Glee to Cover Lady Gaga at Nationals

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Glee is getting ready to go Gaga once again.

In news first broken by Michael Ausiello, the Fox comedy has announced its track list for the two-hour mega episode on May 15, which will feature guest stars Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton and, of course, the New Directions performing at Nationals.

And what singles will be covered by the group as it tries to win the ultimate song choir trophy?

  • Edge of Glory (by the Troubletones)
  • It’s All Coming Back to Me Now (by Rachel)
  • Paradise By the Dashboard Light (by New Directions)

Glee, of course, paid tribute to Lady Gaga during last year's "Born This Way." Are you excited to see her brought back here on the biggest stage of them all?

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I'm so sad that they aren't doing more original songs. I thought the ones they came up with last year for Regional were awesome and set them apart and they have yet to do an original song this year.


Of course I'm excited! The Troubletones are doing it!!!


Ever since "Total Eclipse of the Heart" I've wanted them to do more Jim Steinman I am so excited about having two of them for Nationals....too bad it isn't all three.


How dare they touch my favorite song. Meatloaf should not be performed by mortals.


When will they sing SPICE GIRLS song?pls. pls. pls.


Why don't they just do another lady gaga tribute?! Urgh!!! Thousands of artist and they sing her AGAIN!!! I am excited to hear Leah cover Celine Dion again.


Blah I'm so over lady gaga....

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