Cougar Town Review: Krazy Kakes and Crazy Families

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Could "Ways To Be Wicked" be one of the finest Cougar Town episodes of all-time?

Without a doubt, yes.

Jules & Ellie High Five

As I’ve said (many times) before, the show is at its best when it combines humor with character growth because that offers the best of both worlds. No one wants to watch a series years down the line where the characters are exactly the same and have made no personal advancement; it gets old. A lot of cards were in play this week, but most of that growth centered on Ellie and Laurie.

Ellie’s mom, played by Susan Blakely, lived up to all expectations. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the mean tree, and watching her tear people down like her daughter made me much happier than I should have been. But who doesn’t like watching people be cruel? Even Jules, the nicest person ever, became drunk with power as she attempted to get Mama Ellie to say something nice about her daughter.

With a little advice from Chick, Jules realizes that even though family is bound by blood, it’s sometimes better to build your own family with the people who truly love you for you. Which is the case for Ellie. As much as Ellie tried to bond with her mom, and as nice of an act as Betsy puts on for her gang, sometimes it’s better to cut off family.

The other character with some personal growth is Laurie. We’ve watched each season as she matures, making more adults choices and generally wanting to be better person. First with the house, then she was willing to play with Travis’ emotions to make sure he went back to school.

This week, we learn she’s very good at baking and cake decorating, and has a dream of running her own cake shop, Krazy Kakes. However, Laurie is so afraid of trying - or failing, really - she’s willing to continually put it off.  As hysterical as Laurie is, I love when a few of her layers peel back because there is so much there. Busy Philips can do comedy and drama so well, and when she can do both in an episode and really let all of the wonderfulness that is Laurie shine, it makes the episode that much more enriching.

A few more thoughts:

  • Cougar Town finally lived up to its title after years of trying to deny it. A Cobb family outing at Travis’ school led them to stealing the cougar statue.
  • The dog cake was absolutely adorable.
  • The running gag of terrible Stan continues with mailbox dismemberment.
  • Laurie being absolutely terrified of old people? Priceless.
  • The Civil War pose.
  • I won’t be surprised at all when Jules and Ellie run away together.

What did you think of tonight’s Cougar Town? Let us know what you think and then head over to our Cougar Town quotes page and vote on our many favorites!


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@veronica The quote you're looking for is "The people we love need to know that we are always on their side. You don't get a free pass just because you share the same blood. Being part of a family is something you gotta earn, otherwise, to hell with ya!"


Hilarious episodes, one of the best's on the season. I liked that we got to see another faucet of Laurie's character. She likes baking cakes, who would have thought? I do hope we get to see more of Tampa and Day 2 in the future ;)


I want to quote what Jules dad said to her about famiy last night. About having to earn it. Can anybody tell me what it was exactly?


LOVE this show!! it kills me that people aren't watching it. not many shows can pull off being so endearing and so dysfunctional at the same time. come on people!


Totally agrre with your article! You just miss the awesome alice Cooper part = hilarious!!!

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