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Gossip Girl Producers Preview "Despicable B"

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Get ready for the return of the vintage Season One Blair Waldorf Monday.

That's what Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran and his writing colleagues are promising, at least, in Monday's episode, "Despicable B." In his weekly preview segment, Safran teases a "very fun story" in which something is written about Blair in a magazine and she goes to great lengths to prove the publication wrong.

Elsewhere, Lily sets out to change the family reputation because a money fight is the worst thing ever for their image, but may actually damage it more as a result ... not a big surprise there.

Chuck and Nate, meanwhile, grapple with the awkwardness of this week's big reveal. Now that both of them realize Nate's been sleeping with Chuck's mom, it's just uncomfortable all around.

Check out some "Despicable B" clips and their commentary below ...

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After watching tonight's episodes I'm kinda having doubts about Devlin Rhodes now hmmm idk :/?


who the heck is devlin?? there is too much family drama going on where everyone is relatated to everyone!! so confused!!! we need some new blood in this series.


Blair and Chuck scheming together next week is gonna ROCK


I still miss the tandem of chuck and blair! This show is getting boring every episode!wahhh!


I reckon he is Diana's other secret like she knows about his exsentece and stuff or that his really gossip girl I don't know why I think that but I just do haha lol but who ever he is it better be good as character because I don't want to be bragging about him and be disappointed -.- haha lol so yeah hopefully he does a good job :D


if the 'devlin' spoiler is true, it's awesome.
it's high time someone on the series was 'bad' again. Chuck's been watered down. Serena's claws are sharp with the GG thing, but she's desperate not powerful.
it was great to see Georgina but she's gone. and Ivy, the one 'villain' has been ushered off screen for whatever reason. Blair is no longer the anti-heroine of the show, she is the heroine so she can't be 'bad' anymore.
the writers used to have a foil for the good characters. Nate and Serena were 'good'. Blair and Chuck were 'schemers/bad'. now every one of the NJBC is 'good' which is yet another reason why this show has lost it's edge.


ok im just going to throw this out there, after seeing this link not sure if its true but what if he is not carols son but Dianas and he is a twin of chuck???? Because if he is a love interest for S how could she date him? So its a theory.....


@ Zoran If he is related to Serena then she cant fall in love with him so you still may have a point, anyways this may be interesting if it is true, we dont know for sure but well soon find out.


Sorry everyone I gave wrong conclusion. Thanks Marco on this new clarification! It will be a major twist in the series. Unfortunately, exactly what the producer Safran said nothing after the season 5 will be the same (assuming that what is said Marco is true)!


@ Marco If your info is right BRING IT ON!!!! Also maybe he falls for S when she is playing Blair that would be cool, im ready for this twist!

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