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It's been way too many weeks since the previous Glee episode, which ended with two major cliffhangers:

  1. Did Finn and Rachel get married?
  2. And did Quinn die in the car crash?

Those were both answered immediately on "Big Brother" with a big NO; Finn and Rachel didn't say "I do." And Quinn is alive and well, but in a wheelchair with limited feeling in her legs. Did you breathe a sigh of relief in both cases?

Finchel at School

Finn and Rachel have plenty that they still have to work out before they finally get married, as was demonstrated by their conversation at the end of the episode. Rachel has always been clear that she wants to go to New York, but does she love Finn enough to adjust her plans to make room for him? Or should she have to? At this point, it looks doubtful they will ever walk down the aisle.

It's more likely that Quinn will walk again. Her accident gave the show the perfect opportunity to advocate against texting while driving and to showcase Artie as a mentor of sorts for Quinn. Their performance of Elton John's “I’m Still Standing" was fun to watch and ironic in a perfect Glee way.

It was difficult to watch Artie's reaction to Quinn's declaration that she would be dancing by Nationals. While I don't think he wishes her to remain in the chair forever, it has to be heart-wrenching for him to know he doesn't have that opportunity. Despite their differences, Artie was a good friend to Quinn. He knew when to push her and when to let it go.

In contrast to Artie's support for Quinn, there was the visit from Blaine's brother, Cooper (Matt Bomer). I've been a huge fan of Bomer from his work on both Chuck and White Collar and he didn't disappoint here.

He is hot, a great singer,and played Blaine's cocky brother perfectly. I never thought I would want to hit the guy, but Cooper was annoying. Didn't he just make you want to punch him in the face?

His commercial was hilarious, though. I was hoping that FOX had done something fun with the Free Credit Rating Today website, but it was a dead link. I don't understand why a show promotes a website in an episode and doesn't do something with it. They could have at least redirected it to the Glee show page. Or to a video or the commercial.

Matt Bomer on Glee

I was surprised to find out that Blaine saw himself as an underdog to his brother. Blaine has always been the standout in both glee clubs. He was given solos and constantly praised for his talent. His feelings of inferiority to his brother seems to have pushed him to succeed.

Their Duran Duran mash-up of "Rio" and "Hungry Like a Wolf" was entertaining and showcased them both well. But I have to say that I absolutely loved their duet of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know" despite the awkwardness of the lyrics.

It was weird to see two brothers sing this song. It felt more like two lovers singing to each other than brothers. I had to remind myself of their relationship while watching. It was heartfelt and I've listened to it too many times since it was released.

Bomer's guest spot was a win. Sometimes, the guest star's appearance comes across as forced into the story, but his role was authentic and the songs were appropriate and well performed. I'd love to see the return of Cooper Anderson.

My favorite song of the episode was "Somebody That I Used to Know." My least favorite song was Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" sung by Blaine. The track didn't suit his character very well and while I didn't mind seeing Darren Criss boxing or taking a shower, it was awkward to see Blaine in those circumstances.

What was your favorite and least favorite song? Were you happy that Finn and Rachel didn't get married? How about Quinn ... glad she is alive? Hoping for more Cooper Anderson?

Here are just a few of my favorite Cooper lines from the show, but check out our Glee quotes library for more from this episode and every installment in the show's history.

Cooper: The key to a dramatic scene is pointing. When people are really emotional, they point their fingers a lot.
Blaine: That's not true at all. That's ... that's terrible advice.
Cooper: Excuse me, guys, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Blaine. Are you an internationally beloved spokesman for the internet's fastest growing credit score website? | permalink
Cooper: Other choices I can plan ahead of time: screaming all my lines! Because I'm really intense. And the things I'm feeling are really intense! Because I'm a really intense actor! Nicholas Cage, right? | permalink


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Overall, I thought it was a good episode, but I think some of the writing is just getting sillier and sillier every week. I keep tuning in because I think "Maybe this week, it'll be a great episode" and I don't wanna miss it. But that hasn't happened in a while. I'm hoping they win Nationals this year so I can stop feeling compelled to watch.


No offense to Dianna Agron, but I really wish Quinn would've died in that accident. Simply because it would've been believable. If you look at where that truck hit her, there's no way she should be alive. So to have her back and in a wheelchair with a "severely compressed spinal cord" just makes me mad because the writers threw in a cliffhanger only to have everything be pretty okay when the show returned from its hiatus. That's lazy storytelling. I did really enjoy the interactions between Quinn and Artie this episode, especially the scene where Quinn is trying to conquer the steepest ramp in Lima. And I thought Darren Criss and Matt Bomer were so believable as brothers, even if I didn't completely buy into the fact that these kids would be so stupid to buy into his acting advice.


1. It should have been more realistic if Glee has showed us some flash-back of Quinn's accident. Then her days in the hospital, she wakes up in a coma and got in a wheelchair. 2. Glee has forgotten to address if Finn and Rachel got married or not. They just assume, they didn't which leaves viewers confused. 3. Rachel, Santana, Brittany and Sam are Quinn's closest friends among the glee club. Faberry became close-friends. Brittana were also Quinn's cheerio and Sam became Quinn's close-friends in Rumours when she helped him baby-sit his siblings and their scene in Extra-oridinary Christmas. When did Artie and Quinn had interaction in the past episodes? None. Not until now.. Lack of continuity


My random annoyance is that the writers doesn't fact check their stuff. I'm about 30 mins from Lima. There is no six flags in Ohio.... They should have gone to Cedar Point. Much closer. Six Flags is trademarked. Why pay to use a company's name if you are going to not tell people where it is? It's not somewhere they could have easily taken a bus... Also Ohio's had unseasonably warm weather. And when it has been cold, it's like sweatshirt or thin jacket weather, not Rachel needs to be in a long pea coat weather. Simple factchecking is important, imo...


Sorry the comments keep getting cut off... Continuously expect the audience to assume this and assume that, but if certain aspects of important storylines are not included in the plot/dialogue than fans will react this way. It is ridiculous to think that an important plotline can be introduced in one episode and then have no mention for months, then they try to bring it to the forefront again by reintroducing it in the recap at the beginning of an episode and expect the audience to invest in what is going on. This lazy type of storytelling needs to stop if the creators want their cash cow-Glee to continue beyond next year because right now, besides Glee fanatics, there seem to be more and more people who are getting tired of the inconsistencies and are ready to pull the plug.


DCB: I know it's "supposed" to be considered ridiculous and a comedy and lead in to their musical performances. However, if you have been watching over the last season and a half or so, the show has taken on a more serious tone with "ridiculous" plot lines or dialogue thrown in to make people think that the show is still the same. The show is not the same anymore. They throw in multiple serious topics in the same episode and rush to get it all resolved and tied into a bow by the end of that same episode. Instead of developing story arcs, the show creators brush over important points that could not only be beneficial to the show and its story but allow the show's fans to be truly invested in what they watch on a weekly basis. Did I want a 10 minute dialogue of Quinn explaining every single detail of the accident to the hospital and to where they were at that moment? No, but a simple recap and introducing little elements into this episode is insulting. These writers continuously either believe that the audience can assume and know everything that is happening or happened without any semblance of rhyme or reason. Whole story arcs can appear in one episode and then disappear in another and not appear again for a couple months when it is reintroduced in the opening recap clip and tried to be forced into the new episode. That is the most ridiculous part of this show. Glee could be smart and ridiulous at the same time if the writing and creative direction of the show would make it happen. But it does not seem like that will ever be the case as they seem very content with how the show is and are ok with letting it die a slow and painful death, and that is what will happen by the end of next year if the direction does not change.

Allison berry barbieri

I was very disappointed in this episode. So much lead up, anticipation and....Quinn is in a wheelchair but will walk again..and she has no other cuts or bruises to speak of? I kept thinking the episode was going to turn out to be some weird dream sequence and we would find out that Quinn was actually in a coma or something. Plus, where did Blaine's brother come from all of a sudden, and what is up with the pool cleaning business idea? Pretty sure Southern Cali has a lot of pool cleaners if there are as many pools as Puck said. I used to like Glee for the musical numbers, not so much the storylines. Now they try to eek out these really ridiculous story lines accompanied by a few songs per episode. Failing, Ryan Murphy...FAILING.


It makes me confused about how much time has passed because I would assume she would have some more cuts and bruises besides her temporary paralysis


So, sue is going to have a down syndrome baby. Wow, how emotional. I think Quinn is in a coma and this episode and the next six episodes are in her head.


I agree with some previous comments that i was rather anti-climatic for the last episode to end so drastically and then carry over into this episode. I felt like they were saying "oh by the way this is what happened", there was a disconnect there for me.
If Rachael and Finn were seconds away from the wedding-being rushed in to not lose their time slot-then how could they possibly have learned of Quinn's accident in time to cancel. I figure her own mother may not have known about it until she was already at the hospital. I suppose Rachael may have insisted on postponing because Quinn was not there yet (still just assuming she was late) but I wish they would have addressed it.
I also think it would have made for a better story if Quinn had more damage. Maybe a broken arm or something too. Did the writers even do any research to see what type of injuries are more likely to occur based on an accident of this nature? It makes me confused about how much time has passed because I would assume she would at least have some additional bruises or cuts besides her temporary paralysis.
As for the Rachael and Finn story line, I don't mind the marriage concept. I think it very likely that kids their in age and in love the way they are might feel like they are ready for marriage. Of course the rest of us think they are to young but that doesn't mean they would feel that way. However I think it is wrong of Finn to act as Rachael is being the selfish one. She has had her dream her whole life. If she wants to marry him then his choices should also be important to her but she should not have to give up her life long dream for him to have his dream of only 5 minutes. He should have been thinking more seriously about New York the whole time. She has worked hard toward her goal and he has done nothing about his own future. You can't make these decisions half way through senior year.

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