Bones Review: Hooked

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A beached fisherman, Parker home from London and Hodgins on a quest to decimate the Jeffersonian budget.

"The Warrior in the Wuss" sure made for a fun but eclectic hour of Bones this week.

Brennan & Booth Investigate

A fisherman out of water was the least of Booth and Brennan's worries. We, as an audience, were more than pleased to welcome Parker back into the fold. It felt like forever since we'd seen him last!

It was kind of sad that they tried to portray Parker like he was going through some sort of depressed phase now that he's not the only child in the family. I was going to be a little disappointed if that's where the narrative went. Who wasn't a little disturbed by the cut-up photos at first?

Then it turned out to be an epic family-centric mobile. Parker has some serious engineering skills in him. I love being reminded how smart he is. I only wish they would keep him around a bit longer.

Speaking of smart, I think Hodgins was rather genius in his strategic use of those machines for which he busted the Jeffersonian budget. He even admitted that he'd managed to use all three to solve the case. I just can't wait to see whether or not Cam allows him to keep them all. Maybe that alcohol will make her change he mind?

As far as the case went, I think that's the fastest I've ever seen a dismembered head be recovered. Lucky Booth was in such a hurry, or he might never have tripped his way into that shallow bed of water to find it!

How sad/funny was it to see that video of that little girl beating up the victim on YouTube? I can't believe they incorporated that to establish Blake's alibi. I'm starting to become ashamed of being a young person in this day and age. It's assumed we live to get embarrassing and defeating footage of others to post on the social media outlet of our choosing. So not true!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Sweets threatening to get out of Booths car.
  • Booth yelling at him not to.
  • Hodgins impromptu Founders Day Party
  • Hodgins using his new toys to prepare the food for the event.
  • Hodgins successfully performing an autopsy on a worm.
  • Hodgins acquiring so many noteworthy moments.
  • Brennan trying to anthropologically rationalize Parker's behavior... to his face.

What machine would you have made Hodgins return? Do you wish Parker would stick around a bit longer?


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Just love this show.
love the intelligence as it twists and turns. Camm is always stunning but she is becoming quite
anorexic.What a fabulous mix of personalties.


I loved this episode. AMAZING! So difnereft then a regular bones. I love Bones, it's my favorite show but this one was. . . so. . . it was life changing. It really was. I'm so excited for Angela and Jack (it seems more appropriate since they are both Hodgins') baby. I mean that is going to be the cutest thing ever. I wonder if it will have LCA and the gender!! HOORAY FOR BONES. This episode was definitely a home run.


Loved this week episode, I too wish they would show more of Parker on the show. Brennan will make a very good mother and step mom, she may confuse the children, but we all know that she does so with the best of intention.
The writer did not address why Parker was in England, was he visiting and is he back for good.
Hodgins....., well what can we say about him, I think he stole the episode; he is truly as his wife Angela call him the mad scientist. (By the way don’t you just love TJ Thynes hair) awesome.
Someone mention that Cam has gotten quite tiny, she look awesome in that dress but I do agree she is way too slim. I also love Angela dress; the costume department does a great job of finding the right clothing to suit the various body types.
Here is an idea, I think it’s about time B&B stop wearing the coats, (leave the coats to Colombo) they both has awesome bodies, let see a little more of it.
So many complain about the show turning in soap... I have waited 6 years for these two to get together; I want to see what happen when they are not at work. If the show is to be realistic they have to show the domestic side of live. I am sure they do not live murder 24 hrs per day.
The ending was great; just what I expected I give Warrior in the Wuss 4.5 stars.


I enjoyed the Warrior in the Wuss. It was an interesting episode with respect to the case and I really happy with the Booth Brennan family dynamic. Brennan has come so far in breaking down her wall and releasing the last of her imperviousness. It was great to see Parker (he is such a great kid) but it did bother me a bit that they made us feel that Parker was being devious and lying when that was so not the case. I expect that the writer's have to create a bit of tension with making us think that Parker might be resentful of his baby sister. You can see that Parker as he is getting older wants a bit of privacy as demonstrated when he locked his bedroom door after his Booth walk out of his room. Aside from the Booth Brennan family dynamic I really thought Hodgins was funny with his gadgets and overspending the Jeffersonian budget. It was also a hoot to see him make his own Founder's Day party at the Jeffersonian. One thing that has been bothering me for like forever is how much of a b*t*h Cam is. I really don't like the character. It seems she is always snarky or disapproving of anything. She seems like a miserable person. At different points along the way in the series you see how she tries to get Brennan to confide in her but if I worked with someone like Cam who can't keep her hands off her supposed friends men (i.e. sleeping with Booth and with Angela's ex Birambau) I wouldn't want to be confiding anything to her. Also, the actress who plays Cam looks like she needs to eat some carbs -- she looks anorexic. I hope that if someone is to be killed off in the season finale that it is Cam. I don't think the absence of this character would make any difference. If you recall back in season one we really didn't see that much of the Dr. Goodman and he certainly wasn't missed after he left.


I loved the entire show. I like the fact that Brennan's body is normal for someone who had a baby and that she's dealing with the weight not just dropping off. That's the way it is in real life. Also, I really liked the comment Angela made about the blinds going up and down when they had sex and then Dr. Edison used it as a cute threat when she sort of talked down to him. I think Dr. Edison is so good for the show, but then again, all of the interns add a good deal of dimension. I would love for Zack to come back though. He is still missed by the fans of the show.


I enjoyed this episode, particularly because we got to see more of the fine TJ Thyne as Hodgins, with all his wonderfully quirky lines and uses for expensive machinery.
I have to say I agree with the person who commented that Cam is looking too thin...she seems to be almost skeletal and anorexic, and its not at all attractive. I was glad to see Parker back in action, and I knew that he wasn't going to be doing something bad or nefarious, its just that Booth and Brennan are both kind of jumpy as new parents, and I think they will relax more as time goes on.
If Hodgins has to return any equipment, he should return the dehydrator machine, as there are much cheaper machines that can do the same job. That said, I don't think the lame excuse that it is against policy should keep him from paying for some of the machines himself, since he's independently wealthy.
Oh, and the other thing I loved about this ep was the car dialog with Sweets and Booth...hilarious! Sweets is just awesome and so funny and wise. Love his character.


I just love the new format with the baby and the family orientation being intertwined with the murders... it adds a new and delightful dimension to the show..we need more romance between BandB and just a tad more action


When in the presence of Greatness, I speak little. BRAVO BONES!!!!!!!!!


This whole baby thing is getting ridiculous. The show is turning into a soap opera. What a waste of TV time! Whoever concocted this stupid storyline should be put to work writing "daytime dramas".


Is Cam sick she looks so thin? Show was good Brennan is learning to be a step parent to Parker and a mother to Cristine. She is so far from a "Normal" person I think she is doing really well.

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