CSI Review: My Dog Ate Your Evidence

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I’m glad to see CSI taking on new ideas for cases along with the addition of DB and Finn this season, and this week’s outing is a good example of this very thing. 

I doubt I could count all the crime drama episodes that focused on “getting the innocent man out of jail.” This show has even used this same plot in a few variations.

However, "Altered Stakes" gave us the evil-twin of this plot, by saying: “What if you need to keep a convicted man in jail?

Nick Stokes & D. B. Russell Play Ball

When the episode opened with a softball game, my wife said, “she’s going to hit a homerun and the ball will land next to a body.” Because that’s what most crime dramas would have done. Thankfully, DB and his team reminded us why the show has been on the air for 12 years (and counting). 

Using corrupt cop Sam Vega, (who was last seen in Episode 8 “Crime After Crime”) as the catalyst for a case was a great way to spark the investigation. The fact that the manner in which he got the confession and all the evidence after that was tainted added a bit of spice to what could have been a dry and tasteless task. 

The best twist of all, was just as we were settling in for this weird backwards case, they spring the David Jorgensen case on us; where proving Bowden committed the attack would free an innocent man from jail! Talk about coming full circle. Wow! Kudos to the entire production staff for another great twist.

Mixing that with the humor of the final key evidence against Bowden coming from the something the witness kept for 8 years because her dog ate it made for a tense nail-biting episode with a humorous but satisfying ending. 

That being said, I will admit that I, like Nick and Moreno, am a little sad that Detective Vega turned out to be dirty. Geoffrey Rivas has portrayed Detective Vega in more than 20 episodes dating back to the first season. It’s hard to see a good cop go bad.  

On the flip-side it looks like Finn might have a new romantic interest in the form of Vega’s son Detective Moreno. In the spirit of full disclosure I was right there with DB being annoyed with Finn for faking an injury to stop and flirt with Moreno on third base. And apparently her sarcasm was too subtle for me when she was talking to DB about the cute guy on third base as I just didn't see it. 

When the end of the episode came and it turned out that she had faked the injury for Henry so he could hit the winning run home it all made sense. She had been taking him to the batting cages and knew it would mean more to him to be the hero for a change. I should have know better than to not trust Finn!

My only disappointment for this episode was the over use of the Italian opera/references to Italy that went on with Hodges. Nearly every scene with him had him speaking Italian, singing in Italian, or both! Ok we get it, he went to Italy with his mom - It’s not an hidden Easter Egg if you beat us over the head with it. 

While we wait the couple of weeks to our next new episode, be sure and check out our selection of CSI quotes and see if your favorite made the list! 


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Rumor has it, that Nick ( George Eads ) may be booted out in favor of this undersheriff Jeffrey McKeens???? I truly hope this is not true because this will be yet another show I will not watch. With all the shows being canceled, I find I have less reason to watch TV!


I think Morenro should continue on the show for several more episode and him and Finn should get together. I think they would make the perfect couple.


@Standing Blogger, I didn't mention Murciano because he has been playing Moreno for a bit.. I enjoy all of his work :)


I wish that they had closure on the innocent man plot. You just have to assume that once they found the evidence they were going to release him but there was no mention of it. Will the DA file for release or will they wait until the convict the real killer?


i thought it was alright....however, i did LOVE seeing danny taylor again....i miss "without a trace"....was thrilled to see the actor on "ncis"....i like DB and even Finn....i DON'T miss catherine or really sara.....not sure about nick's hair. alisa


Ah yes, Finn's off-script and usually inappropriate grin. I don't think it's Finn's grin though, I believe it to be Shue's inability to separate herself from her character. It's Shue, not Finn with the inside-joke, cat-that-ate-the canary grin. Unprofessional-ism at its most blatant. Maybe she'll grow out of it.
I don't dislike her character, I just wish she'd do a better, less snarky job of performing it.
Hodges-Opera? I agree, way too much, we get it already. And of course, what criticism of CSI would be complete without the chemistry/forensics highly-unlikely, deus-ex-machina? A trace, a wisp of a transference (indirect) trace (or lack thereof) of some distinct, yet common chemical lasts, how many years?, on a miniscule splinter?
You know how many cops, prosecutors and forensics labs absolutely HATE this show for the flawed science they showcase?
I still like the show a lot even with the warts, I love DB, like the return to more episode-centric crime solving. But stretch it too much, too far, and I'll soon start to lose some love.


You didn't mention that Det. Moreno is played by CBS procedural fav Enrique Murciano (Regular cast member on Without a Trace, guest star on NCIS and now guest star on CSI). I like seeing Danny Taylor back on TV.


Being a helluva lot better than Sara. Not having the chip on her shoulder Catherine did. And being played by Elizabeth Shue. I'd say that's enough.


Enjoyable episode--thank goodness we got no reference to DB's wife, BUT we did hear a mention of Grissom, so at least the man isn't totally forgotten.
And really appreciated hearing Nick talk about Vega--I never thought of Vega as a bad cop, so happy I'm in good company!
And as soon as I realized this was "keep the bad guy in jail" I knew what the search would be--well done, Elizabeth Devine!!
Did miss Sara--and what of Greg? That guy has almost disappeared this season. As for Finn--she's sort of useless, isn't she? Other than a pretty face, a big grin, and a smart mouth for entertaining DB--does she have a real purpose?

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