CSI Review: Fill My Eyes With Double Vision

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Leave it to CSI to up the ante on the classic “twin defense” murder case by not only throwing in a third twin, but eventually adding a fourth. This case had me guessing and re-guessing almost to the very end.

One of the things that "Split Decision" did very well was its use of the entire team. All the lab rats and field agents got some screen time. From Henry helping Finn with the DNA profiling, to Morgan and Nick going door to door in the hotel, we got to witness everyone on this case.

Casino Crime Scene

Sadly, CSI had a few “tells” this week, tipping its hand when it came to bluffing us into falling for the final twist. First, the sheer number of times they showed the same images on the facial recognition “scan” was enough that I could tell it was a loop. Also, the amount of weight they were giving the facial recognition program (and Archie working on it) by mentioning it and going back to Archie over and over made it clear it was going to be the key to finding the twist.

Honestly, the moment Sarah asked Avery about his father meeting some other people I knew that Avery was the fourth twin and had set the whole thing up. I will admit that knowing it didn't really take away from the big reveal, it just allowed me to say “called it!” to my wife about two minutes later. 

Overall, this was a decent offering, with some good CSI quotes. Okay, I freely admit there was nothing amazing about the hour; but like a well-tuned sports car, it hummed along at a good pace and was a fun ride. It seems like both DB and Finn have adapted well and I find I'm not missing Catherine at all. While I do still miss Grissom, it’s more from nostalgia than something different he brought to the story. 

How about you? Do you miss Catherine or Grissom? If so, what do you feel they brought to the show that we don’t have now?


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Miss Grissom every week. Catherine-not so much. Can NOT stand Shue!! Danson was doing a decent job until Shue moved in to be his right hip--and they both keep this $#it eating grin on their faces all the time--like they so are pleased with themselves and no one else has ever been as smart as their characters--huge turn-off for me, except I still want to watch Sara, Nick, Greg, Brass solve the mystery.
Last night was a little too much Steven King, twins, okay, triplets I could handle, but the 4th kid? By the time he admitted to seeing the others, I knew he was in on it--but hold the line at 3 --otherwise its a poor scifi joke!
Please just give us good science and stop making cops out of our investigators!!
Sue Ann, you are right--at one time there was enthusiasm with the characters and now they are shadows! I find I much prefer to watch the old reruns on Spike TV, even record them to watch at night.
I did enjoy seeing Mandy, Henry, and Archie last night.


Grissom was the CSI character that all the spin offs had to emulate in part -- so I would say I miss that; however, I like Danson and the actress who plays Morgan (and her and her father's relationship) and Shue's Ok. I would miss Catherine -- except she hasn't been "Catherine" for it-seems-like-forever. She represented a connection to the Las Vegas milieu through the casinos that I thought made her a unique TV crime fighter -- and without that, which was kind of abandoned along the way anyway, this CSI could be in Seattle or Columbus, Ohio (except for fade-ins and fade-outs of the bright lights. I stopped watching altogether during Fishbourne's run (and I think then is when it stopped being so much about "Vegas").

Sue ann

I shall always miss Grissom. I've been a big fan of William Peterson's work for at least twenty years, if not more. He projects this obvious intelligence, like some of the better professors I had in college. I would willingly attend any class he taught. I miss the character Grissom, too. I like spiders and bugs. I enjoyed the odd enthusiasms the character displayed. Nothing against Marg Helgenberger or Catherine Willows, but I generally prefer to watch the men. It's a female thing ...

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Brass: I have 65 cops and 40 security guards.
Nick: And cameras everywhere, how did he get away?

Archie: How can a guy be in two places at the same time?
Morgan: He can't