Castle Season 4 Finale Scoop: The Return Of...

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When Castle returns from a mini hiatus on April 16, we'll be treated to the appearance of Adam Baldwin as a temporary new partner for Rick.

But TV Line has the scoop on an even more exciting guest star scheduled for the May 7 season finale, mostly due to what it will mean on a grander scale for Kate Beckett.

Judith Scott will reportedly reprise the role of Captain Montgomery's wife on that installment. What is Evelyn doing back in the picture?

Castle creator Andrew Marlowe simply says her presence is related to an ongoing investigation that could be "linked to Beckett's mother murder case." Oh, yes, Marlowe says, the series will pick "at that stab again."

Four new episodes remain this season. Check out the video above for an early look at what's to come and then sound off on this season finale spoiler!

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I love the show: the cast, the leads and the whole concept of story telling. But giving us more cliffhangers may somehow turn many off. However I am excited to see how well the finale is presented and to see whether it is up to viewers expectations. Can't wait for the finale


I honestly think ~something~ final has to happen between them. It has been dragged on for far too long; and carrying on with the tension and miscommunication will only get boring if it carries on any longer. I can see that Castle's prodding around in her mother's case (and the ensuing argument) will be the cliffhanger of this series...much to my displeasure.


I have no complaints for any of them, for not hooking up and all. Coz more you wait, more strong your relation is. I am hopelessly in love with Caskett ..


yes they better hook up this season so that we have alot to look forward to next season i.e how the captain will take it and i also know the show wont fail after they hook up castle is a different show so people should stop comparing it with other failed shows!


i just read the scrip for the final chapter of season 4 they left it behind were i work at. Believe me that episode is going to be one u do not want to miss i know if Beckett will finally give in to castles love i know what will happen at the end and believe me u will love it i will give u a start it all begins with a break in at the dead head cop of the station. thats all i can say


I've watched from the begining and am getting both frustrated and fed up with two adults not showing tha maturity of 10 year olds passing notes. I made a committment to myself, either Becket puts on her big girl panties and Castle see's if he's got a pair or I quit watching. This is more stupid anst than Twilight. It works on Bones, grow up!


What this show does not need is another phony end of season
"cliff hanger". Move on or move over to Smash. A cliff
hanger will be the last time I watch this show


another abc never ending storyline. Anyone know of two people who
dance around each other for 4 years and never come any closer
than a look & wink.


i can't believe the season is ending :'( ! it seems like it just started! i hope they admit their feelings to eachother before the season ends so i don't have to wait until september!!!!


@RoadSinger you said it perfectly

Castle Quotes

Beckett: Wait, there's a sex scene in the book? Between us?
Castle: There's a sex scene between Nikki Heat and the roguishly handsome reporter who's helping her.
Beckett: Oh, good. So he's nothing like you.

So how did she take it, us being together?