Decade Dancing: New Photos from "Do Not Go Gentle"

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Are you excited to go Decade Dancing, Vampire Diaries fans?

As has been well-publicized, tomorrow night's new episode of The CW thriller will hearken back to the 1920s, as Mystic Falls High School puts on what it thinks will be a harmless, fun event. Yeah... right.

Instead, look for Tyler to square off with Klaus at the dance, while Elena accompanies Stefan and Bonnie is forced to combat a dangerous spell with one of her own. Check out the following, just-released photos from "Do Not Go Gentle" and get your feathers ready as you click through the images below:

Slow Dancing with Klaus
Fancy Klaus
Decade Dance Dates
Jeremy and Matt Toast
Matt at the Bar
Elena Shopping
Matt and Caroline
Bonnie at the Dance
Bonnie and Jamie
Casting a Spell
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Leon alexis

Klaus: Wow, such a beautiful girl. I love her,I want her,I will … her! Caroline: Is it dirt on my glove?


they just look good together period. Vampire Barbie and Ken Oh Flora, so true!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

It's okay Kitty, you'll get your book Klaus soon. LMFAO not really (sigh)
Meh, I already am at peace with the fact that the writers of this show can't bake a competent villain even if their life would have depended on it :P Klaus is nothing more than a comedy now, an entire S2 of hype down the drain :P


they just look good together period. Vampire Barbie and Ken


Have to admit Caroline and Klaus look good together, I mean he is wearing a white jacket!!!!!


Jomo already said that Klaus only goes to the dance for Caroline. But clearly something happens for him to be putting Jamie in headlock. It's okay Kitty, you'll get your book Klaus soon. LMFAO not really (sigh)

Kitanishi h mcdonald

And the ruining of Caroline's(the only thing really good on the show) character continues. I better hope Klaus is holding someone hostage or threatening someone for that dance and has some actual goal of being there instead of being lovesick puppy.


Klaroline! They look sooo good together!


I want to bet that. BECAUSE IT WILL ♥


me!finally an another scene of klaroline!i love them together!

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Elena: I didn't tell you that so you could torture me about it.
Caroline: What are friends for?

Damon is too arrogant to think his only friend would betray him.