Bones Review: Hooked

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A beached fisherman, Parker home from London and Hodgins on a quest to decimate the Jeffersonian budget.

"The Warrior in the Wuss" sure made for a fun but eclectic hour of Bones this week.

Brennan & Booth Investigate

A fisherman out of water was the least of Booth and Brennan's worries. We, as an audience, were more than pleased to welcome Parker back into the fold. It felt like forever since we'd seen him last!

It was kind of sad that they tried to portray Parker like he was going through some sort of depressed phase now that he's not the only child in the family. I was going to be a little disappointed if that's where the narrative went. Who wasn't a little disturbed by the cut-up photos at first?

Then it turned out to be an epic family-centric mobile. Parker has some serious engineering skills in him. I love being reminded how smart he is. I only wish they would keep him around a bit longer.

Speaking of smart, I think Hodgins was rather genius in his strategic use of those machines for which he busted the Jeffersonian budget. He even admitted that he'd managed to use all three to solve the case. I just can't wait to see whether or not Cam allows him to keep them all. Maybe that alcohol will make her change he mind?

As far as the case went, I think that's the fastest I've ever seen a dismembered head be recovered. Lucky Booth was in such a hurry, or he might never have tripped his way into that shallow bed of water to find it!

How sad/funny was it to see that video of that little girl beating up the victim on YouTube? I can't believe they incorporated that to establish Blake's alibi. I'm starting to become ashamed of being a young person in this day and age. It's assumed we live to get embarrassing and defeating footage of others to post on the social media outlet of our choosing. So not true!

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Sweets threatening to get out of Booths car.
  • Booth yelling at him not to.
  • Hodgins impromptu Founders Day Party
  • Hodgins using his new toys to prepare the food for the event.
  • Hodgins successfully performing an autopsy on a worm.
  • Hodgins acquiring so many noteworthy moments.
  • Brennan trying to anthropologically rationalize Parker's behavior... to his face.

What machine would you have made Hodgins return? Do you wish Parker would stick around a bit longer?


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Love this show and enjoy how that have interacted the babies arrival into it.
I cannot wait however, for the baby to get a little older so her mommy and daddy can be partnering more often at work. Brennan and Booth have such great chemistry when they are together, but then again the entire ensemble cast is what helps make this show so good.

Josie leeds

I'm with farsia and rt--Brennan needed to do something besides look worried. As a life-long step-mom myself, Parkers' actions could easily have been interpreted negatively. Neither parent, however, used their head to discern exactly where Parker was going! Parker DOES need to be seen more often as a true part of the family and Brennan needs to simply LOVE the kid, not analyze him!


Since Sweets is Booth's new investigative partner there is not enough interaction between Brennan and Booth. We only get to see them at home having a tender moment at the end. It used to be my favorite part and it seemed to last longer when they would be out in the city somewhere or at the bar having a drink. Both seemed more comfortable with each other then.


I don't think Brennan should be vilified as an 'evil' stepmother or judgmental person. She was the first to attempt to try to create a family project, so he can better transition into the new dynamic. She also went to Booth with what she had saw because with this new dynamic, it can be difficult to know what the line is as a stepparent. Before she was just his dad's friend and now it is more complex. She simply wanted Booth to talk to him to determine what was happening before anything truly bad may have happened. But you could see the way her face let up when he said they needed to talk about it with him together as a family. Should the 'i'm sorry' have been there, maybe, but she also did the next best thing by saying Christine loved what he made for her.


Oh, also. Booth was uber hot, even taking that fall. Hello wet shirt! Only David Boreanaz could make that scene hot. Kudos. I wonder if David did that stunt. Hard to tell.


Grade: A-. My summary: Booth: hot super caring dad. Parker: coolest kid on tv. Brennan: uber judgemental step mom. Hodgins a raging tool. Sweets: annoying child. Angela: chilled. Cam: flawless.


Congrats BONES writers, you remembered that Booth is the father to two children. *Slow hand clap* Now when writing next Season 8 don't forget it. Everytime the writers don't even try to incoporate Parkes into the story at least more than, lets say one ep a freaking season, you do a disservice to Booth, the family man, devoted father. Even a passing comment on him every other ep would be suffice, and an actual Parker appearance say every 5th ep. Next season, ok?


Yeah. I didn't like Brennan attitude to Parker either. She could be borderline Mommy Dearest to Parker in the future. I wanted to scream "It isn't jvst about your baby Brennan" Booth has got two kids. He loves them equally. Brennan not so much.


I liked the ep. I thought Parker was adoreable as always. Booth adoreable as always: father and son pure adoreableness....I had issues with Brennan who should of apologized to Parker too. She was selfish, seemed to mainly care for Christine and put doubt into Booth's mind about his own son. Booth's gut initailly told him Parker was fine and he was right. So. Brennan. Apologise. To. Parker. Don't be a bitch to the cutest 11yr old ever.


Hodgins? Sweets? Yes you two. Pay attention to Parker, a 11yr old boy, cos he had more maturity than you two in this ep combined....Booth next time? just push Sweets out of the car. What an immature child. LOVED PARKER. MORE PARKER PLEASE. MORE PARKER AND BOOTH BONDING EPS.

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