Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Raiders of the Lost Art"

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Might Gossip Girl soon fans see an NJBC reunion of sorts?

The 22nd episode of Season Five will be called "Raiders of the Lost Art," according to the CW. This follows "Salon of the Dead" this coming Monday and "Despicable B" the following week.

The "Raiders of the Lost Art" synopsis reads as follows:

  • Chuck, Nate, Blair and Serena team up with Lola (Ella Rae peck) to uncover what they believe is an explosive secret between Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) and Jack (Desmond Harrington).
  • Meanwhile, Dan is offered a prestigious fellowship in Rome for the summer.
Nate the Journalist

Is this when we finally learn Diana's connection to the Basses? Does Dan heading off on his own spell trouble for his relationship with Blair? Are you excited to see the old gang together and scheming again?

Share your thoughts below ...

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Anyone else disgusted by the person leaving comments? Not only is it clearly the same person. It's gross, incorrect, and infantile. I am ashamed to watch a show that is watched by someone who would write such foolish things.CrAZychicke, Naya, happy, Leanor, etc, you are an embarrassment.


@Leia, hahaha I noticed that too. He may have used different usernames but you can easily detect that all of those came from one person due to signature language. Whoever you are, Blair is never a prostitute. I may not be a DAIR fan but I won't go to the extent of calling Blair a prostitute. Hate Dan but not Blair. She's one of the core. ----- Save the show, stop the DAIR!!!


Hello you troll that just posted like 10 posts saying that Blair is a prostitute. Well she's not obviously and you shouldn't talk about women that way even if it's a fictional character. And one more thing Chuck is not perfect!! (But I love him anyway!)


I want that Chuck says to Blair that it is a bitch and that he does not need the help of a bitch


Chuck has to take revenge of Blair


Why always it is necessary to limit Chuck to being with the prostitute of Blair
When Chuck might have a wonderful woman
I want to see happy Chuck with a new girlfriend
Because Blair is the worse thing that has happened to Chuck in his life
The Chuck's biggest mistake is Blair
Chuck is much better without Blair


Blair has never made happy to Chuck


Blair is the culprit of all the bad things that happen to Chuck


Whenever Chuck choose Blair always loses . So it must forget Blair. And choose to a woman with whom it could form a family


Blair must not help Chuck. Because she is a prostitute. She is a failed woman because it has never obtained anything for his own merits. Because if Blair was a princess it is alone because it had sex with Louis. Blair has returned to fall down in the old habits on having fought with Serena only for a man, on having broken Chuck's heart and to the unfaithful being while she was married with Louis. In addition Blair did not fulfill the promise that did God to him. So Blair is a shit and Chuck deserves a good woman

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Dorota: Miss Serena, all you do all day is type type type. You take laptop with you everywhere. It not healthy.
Serena: Well after last week's family meltdown, this laptop is the only thing keeping me sane. Writing is my new outlet. You should be happy for me.
Dorota: If you say so. But Vanya say same thing about Warcraft and then DSL bill comes.

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