Bones Sneak Peeks: Body Image Issues

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"You make that jumpsuit look very hot." - Booth

Four sneak preview clips from this evening's episode of Bones show a vulnerable side to Brennan and Booth struggling to respond in a helpful way. When it comes to postpartum issues, that can be a challenge.

Brennan's feeling a bit unattractive since giving birth to Christine, a condition Sweets says is called dysmorphism, or a distorted interpretation of her body image. Call it what you want, Booth just wants it to stop.

Give the guy credit for showing genuine concern for Brennan, but he's at a loss for words ... at least helpful ones. Will he break through to the new mother in the end? We'll find out in "The Don't in the Do" tonight.

Watch Fox's sneak peeks for the episode below:

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OMG!! this is promising to be really good. poor booth, the last time he had a baby he didn't have to go through all this, he seems completely lost. they are adorable. this is going to be so good. and the whole watermelons and mangoes thing? do they actually ask men that? that is terrible, i hope i didn't know that. i hope that Sweets will find a way to talk his way out of this one......

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