Gossip Girl Promo & Sneak Peek: Dair Goes Public

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Thank you for setting me free.

With those texted words, Blair officially bid farewell to her marriage on last night's Gossip Girl ... and to Chuck, at least for the near future. Despite his payment of her dowry, she embracing her freedom by dating Dan.

Publicly, starting next week.

In the sneak preview clip below, Blair's going all out as she proclaims to the UES world that she's back on the social scene and that Humphrey, of all people, is by her side. This is one elaborate debut as a couple.

Here's your first glimpse of "Salon of the Dead" ...

What roadblocks to you anticipate await the happy couple during their coming out party (it's Gossip Girl, you know there will be some)? Do you think Blair's overcompensating for something or trying too hard?

Tell us below. Meanwhile, Lola lands the audition of a lifetime, but Gossip Girl may have other plans for the latest It Girl. Speaking of S, she and Diana square off over secrets they would prefer remain secrets.

Finally, Lily and Rufus continue to disagree over the best way to handle the Ivy situation that confounds and divides them. Here's the CW's promo from last night if you missed it:

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@g.g 3.0 are you honestly being that vulgar, how dare you be so racist!! wow i love it when people hid behind a computer screen and see hurtful things, things that they probably wouldn't say in real life. you should be ashamed of yourself.


Yes Dair is an unfortunate couple: has Safran@C. as writers.


I am a Chair fan, I have been ever since the limo scene. I don't really care for Dair but mostly because of the characters on an individual level. Dan has just turned into a complete jerk. Blair is pathetic, she loves Louie, no she loves Chuck, she loves him more everyday if thats possible, no wait, she loves Dan, all in 3 episodes I think. OMFG, make up your mind alrdy. Dan can go behind her back and put her in an impossible situation but that's ok. Chuck frees her but he's just playing an angle. She doesn't deserve Chuck or anyone for that matter.
I found it funny that in order for Blair and Dan to have good sex they need to be drunk. And each time it showed them having good sex it was after they had drinks.
And I wish he would cut his hair, he looks like a girl and it isn't attractive on him at all.
I hope the show ends with Chuck finding happiness with someone other than Blair. And I hope and pray Serena and Dan do NOT get together because it would just be so cliched. They have exchanged lovers basically through the entire show, however, we've never seen Serena sleep with Chuck. Blair on the other hand has slept with all 3 main male characters.
Someone posted that Dan loves Blair more than Chuck, I find that hard to believe. He has done a lot for her. And normally doesn't want her to know what he has done, so he isn't doing these things for recognition, he did it because he wants her happy.


@lila-- about the Ratings graph--
i actually read it back in late Feb. when i first got on tumblr. and the ratings argument was getting tons of traction. someone (it was a forum or thread like website) did crazy analytics, broke down EVERY SEASON, then did a compiled graph that targeted trends. it was insane. i should've bookmarked the damn thing!!!!!!!! but the conclusion was Dair wasn't the problem but was actually stabilizing the show in the sense that GG lost 1 mill viewers in S3 (the Chair love season) but S4 and S5 they didn't lose 1 mill. the saying that doctors say, put pressure on the bleeding to stabilize the patient. the show was in decline, but the decline was slower in S4 and S5. biggest drop was in S3. the analysis was on the scale of something a network or show would do. sorry i don't have it!


No disrespect to anyone, but i don't see any chemistry between Dan and Blair. I think the look between Chuck and Blair they shared in the elevator in the Valentine episode was way hotter than the whole dair sex in the elevator. When you speak with your eyes you have a chemistry. Personally i don't see that between Dan and Blair. As far as the whole show goes I used to love it and I watched for the show itself, it was different and unique, lately not so much. It became boring and not interesting to me anymore. I'm not from US and i watch online. can somebody please recommend some other great shows I can watch online, even older ones. I'm not looking for soaps, vampires theme shows, but for something different - kind of what GG used to be. Thanks.


Who cares about Chair or Dair, team DERENA all day everyday! Please bring them back!


Like some of the people here, I'm amazed by the fact that Dair didn't invite any of their friends on their party. The writers completely segregated Dair from everyone else (except Dorota). Well, I understand they don't want to hurt Serena with rubbing their affair in her nose and Chuck is their enemy #1 (judging by the way they treat him right now), but what's the deal with Nate? Dan seemed to interact a little bit with him lately - why he wasn't invited either? This is ridiculous, when a couple only has to exist in their separate world, and completely distanced themselves from everyone else. Are Dan and Blair afraid that even the slightest wind of friendship will ruin what they have?


Unfortunately the banter is strange when they are a couple...Blair don't forget you are sleeping with Mr. Brooklyn so if he doesn't wash and just used deoderant to cover up the smell, you got that smell on you. Poor Dan just seems like a lap dog or stepford wife 2.0 after Rufus. Rufus just grew a pair, time to pass the waffle maker to sonny boy.


@cassidy001 totally agree ;)


Eww...no chemistry. As friends, they're witty and funny. As a couple, it couldn't get much more awkward and forced.