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It's been way too many weeks since the previous Glee episode, which ended with two major cliffhangers:

  1. Did Finn and Rachel get married?
  2. And did Quinn die in the car crash?

Those were both answered immediately on "Big Brother" with a big NO; Finn and Rachel didn't say "I do." And Quinn is alive and well, but in a wheelchair with limited feeling in her legs. Did you breathe a sigh of relief in both cases?

Finchel at School

Finn and Rachel have plenty that they still have to work out before they finally get married, as was demonstrated by their conversation at the end of the episode. Rachel has always been clear that she wants to go to New York, but does she love Finn enough to adjust her plans to make room for him? Or should she have to? At this point, it looks doubtful they will ever walk down the aisle.

It's more likely that Quinn will walk again. Her accident gave the show the perfect opportunity to advocate against texting while driving and to showcase Artie as a mentor of sorts for Quinn. Their performance of Elton John's “I’m Still Standing" was fun to watch and ironic in a perfect Glee way.

It was difficult to watch Artie's reaction to Quinn's declaration that she would be dancing by Nationals. While I don't think he wishes her to remain in the chair forever, it has to be heart-wrenching for him to know he doesn't have that opportunity. Despite their differences, Artie was a good friend to Quinn. He knew when to push her and when to let it go.

In contrast to Artie's support for Quinn, there was the visit from Blaine's brother, Cooper (Matt Bomer). I've been a huge fan of Bomer from his work on both Chuck and White Collar and he didn't disappoint here.

He is hot, a great singer,and played Blaine's cocky brother perfectly. I never thought I would want to hit the guy, but Cooper was annoying. Didn't he just make you want to punch him in the face?

His commercial was hilarious, though. I was hoping that FOX had done something fun with the Free Credit Rating Today website, but it was a dead link. I don't understand why a show promotes a website in an episode and doesn't do something with it. They could have at least redirected it to the Glee show page. Or to a video or the commercial.

Matt Bomer on Glee

I was surprised to find out that Blaine saw himself as an underdog to his brother. Blaine has always been the standout in both glee clubs. He was given solos and constantly praised for his talent. His feelings of inferiority to his brother seems to have pushed him to succeed.

Their Duran Duran mash-up of "Rio" and "Hungry Like a Wolf" was entertaining and showcased them both well. But I have to say that I absolutely loved their duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know" despite the awkwardness of the lyrics.

It was weird to see two brothers sing this song. It felt more like two lovers singing to each other than brothers. I had to remind myself of their relationship while watching. It was heartfelt and I've listened to it too many times since it was released.

Bomer's guest spot was a win. Sometimes, the guest star's appearance comes across as forced into the story, but his role was authentic and the songs were appropriate and well performed. I'd love to see the return of Cooper Anderson.

My favorite song of the episode was "Somebody That I Used to Know." My least favorite song was Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" sung by Blaine. The track didn't suit his character very well and while I didn't mind seeing Darren Criss boxing or taking a shower, it was awkward to see Blaine in those circumstances.

What was your favorite and least favorite song? Were you happy that Finn and Rachel didn't get married? How about Quinn ... glad she is alive? Hoping for more Cooper Anderson?

Here are just a few of my favorite Cooper lines from the show, but check out our Glee quotes library for more from this episode and every installment in the show's history.

Cooper: The key to a dramatic scene is pointing. When people are really emotional, they point their fingers a lot.
Blaine: That's not true at all. That's ... that's terrible advice.
Cooper: Excuse me, guys, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Blaine. Are you an internationally beloved spokesman for the internet's fastest growing credit score website? | permalink
Cooper: Other choices I can plan ahead of time: screaming all my lines! Because I'm really intense. And the things I'm feeling are really intense! Because I'm a really intense actor! Nicholas Cage, right? | permalink


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I didn't notice much about the episode because I was too distracted with the 8th wonder of the world that is the breathrakingly gorgeous and supremely talented Matt Bomer. And the irony that Blaine of all people felt robbed of attention. I thought it was solid.


whenever there is a spinal injury, even if the prognosis is good, things don't always go as planned. Bill, I think Artie was trying to get Quinn to see both sides of the situation, yes she will prob walk again, but what if she doesn't, or what if it takes a lot longer than she thinks. Nationals is only a few monthes away, with that kind of injury, it may take a lot longer. He doesn't want her to get her hopes up, only to fail and be miserable. I think thats what that scene was supposed to push.


There are several TV shows I like to comment on (yes, I know - I need to get a life) and I think that Glee takes first prize when it comes to the most negative comments from it's "fans." Having said that, I have to admit I have been been somewhat disappointed in this season, but I thought this episode was one of the better ones lately. Regarding the comment about it not being made clear that Finn and Rachel didn't get married, it was. There was a conversation between them in the hallway at the beginning of the episode where they talked about not get married. However, there was one point that I thought was confusing. Quinn told everyone that the doctor said her paralysis was only temporary and that with therapy she had an excellent change of walking again. But Artie tells her she is basically kidding herself and has not faced the reality that she will probably never walk again. Huh? So which is it? Is Quinn lying about the doctor's prognosis or is Artie the one not facing reality and that Quinn's situation really is different than his?


What was up with Sue's terrible padding this episode?!
One minute she had none at all and then the next camera angle (not even next scene which you could feebly excuse as the baby shifting position) she had a massive bump right under her boobage.
The costume folk on this show are getting worse (and I thought it was bad at the comps when they were teaming ankle socks with kitten heels and the other one with hefty workman boots with pretty dresses).
Was it too much to decide on her gestation and give her ONE appropriate pad for the WHOLE episode? It's not as if her clothes are that different to incorporate (she only wears tracksuits, and the only differences in them are the colours)!


my comment got cut off...I meant to say that I do think Quinn should have had more bumps and bruises and abrasions from the accident, but having worked in a hospital, I did see people who had been "t-boned" in car accidents come out with spinal injuries and broken bones, but still live. I took care of one guy who crashed his airplane and broke nearly every bone in his body, so he was in a body cast, but he lived. People survive car-truck accidents all the time, its not that unbelievable. And I LOVED "Crip Skip" day with Artie and Quinn!


It would appear that I am in the minority here with Charmed-Jenna in really enjoying this episode and loving Glee as a show. But then, I am a huge fan of Darren Criss, who I think is this generation's Gene Kelly, and Matt Bomer is perfectly gorgeous and wonderful at playing his big brother (I am a big fan of White Collar, too). The two of them singing "Someone That I Used to Know" and the Duran Duran mash up was awesome! And as for it being "unbelievable" that high school students would hang on every word of a bad actor who gives them advice, we had an actor who worked in local theater groups come and talk to us when I was in high school in Iowa, and though 30 years later I realize he was a complete crackpot with totally ridiculous advice, at the time, when I was a high school kid, I fell for everything he said, and believed he was wise, talented and that his advice was brilliant! High school kids can be gullible and easily conned, folks. I do think Quinn should have had some more bumps and bruises from her accident, but I LOVED her "crip skip" day with Artie!


I would just like to start out by saying WOW. A review of Glee that hasn't left me shaking in anger at all the totally one-sided and pointless vendetta against EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL! 100 points to the new change I'm loving already.
Getting to the episode, I really enjoyed it. Quinn's storyline was touching and funny in all the right places. I think it's also opened the way for some interesting scenes with Quinn and Artie later on as well.
Then Cooper. Oh Cooper lol. Yes he was extremely over the top but that's what made it funny! Everything he had an opinion about (which really, was everything) was so ridiculous and hysterical! And an added bonus was that Blaine got more character depth than just being Kurt's arm candy.
My only complaint is the invisible Finchel quota that the writers seem to think they need to fill. Honestly, ONE episode. Is it too much to ask that they take the FURTHEST backseat for ONE episode?


This episode only confirms that Rachel Barry is STILL the obnoxious pain in the butt she's always been. Through out the past few years most of the characters have gone through some sort of "high school change" Puck stopped bullying, Santana has mellowed down a bit with her bitchiness, Quinn stopped being crazy, Sam stopped being a dork, even that Sugar girl stopped being mean. Rachel showed at the end of the episode that all she cares about is her own needs and acted so insensitive to Finn's plans. You think that she would change at this point. I apologize for any Rachel fans but I say how I watched.


Please bring back MATT to write the Glee reviews. No offense but at least he was honest! 4.6/5!? Really? It's fine that you enjoyed Somebody That I Used To Kmow at the end, I did too, but the episode was terrible. It should've been focused on just Quinn and her recovery but once again Glee made the episode all about the random guest star of the week. Terrible show, terrible review.


Josh: "However, if you have been watching over the last season and a half or so, the show has taken on a more serious tone with "ridiculous" plot lines" I don't disagree. I've been a fan of the show since the first episode, but not of every episode. I believe I also described frustration with the current trend of PC'ing and socially-significant preachiness. At its best the show is better without complex, multi-episode story lines and better to stick with general silliness, pithy dialog, and gags setting up mega-production numbers. More sparkle and flash, less pretending to be a social commentary or work of literature.

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