for Deputy Mayor.

The best part about that entire storyline was Garrett's reaction. He was so happy when he heard the current Deputy Mayor was leaving and then his face fell when he realized Erin might take the job.

Frank: She'd be twice the DMO Glaser was.
Garrett: Yeah, so would a house plant. | permalink

I loved the way that slipped out before he realized what he was saying. As always, Garrett once again made me laugh.

But Erin certainly wasn't feeling a lot of support at home as Henry accused his granddaughter of becoming yet another corrupt politician. So nice of Jamie to correct him. She wouldn't be a politician, she'd be a corrupt city official. Fantastic. I couldn't really blame Erin for feeling defensive.

In the end I was thankful Erin turned down the position. I could only imagine how tedious those Sunday dinners could become if they dragged city politics into the conversation each week. Ugh.

Jackie & Danny Protect a Witness

Across town, Danny and Jackie were protecting Sophia and I loved the twist of having the AC break down especially since it gave Danny some great lines.

Danny: The ACs pumping out heat and it won't stop. It's like a coming attraction for Hell up here. | permalink

Little did he know how true that was. Danny made a great catch on the fake union patch and I liked that the gun was already in the AC unit. Obviously the safe house had been compromised before they'd even arrived.

What did surprise me was that Danny didn't call Frank. He must have really trusted his Sergeant because at that point I don't think I would have trusted anybody. 

Jackie and Danny's conversations about her boyfriend and Danny borrowing clothes made for an intimacy between them but it never turned romantic for which I was grateful. These two make great partners and it's nice to see them closer but Danny's heart belongs to Linda.

As much as I enjoyed the dramatic gun battle at the end I like Sophia having the courage to take the stand even more. It made for a solid ending of a fast paced hour. Now I'm looking forward to the last two episodes of the season.


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I'm glad that Jackie and Danny did not get romantic, and I hope that they keep it that way. What is it with Hollywood always having to put partners of an opposite sex, romantically involved? That does not happen that often and most people are more mature to not let it happen. Danny is happily married and I hope they always keep it that way. The Sunday dinner was a little tense in this episode. But I agree that Erin can dish it out, but can't take it. I'm glad she did not take the deputy mayor job. I think the mayor did try to appoint her thinking that Frank would cooperate more.

Sarah silva

This is one of my favorite shows on tv! Seeing Donnie Whalberg shirtless was a nice perk!
Once again we had very little Jaime but next week it sounds like he will be a main part of the episode.
I am glad that Erin did not take the job. Sometimes I find she gets way to defensive and I am glad that Henry, Jaime and Samantha all told her that Frank was not ragging on her! Erin can surely dish it out to Danny and anyone but she can not always take it!
I love the Sunday night dinner scenes!
I am glad Sophia did not let the mob guy scare her out of testifying.
I too felt the chemistry between Jackie and Danny but I know Danny would never cheat on Linda!

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Blue Bloods Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Erin: Thank you for coming, Sophia.
Sophia: The police didn't give me much choice.

We have truth on our side that's all the evidence that we need.