Castle Review: Tomorrow's Never Promised

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Another week, another solid episode. Following up from last week’s “47 Seconds,” Castle returned with "The Limey." The hour featured great guest stars, forward movement and some hot looking people. Let’s discuss.

International Love. The weekly case focused on the murder of a British model who had been looking for clues to the murder of her doctor boyfriend. The victim found herself in the company of a rapper and British Consulate director who was played by Charles Shaughnessy from The Nanny. The case was pretty standard. Typical twists and turns, but interesting and entertaining nonetheless. 

How hilarious were the two rappers?!? Biggie Slim and Nikki J? Classic Castle humor. The other best thing about this installment? Well, that would be...

Shirtless Holdup

McSteamy McScotland. Hello, Brett Tucker! Where have you been hiding? Apparently on several episodes of Spartacus, which I will now be catching up on. Tucker played Detective Colin Hunt and he played him well. This was a welcome addition to the series and I personally wouldn’t mind having him drop in another time. The accent combined with the towel scene? HOT.

Girl Time. Kate and Lanie shared some long overdue BFF moments, with Lanie pushing Kate to admit her feelings for Castle. Can I just say: it is about time. Even just the fact that Beckett had admitted her feelings is a big step in this situation. 

Points to be acknowledged: Castle is not the same man he was in the earlier seasons, he has grown up and has been patiently waiting for Beckett. Truth time? He is not going to wait forever. Case in point? Castle and his flight attendant spending all types of time together.

Beckett is great - but so is Castle. He is a successful and caring father. Clock is ticking.

So, what is to come of this? Both characters have now put their feelings out there. Will Kate make a move towards Rick or are the writers going to string us a long for a few more episodes?

I have said it before and I will say it again: This series displays some of the best acting on television, and half of it can be told without words. This show is driven by the facial expressions and emotions performed by these great actors. You could watch it on mute and still be able to feel the tension and feelings through the TV. 

  • Beckett looked beautiful in her dress for the party. It’s always nice to see the girl out of her slacks. Even if they are always perfectly tailored. 
  • No Martha or Alexis. Did we miss them? Not really.
  • Some great Castle quotes came out of the hour. Be sure to check them out.
  • Looks like Lanie is a big Caskett fan like the rest of us!
We’re on the countdown now towards the end of the season. What can we expect? Will Kate admit her feelings to Castle? Will Lanie and Espo get back together? Will Gates ever get more screen time? How about Alexis? Is she headed out of the city for college?

Another solid episode from the dependable writers of Castle. Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Limey.” Was it a let down after the previous intense episode? Is it about time that the Caskett starts taking baby steps? Don’t forget to check back for the Castle Roundtable and come up with your season end predictions. No new episode next week, so until next time, TV Fanatics.  


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Damnn. 74 comments? I'm not gonna read through all those... but as for the whole staying true to the characters comments I see on the first page, I totally agree with Joyeful.
Anyhoo, about the episode. I thought it was good. Got to watch it! Live! Whoo! Haha. My favorite scene was Castle's idea to get into the secure building and Ryan/Espo's response. I was laughing so hard. One moment that really shone in this episode as the characters staying true to themselves.
I did like the scene between Lanie and Beckett at the beginning though.
Well that's it from me. Looks like in the next few weeks they are going to be growing apart :'( *sigh*

Frank lee meidere

The big problem, of course, is that bringing together the "star-crossed lovers" is sure death. No show has survived it. It can be done with secondary characters, but not with main ones. The most famous instance, of course, is David and Maddie from Moonlighting. But there are dozens of others. Once Niles and Daphne got together, the Frasier show was pretty well over. That Seventies Show only stayed alive after Eric and Donna got together by pulling them apart again. Same with Cheers, with Sam and Diane. Buffy and Angel could never really come together, but at least in their case there was a very, very good reason. And of course, Captain Reynolds and Inara would not have been able to become a couple if Firefly had continued. (Although I will say that if anyone could pull it off, it would be Joss Whedon.) To be honest, I wonder why so many people create shows with star-crossed lovers as the foundation, since they know it's a lose-lose situation


I liked with Joyful had to say, the writers have lost sight of what we fell in love with the charactors, and this year is certainly much different from what the first three seasons made it so lovable.


just a little info for some people 1- Bones has 10 million fan on facebook and just got sign for a 8th year. now castle has 2- million fans on facebook and the show as we all know the powers to be don't know what the hell to do I like C & B but they only do what their told. and the Bones and Booth got together and have a baby now we have a different way to go but the crime will be the same and the Show will go on now lets get C & B together and get on with the Show it's not going to take away from the Show but add some new surprise's lot more to work with for the writers..

Frank lee meidere

@geek: I was so pleased with The Mentalist when it became apparent that Patrick and Lisbon were never going to be romantically involved. This makes it unnecessary for the writers to come up with increasingly idiotic obstacles while trying to decide when the characters should finally "consummate their love" (and effectively end the show). The particular obstacle now in play with Castle is somewhat believable. Not a lot, mind you, and certainly not something that she couldn't fix in about five minutes, since she already knows how he feels. But what isn't believable is Castle becoming a complete moron, losing all interest in the police work, and dreaming up schemes that a six-year-old would reject as childish.


The writers are conflicted much like the characters. They are running out of tricks to avoid a relationship, or stop it.
They have taken the attraction to the brink only to slam on the brakes and are now stuck. The Mentalist has dealt with this by keeping the attraction subtle but Castle decided on the Moonlighting and Bones model The relationship has to be put to bed (so to speak) one way or the other.


Agreed with previous comments. The problem isn't the story itself, but how unrepresentative the story is to the characters that we've grown to know. The Kate Beckett we've known is a strong, confident woman. She has issues, but she's not a coward or passive - which is what she's become with this long dragged out story. The Rick Castle we've known is a fun-loving man who doesn't take himself too seriously, but is caring, mature (look at his parenting) and would call people out on BS. Where's the Castle that told Beckett off for not calling him after being shot? Or who told that ghost writer in the oil episode that her methods were slimy? The story doesn't fit Castle and Beckett any more. Maybe it sounds arrogant to think that we know Castle and Beckett better than those who created them...but I just feel like the writers have lost sight of what we all loved about them in the first place.


I agree with the last two posts... Bones killed itself with no PDA- personal displays of affection and then a child is written in to the script. Lame. Just about the time something might happen they snap the thought away... like pulling you away from the tv. I enjoy the show, but after you do that so many times, you as a viewer get tired of it. The two know each other after 4 years.. you would think after he saved Kate from drowning, there would be more than just a thank you..and "always", Lame. Nothing more from that touch on the back of her hand, from the dog episode.. Lame. No flashbacks from when she was shot, or dreams of noises from hospital.. they missed the boat.


Really agree about the get it together, and sloppy writing styles. They are killing BONES with poor writing this year, almost can see the end of a series there.
Castle is a rich man, yet he doesn't flaunt his wealth in front of all of Precinct 12... yet here he is, acting like a new lottery winner showing up at a crime scene with a date in his lambo? Some crummy writing going on. Definately think Kate should talk to her dad.. instead of a shrink... there again.. messed up writing. They portray Castle as a mama's boy, and Kate as a tough as nails cop, but as far as love and romance, they can't write anything after 4 yrs? If Beckett is not that close to her father, then why the huge messed up life about her mother's death. Who cares besides herself getting killed to find out. Where does her dad's feelings lie in all that, discovering who murdered his wife.
I can see how Castle is trying to protect Kate, yet wonder now what will happen if he's drawing away in hurt feelings, and childish retaliation by dating floozies.


Totally agree with Frank Lee MeiDere about the writing. I like the STORYTELLING, but I missed the fact that they've recycled the Kate-wants-to-confess-to-Rick-but-interloping-blonde-gives-her-cold-feet plot from the end of Season 2. I'm not ready to quit watching yet (they have until the season finale to convince me to stay), but if I was a network exec making the call to renew this show, I'd be paying attention to what fans are overwhelmingly saying: Complete the love story, or abandon it. This tippy-toeing, juvenile plotline is borderline insulting -- even though this is a fantasy world, no longer can we suspend our disbelief that smart, attractive adults would keep stalling for this long. Too few are saying, "Yeah, keep stringing the Caskett dynamic along for as long as you like, show runners!"

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