Glee Review: It's Not Right, It's Really Not Okay

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I turned on my TV for a Glee episode tonight… and a Whitney Houston cover concert came on.

Yes, I knew what to expect going in to "Dance With Somebody," considering the set-ups for previous tribute episodes - cover song; random scene to serve as fodder for the next cover song; rinse; give Will some cheesy cliches to utter; repeat - but this installment came across as especially galling because it was in honor of someone who died just a couple months ago.

A cynic would view the episode as a chance to exploit Whitney's death for ratings.

A Gleek would shed a tear over Chris Colfer's version of "I Have Nothing" and think there's no better way to honor the legend.

I'm guessing most people would fall somewhere in between.

Glee Does Whitney

Me? I just want good television. And this was anything but. The scenes in between numbers were simply brutal to watch. I'd have preferred if Glee abandoned any pretense that it could contrive a correlation between Whitney's passing and the seniors graduating and simply gone American Idol on us, giving each cast member a chance to sing a Whitney classic.

It would have been far less insulting than the following storylines:

  • We've seen Joe and Quinn interact for approximately five minutes on Glee. Now, in the course of less than an hour, he's crushing on Quinn... then immediately wanting to sleep with her... then wondering if he ought to give up his faith for her. It's impossible to imagine this character isn't a major slap in the face to practicing Christians. Joe is a walking stereotype, devoid of development and personality, who just shows up here and there when Glee wants to give religion 10 minutes of air time.

P.S. The song Joe and Quinn sing to each other, "Saving All My Love For You," is about ADULTERY.

  • We've seen nothing resembling problems between Kurt and Blaine, until the former randomly starts flirting - and, yes, of course, cheating - with some guy he met at the music store, solely so Blaine can launch into "It's Not Right, But It's Okay." Problems between a senior and a junior dating because the former is leaving? Absolutely realistic and a welcome storyline. Problems created and solved within one episode, just to provide context for a song? Sadly, typical Glee these days.
  • Note to Will: find some friends your own age. Moving your wedding date so a bunch of high school kids can perform at it? That's simply crazy and creepy.

So, no, it won't come as a surprise to loyal readers of my Glee reviews that I abhorred this episode. I apologize to those who are sick of hearing my complaints each Tuesday night, but I assure you: I'm sick of writing them. I really do want my old Glee back, though at least I knew not to expect it this week. I didn't enjoy tribute episodes even during the show's prime.

Here's a positive: I always get a kick out of Emma's pamphlets!

But that's about it. So you take over, readers. Respond to the following poll questions and share your thoughts on "Dance with Somebody."





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Oh and one last thing. Where the eff is Damian!?!?! He was there in the first episode when they came back from the break them him along with sugar just disapeared. I liked Damian more than Sam on the Glee project so I'm dissapointed to see him go and also am dissapointed that Sam seemed to get a better story line than he did.


I think everyone needs to let Glee have a fresh slate for the rest of the season. We don't know whats gonna happen next season and how they are gonna handle the main characters leaving for college and what not so we should enjoy the focus on them while they can. Yes this episode wasn't fantastic but like many people have stated the tributes rarely are. As far as the story lines though, I didn't really have a problem with them. Yes they are being rushed but it doesn't suprise me because they are just trying to accomplish a lot with graduation coming up. Critizing this as a Whitney tribute though because the songs weren't up to par is just kind of mean. A tribute to a singer doesn't need to be perfect, I think Whitney would have been honored to hear any one of these young talented actors singing her songs. Its not about the quality of the song its just about honoring a great singer. That would be like saying that little kids shouldn't sing a Whitney song because its not great, no most of the time it won't be great but its still great to see someone paying tribute to an artist.


Regarding the train wreck that is Glee, this tribute episode was just awful. I also agree that Will needs some grown up friends and a life outside of Glee. Kurt was totally cheating. Lastly, Quinn and Joe?! Where the heck did that come from? She should end up with either Puck or Sam.


Glee has totally lost its charm! The songs are boring, there is hardly a plot or even a decent story line and the relationships make no sense at all - I mean c'mon first Mercedes and Sam! Now Quinn and that bible freak! Quinn and Sam or Puck and Quinn please, or I will surely stop watching!


I wanted this episode and I got it. I wanted Kurt and Blaine to have a real problem and they got it. I wanted the show to introduce a character whose Christianity was the driving force in his life and they're doing pretty good considering the writers probably don't know any personally. Joe has problems and is not a perfect representation of Christianity but if the show is going to attempt to portray the difficulties young evangelicals face regarding their sexuality, I applaud and hope they do it right.
For example: in the Joe/Sam scene they could have added four flashbacks (the real scene last season when Quinn stopped him from rubbing her thigh, a scene with Santana dropping her panties and spreading her legs but Sam withdraws in horror, the most passionate moment between Sam and Mercedes before they mutually agreed to stop and an ugly middle-aged woman waving a $100 bill at the strip club.)


@HeatherLuise and @Tiff I'm pretty sure you belong to the part of the fandom that listens to the music with their eyes and the part that generally doesn't care about what's going on as long as you get to see Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and Finn centric episodes. Some of us are actually invested in characters out of the golden couples. Yes, a pity. We cling on to the hope they show that we fell in love with originally will return. Glee can barely write for their characters now, what is going to happen next season? As for the music tonight, aside from the opening and closing numbers, it was atrocious.I like Kurt's voice but he butchered that song. I felt embarrassed for Glee. Blaine's number was awkward, it turned into a music video. The cast behind him and just the whole premise of the moment was hilarious instead of moving. Klaine drama was random. Kurt/Burt moment was great. Joe/Quinn was cute aside from that whole erection and Sam character shating on of. The rest of the show was just random and out of place. Everyone seemed a tad bit out of character. The writers don't seem to be on the page apparently.


I agree - tribute episodes are just terrible.


If I learned something in my (long) life: Don´t read reviews.
I know why I read the TV Fanatic Glee reviews:
Because I want to live and see the day when Matt writes something positiv about Glee (besides a sentence about the pamphlets).
No offense, but I am tired of (t)his nagging. "If it´s successful, destroy it" Is that what Matt thinks a critic has to do?
Well, I don´t think so.
Maybe Glees heydays are over, but Fox ordered a new season - so they must know something that critics don´t seem to like. That the show is still a success in TV land.
In the last episode I enjoyed seeing Burt talking to Kurt about his feelings.
I loved Blaine when he opened up and spoke about his fear
When the kids started cleaning the locker it put tears in my eyes.
Puck - what an idea to give his buddies the shot glasses - and the story how he got them. That was so Puck-like
Emma and her colorful clothes made me grin.
Rachel and Santana, the picture in the locker, why not?
Chandler and Kurt´s scene in the record shop, Chandler was great- I want to see him again.
I liked the songs
I liked the story
I felt good
Like I always say: It´s not Shakespeare, it´s Glee! Matt try to enjoy Glee for what it is, let us all enjoy Glee for what it is.
Times are hard and Glee gives us 45 minutes where we can forget and dive into the dreamland called McKinnley.


I for one am tired of reading reviews of Glee that only state the negative. The reviews and the comments on your reviews have basically become a place to slam Glee. I love this show even when it is mostly performances; that is mostly the point, isn't it? Storylines tend to be short most of the time, but it is about high school! A time in a kid's life where they can develop a crush and then loose said crush all in a week! Relationship problems in high school usually don't last long, as a teacher I see this all time. Also, not every high school kid fully understands their religion and often times they question it as well. The high school years are about starting to become the person they are going to be. It doesn't always become a drawn out process, a kid jumps from one thing to the next A LOT! I just wish I would come on here each week to read a review; one that gives both positives and negatives. Instead, each week I get to read why one person hates the show.


I agree with you Matt. I thought this was a bad episode. I usually like the music but not this episode. Quinn/Joe was a terrible idea. I just cannot say how disappointed at the way Glee has turned out at this time in the season3. I have agreed with your reviews at times this season but I really enjoyed others but this was a real let down. Whitney Houston is my idol and Glee miss an opportunity to shine on her music but missed the mark. The story lines weren't good so I'm not the positive Gleek who oohs and aahs about it. Sad, it could have been great.

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