Falling Skies Season 2 First Look: Three Months Later...

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To conclude Falling Skies season one finale, Noah Wyle's Tom boarded the alien ship of mankind's invading enemy.

To open Falling Skies season two, meanwhile, we'll see... Noah Wyle's Tom boarding the alien ship of mankind's invading enemy.

From there, however, the TNT drama jumps ahead three months, as we witness Weaver and Pope dueling with some mechs and skitters, along with Margaret firing the final kill shot.

Falling Skies returns with new episodes on June 17, ones we'll cover in depth each week on TV Fanatic. For now, sit back and watch the opening three minutes from the season premiere:

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True Blood: I said Shut The Door! Dark Fairies Lame Land!Falling Skies: Battlefield LA , Terminator wannabe. Not eemrisspd yet!Walking Dead: Please don't mess with a great series. We need the money to keep up the quality. Howerver, I am eemrisspd with the promo pic.Secret Circle: Looking better than the Fairies!Spartacus: Rocks and it is going rock again!The Event: started ok but it left to vacation. I will look for it in NetFlix. 25.6 for a chance in the SyFy Channel.Firefly: Oh God! Please bring it back!! Pretty Please!!! and don't forget my favorite Farscape!!American Gods: One word. Excited!Retro: Please!Love the show format so far!!!


I Love Falling Skies I wish it could be on all the time The charactors are great Keep up the good work


Can't wait!!

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