Californication Review: Dazed and Confused

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"Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" took us to television purgatory and wavered somewhere between a good and bad episode. Sadly, though, the season five finale of Californication leaned toward the latter.

The set of Santa Monica Cop was a fitting backdrop for what was a very Hollywood summation to several storylines developed over the course of the last few episodes. Samurai dealt with Tyler, as did Hank, who also confessed to having his own relations with Kali and - for the cherry on top - Charlie took a bullet for his dear friend and client. thereby putting an end to their recently stewed beef. Umm... right.

The initial scene with Lou Ashby was by far the best part of tonight's finale. I even gave Richard's call of the wild speech to Karen and Hank a tip of my cap, but from there the episode went steadily downhill, with Marcy and Charlie's interactions giving just a slight pulse to the otherwise cold finish. 

Callum Keith Rennie on Californication

Karen's speech to Hank was nothing we haven't heard before. Hank's solution to everything is to run? She wanted him to stay in one place and just live life with her? Finales are meant to leave the viewer with something to ponder and look forward to in the off season. All we got tonight were reruns and leftovers.

The murder suicide angle seemed like a convenient and easy way to close out the season as fans were left to wonder what went wrong. The only thing I could think of was that maybe the whole episode was some delirious dream Hank was having after being drugged and Season 6 will open with him recovering in the hospital. That, too, would be weak sauce, but like I said, I was left holding my hands in the air asking: what just happened? 

I appeal to you: What can next season offer up that will bring us back for more? I will certainly tune in when the time comes for more memorable Californication quotes like there were tonight, despite the lack of a cohesive plot, but something has got to change. It seems fitting that the show's production company is Aggressive Mediocrity Inc. because that's exactly what Californication is headed toward unless something is done to breathe life back into this series. 


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.... this was just.... no words.... the season have been crazy, funny and some times a little bit to unrealistic but i loved every single episode. BUT this FINAL episode was a JOKE... i mean common, everything was just to unreal. Ahhhhh i can't even begin to describe all the points in this episode that was just to retarded so i'll make it short... think of it like this, what if charlie just hadn't taken that unrealistic bullet for Hank... then what? Hanks gets shot in the head? everyone cries and screams? police comes? samuraj goes to jail?... There is an endless "WHAT IF" in this episode that would have easily ended up with either tylar, charlie or hank dead. But the most FUCKED UP thing is when AFTER samuraj tries to kill Hank he gives him a "bro fist" or whaterver u call it... I mean some one just tried to kill u and u laugh and bro fist the dude?... common.. wtf is this... And that little scratch on charlie was supposed to be a bullet hole?! So much to complain about, but i'm to tired and to angry to write anymore... so i'll leave u with this... THIS ENDING WAS RETARDED!


Another great season. Loved the fade in at Hell's kinda place. Hank and Karen's relationship is doomed. His hookups with Kali and the Carrie drama will keep him outside the white picket fence. I'm still betting that Hank ends up with Trixie.


decides to have a drink with her for old time sake? Come on! The series should have ended last night with Hank getting back with his family…boom, happy ending to a funny series. Instead, these greedy Showtime ghouls will milk a tiresome season 6.


Enough already...the show has reached the absurd! 1) Marcy is completely vile and unfunny with bloody this and f**k that and adds nothing to the show. Showtime execs can’t seem to get enough of shock, dysfunctional families, drug consumption, homosexuality, and debased grotesqueries. 2) Charlie is the funniest guy on the show but is portrayed at the Homer Simpson level. In what Bizarro World would reaching over and sticking your fingers into a girl you just met not result in a bottle being broken over your head or at least incarceration? 3) This Samurai Apocalypse guy is WAY over the top. How many times is he going to wave a .50 caliber semi-auto around? Which by the way is a cannon and would have taken Charlie’s arm off. This guy shoots someone and no police show up? Everyone just laughs it off? I’ve heard of suspending disbelief for a TV show but really? 4) How many times is Hank going to fall into the same old trap? Carrie burns down his place and he decides to have a drink with her for old time sake? Come on! The series should have ended last night with Hank getting back with his family…boom, happy ending to a funny series. Instead, these greedy Showtime ghouls will milk a tiresome season 6.


I was really excited for the finale after last years, but was overall disappointed (except getting to see Lew again). But even then, what was the point of that dream? Karen with the scar, Sam on his killing spree, etc. didn't really foreshadow any tragedy befalling them, just Hank. Gonna be a long wait...

Leigh r

Great Lou Ashby cameo! Happy to see Karen and Hank together as always, but Carrie was a red flag. The house was too quiet when Hank first walked in, you knew she was going to pop up. I kept thinking Run Hank!!

C f ohara

"Josh" great comments TY. I too was hoping for some happiness which is why I liked Richard's farewell and the subsequent bedroom reunion between Hank and Karen. I hope next season will offer up more of a storyline for Becca. I think she is one of the best aspects of the show, but she was underutilized this season.

C f ohara

Oh "Jim' likening me to Shrek? Really? Being pedantic is part of being a critic friend. You’ve never seen a show you didn’t like? Every movie deserves an Oscar? Come on now. You asked why can’t people just enjoy things for what they are. Why can’t you just enjoy a healthy debate about a show we all like and get involved constructively? If you have read my reviews over the course of the season you would have seen that I am a huge fan of the show, why else would I be writing about it? I assure you it is not for the money. Loving the show as I do I hold it to a high standard. I have overlooked some of the weaker parts of the season because overall I very much enjoy the series and have since it started. That said we all have the right to be critical of shows we like, just like you have the right to be critical of my reviews. What is "sad" though are the people like yourself who take the time to write in only to bash someone's hard work without offering up any opinions about the subject matter of your own. I admitted that I was lost as to where the show can go from here, what could the writers offer up that would continue to make it fresh. I appealed to you and other fans alike to share your thoughts. Some of which have graciously done so while others like yourself chose to just sling hate. I in no way ever implied I could do a better job than the writers of the show. I just know from being a fan that they are capable of much more than we got last night. The opening scene was indicative of the genius this show produces whereas the closing scene was a weak conclusion to a season and show that commands better.


Who says they won't be together? The show can go on with them as a couple. Who is to say Hank won't wake up in the hospital with Karen there? She clearly did some things like being married to Bates, for instance. She has obviously seen that Carrie is nuts, and I think she'd be inclined to wonder why Hank would decide to kill himself in the afternoon with her. The ending did upset me, I didn't like it actually. Even before Carrie showed up, I was crossing my fingers and saying out loud, please just let it end happy, please just let it end happy. I think that this show is one of the most incredible shows on television, and I personally hope it goes on for as long as possible. My hopes were dwindling through season 4, which was entertaining and funny, but seemed a little lacking otherwise. However, season 5 turned it all around in my opinion. It was incredible through and through, like the old days again. I wish the ending wasn't what it is, but it is. It will be just another piece of the puzzle after Season 6 Episode 1, so just hold on muthaa-f**kaaah.


This review has been written by a troll.
Why can't people just enjoy things for what they are?
Being pedantic and picking holes in things is only going to spoil your own enjoyment of everything.
It also makes you look very arrogant because it implies that you could do a better job.
So sad.

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