Castle Season 5 to Bring Back the Fun, Creator Says

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This season of Castle has been heavier than past seasons, to say the least, with lingering secrets, unresolved feelings and numerous characters in turmoil of various kinds. But the dark clouds may soon lift.

Creator Andrew Marlowe says fans can expect much of the air to be cleared in Season 5 next fall.

“I think it’s going to be interesting to see the Beckett/Castle relationship next season when we have the cards on the table, and when they’ve had fundamental confrontations and each knows how the other one feels,” he tells EW.

"I think that’s something that gives us a lot of really intense, fun storytelling."

Jennifer Beals on Castle

Marlowe recognizes that this season has seen a little less fun that than previous seasons, but views it as cyclical.

“Our goal has always been to be true to these characters as we arc them through this strange, wonderful, interesting, intense relationship that they’ve been going through from the moment they met,” he says.

“We didn’t have a chance to mine it as much as we wanted to because of where the characters were emotionally. We’re hoping to return to it a little.”

Castle is off this evening before returning with a new installment April 16.

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I really don't care what "grey" say. I love Castle. I am so glad he and Beckett finally got together. What took her so long anyway?? It really would not have taken me that long! I don't care how much weight he gains, he is still so fine to me!!


nathan...hit the were the better looking lead.. your costar's passed you....hearing the same from's still in there.. just need to lose a few and tone up.. check out pics from season 1 & 2 and compare to season 4..desire to follow the show wanes as nathan looks less like the guy they cast him to be


Wish you would put a real twist on the story and pretend Reuben Santiago-Hudson just had a funeral for show to draw out the bad guy and he is really on an island somewhere enjoying life with his wife and kids and then bring him back to the show. That was a real miss when you let him go. Great actor and great boss. I LOVE Castle TV show and all the characters and I really miss Captain Montgomery! I'm sure other fans would agree to story-line twist. It's T.V - You can do it!!!!


Love castle! im so happy for the way season 4 ended. Cant wait for season5. Castle is a little over weight but who isnt? Im trying desperatly to lose my belly fat. Besides hes still a very handsome guy. pls stop insulting my man! Castle you rock!


I love castle and loved the season 4. I put my kids usually to sleep 8:30 after curious gorge,but when its monday nite they go beddy by at 8:00pm. castle rocks!


LIGHTING, LIGHTING, LIGHTING. What the heck happened to decent lighting? Is this show constantly set in a basement? Even outside shots are over contrasty. Too many shadows, too much "mood" does not work. The sound quality could be better, also. It is murky and mumbly half the time...and the other half of the time the gain is set to "What??? I can't hear you." ...and Nathan could stand to lose a few pounds. His weight gain is quite noticeable from the pilot through the last installment. Other than that, it's all goodness. Cannot wait until Season 5 hits the airwaves.


And for all you who think that Nathan isn't attractive enough, well that's all a matter of opinion isn't it? I mean I think he'd appeal to an older audience, but either way he's not an ugly guy. I personally think he has really pretty eyes! Yes stana is gorgeous... And the two seem to make the chemistry work really well. I think the fact that there's so much more to these characters than their looks also needs to be mentioned. I mean castle is such a likable guy, he's sweet and supportive to Beckett, and funny! Beckett is serious but she has this fun side which is really brought out when castle is around. I think that part of the reason these two characters are so attractive together is because their personalities mesh so well. Oh well, I'm a caskett fan girl ;p I can't help but love these two!


I can't wait for the new season of castle since I know this is what Marlowe is hinting at. Honestly although I do miss the castle-Beckett banter to a degree, I think that this new more serious tone is developing the characters' relationships. When two people are able to feel comfortable enough around each other to joke but can also take their relationship seriously it's a huge step and a maturing of the show I think. I'm excited to see them having fun together with'all the cards on the table' though! Something to look forward to!


@Grey CAN YOU PLEASE KNOCK IT OFF?! Stop bashing the show! you dont like it, dont watch it! and i really do hope marlowe sees your post and kicks your butt! AND F.Y.I. some of us dont mind the appearances of the actors/tress. we are not shallow enough to just obsess with external appearances.


This season has been noticeably weaker than seasons 2 and 3. Season 3 was in many ways a reprise of season 2, so this isn't a minor beef. It's getting harder to ship Caskett. Kate once again makes a move only because she's afraid of losing him entirely. Castle, once again, gives up and goes from Serious Brunette Mode (Kate, Sophia, Alyssa Milano's character) to Casual Blonde Mode. Five years later, and he's STILL chasing her? And she's STILL playfully shooting him down? Maybe they really shouldn't be together after all. The cases are still quirky and fun, but without Castle/Beckett to have fun solving them, even the Little Red Riding Hood case became a drag. Nathan's weight and haggard appearance hasn't helped. Go watch Flowers for Your Grave and then a season 4 ep and you'll see what I mean. The Beckett's mom case has gotten so big that it's silly at this point. What possible resolution could they have that satisfies? I love Adam Baldwin. I hope (but doubt) that we'll see him again after Headhunters. But the Firefly alum we really need back is Jose Molina, who injected some real joy into the series back in season 2. The last two years feel like they've been trying to get back that magic. My hope is that Castle and Beckett finally get together, that Molly Quinn goes away to college (with recurring appearances "on break"), and that they cut down on "arc episodes" for a while.

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