Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "The Fugitives"

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Looks like Serena is taking a page from her fake cousin's book.

On the second-to-last episode of Gossip Girl's fifth season, titled "The Fugitives," Serena poses as Blair at an important meeting when B finds herself needing to be in two places at the same time.

Blake Lively playing Blair was teased in the spoilers we posted yesterday, and this helps explain it somewhat. Unlike Ivy's tangled web of lies, at least Blair is apparently in on this identity switch-up.

The question is ... why? What meeting is so important that it can't be moved? And where else does Blair have to be at the exact same time? We're interested to read your theories in the comments.

Speaking of Ivy, she teams up with Lola in this episode (airing May 7) to help Chuck with a personal vendetta, while Nate makes a decision about the future with the mysterious Diana Payne.

Ms. Serena VDW
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I hate Blair and Dan as a couple. It is boring and annoying since it is too bland. Dan has never been an attractive character to me (except for a little bit at season 1). and I agree that they ruined Serena character...


@ thefan how'd you know all that!!!!!!!!!!! Scarily acurate prediction about bart.


I think(hope) the other place Blair has to be is with Chuck do what they do best & we all know what that is!!! ;) Its sex if you didn't get it


grace remunerative ...


I've come to the Dair shipping section of this website....when will the nightmare end?


zoran, yeah, kinda funny wasnt it? :) kinda admire you for your passion about this stuff and i appreciate your taking the time to respond to me. but yeah, each one of us has different taste and values, and thus outlook in life, aight? each shipper/fan will have a lot to say about their ship and some will go to great length to defend their couples. it's nice to have civil debate, but i dont want to drag it. each to its own. from my experience with shipping and fangirling, i'd rather keep it to a minimum, for i believe our life is meant for something much bigger than endlessly arguing about fictional characters. :)


@ dairingly dair I know you made a typographical error, it happens. But you must admit it was very funny. Serena is not a bitch, she is cornered and has to fight the best she know. But the writers seem to try to destroy her character, putting her to makes such obvious mistakes. Dan and Blair in season 1, it seems that now you kidding me. It seems that you are under the impression of Dan and Blair and copied to the previous seasons. Dan and Blair are a mature couple, so it is not to. Great sex with vodka and whiskey - it is a mature love relationship. Or lie in bed and talk about the book - very mature for a couple of 40-50 years, but not for a couple of 20-21 year!
And one more thing for the others - series is not a story about books, movies or art, but about Rakes of young people on the UES. Blair and Dan are totally boring couple!


zoran, either your inferring skill needs to be honed or you're messing with me a little. :) it was just a typo with the names. i typed 'blake' (the actor playing serena) while i meant 'blair' (the character who i assumed/guessed would asks serena's help). like serena? i like her just fine sometimes, but certainly not when she is being a bitch. but one thing is, i have never liked her with dan. their s1 couple moments were too sweet for me and they were still immature kids who didnt know how to make a relationship work. i think serena should be with nate or even chuck now. i adore dair since season 1. dair ftw!! i dont mind a sorta break up between dair at the final episode of this season though, as long as it's clear blair is in love and loves dan, and indicates she would do the chasing him back next season, even scheming to win his heart. :)


Is it just me or is any1 else tired of ivy & lola I want them gome I love #GossipGirl bc of NSDBC not other caracters


My friends and I love Dair. Dan and Blair are amazing.

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Blair: That was your agent. She wants you to reconsider the program in Rome. Which is odd, because you told me they went with someone else.
Dan: Ah, well, yesterday when you ended up with Chuck I was a little nervous about leaving for the whole summer. And I know you told me there were other people there and it was not romantic, but... come on. It's Chuck.
Blair: So you lied to me.
Dan: I figured you would just think I was some jealous freak if I told the truth.
Blair: Well maybe because you are. But you don't have to be. You have nothing to worry about. Take the offer. It's an amazing opportunity and I would never stand in the way of it.
Dan: It means the entire summer apart.
Blair: But it's not like I can't come visit. Rome is just two glasses of chardonnay away.

Chuck: So the car accident was real?
Bart: I was lucky to survive it. But it wasn't an accident. I'd been threatened.
Chuck: By who?
Bart: A very powerful competitor of mine. I had information on some transactions of his that could have put him away for a very long time. But his threats didn't work.
Chuck: They had someone ram your limo with a truck? Dad, You could have gone to the police. You didn't have to—
Bart: Yes, I did. He'd made it quite clear that both you and Lily were fair game. Once I realized his threats weren't empty, the only way out was to make him think he'd already one. Once I got to the hospital tonight I figured that would be my best chance.
Chuck: So what, you just paid some doctors to switch off the machines? Hope Lily was crying so much that she wouldn't notice you were actually still breathing? What did we bury in that coffin?
Bart: Charles, I am here with you now, trying to explain.