Castle to Meet The Walking Dead: First Look!

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Before we look ahead to the Castle season finale (which will feature a surprising return) or to Castle Season 5 (which will focus on some fun between our favorite investigative duo), this ABC hit will make like the biggest show on cable.

That's right, the April 30 installment of Castle (titled "Undead Again") will bring out The Walking Dead, or so it's believed by the only witness to the crime of a dead man found with bite marks on his body.

Was he really the victim of a zombie attack?!? Click through the following episode photos to get a look at Castle and Beckett looking into New York's undead subculture in an attempt to find the culprit:

Attack of the Undead?
Making like The Walking Dead
Zombies on Castle?

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Did anyone notice that Esposito protected Castle during the sceen where Slaughter and Rick go into Vales' headquarters? Esposito stepped in front of Castle then slightly pushed him behind him where he was more protected. I love Espo and Ryan and the way they are so fond of Castle. Great cast and great writing.


I agree with Sylvia, Headhunters and zombies are dead-end stories and I haven't seen Zombies yet. I hope Marlow is right and season five is fun again because they have blown four!


These Zombies reminds me of some drug effected people who are sicks .. I have played this on CoD... It might be that thing only


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I don't understand why the last 4 episodes aren't in a straight run. So many breaks!


Headhunters on the 16th and now Zombies on the 30th of April. Why all these "hiatuses" (if that's a word). Very annoying.

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