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The CW has released its official synopsis for the upcoming fifth season finale of Gossip Girl, airing Monday, May 14. On that night, Blair Waldorf makes a choice between the two men in her life.

The episode title: "The Return of the Ring."

There's a lot else going on in this installment, which executive producer Josh Safran told us will include a major cliffhanger and forever alter the fabric of the show. Here's what lies in store ...

Blair at the Party
  • When Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in Blair’s latest nightmare.
  • Lily must make a big decision about the future of her marriage. 
  • Nate invites Lola to move in with him.
  • Finally, by episode’s end, Blair will make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan?

Sounds like an intense episode. What do you think turns Gossip Girl against Blair so dramatically? Does this mean she wrests back control of the site? And will Serena's role as Gossip Girl 3.0 be exposed?

Can Rufus and Lily survive, and will the lovely Lola accept Nate's bold request?

Finally, do you think the episode's title implies that Chuck's engagement ring will make another appearance? Will Blair actually choose Dan for the long haul if Chuck makes one final play for her affections?

Two episodes remain ("Raiders of the Lost Art" and "The Fugitives") between now and then, and the possibilities for our beloved characters are endless, especially in light of recent developments.

UPDATE, 5/2: There are rumors of a Derena reunion, as well as a Monaco trip. Serena's role remains unclear, but part of the finale does take place overseas, and at least two central characters are there.

UPDATE, 5/3: Apparently Serena is getting a "new" love interest ... who we already know. And the choice Blair makes will NOT be a cliffhanger. She will make a clear choice, one way or the other.

UPDATE, 5/11: According to new intel, someone will “see” Gossip Girl, while the final scene will feature two characters - one male, one female - and does not take place in New York. So ... there you go.

Share your predictions with us below, and vote:

Who should Blair choose on Gossip Girl?

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Dair forever


It's amazing how we finally have a choice being made by the main character between the two men in their lives in both CW's most popular shows. And they both take place at their respective season finales! CHUCKANDBLAIR,DAMONANDELENA


It's amazing how we finally have a choice being made by the main character between the two men in their lives in both CW's most popular shows. And they both take place at their respective season finales! CHUCKANDBLAIR


and if blair choses lonely boy then I hope Chuck gets to have the girl and happiness he most deserves somebody that will love him more.


Dair needs to end there is nothing there.Boring and stale.Chair is oozing with passion and their chemistry is off the charts together they are sexy,funny,lovely and interesting,exciting,enticing and bring out the best and worst from each other,they are so meant to be together!


I believe they are finally going to get it right. chuck and Blair will get back together. He has never truly been happy this whole season without Blair. And she has been a stranger to her fans. She needs to be sure about her feelings. But I still believe Chuck is the only one she has ever truly love. She got with Dan trying to be a better person. Please they really only have friendship. He has been there for her, so she give him a shot. In the finale Blair will come back to her reality. Her and chuck will get back together hopefully get married. We'll see


Any spoilers?


I really hope the big surprise isn't Bart bring alive? Because I don't find that interesting. So, what season 6 Rufus, Lily, Bart triangle? I won't watch this. I know Blair won't be choosing chuck : ( but I also believe she won't choose Dan : ) It's been said they don't care about End Games.
I would like to see the show how it started chuck and Blair Serena and Dan. I would really love Nate and Blair but that probs would never happen.


Chuck going to get the HW engagement ring back ?! It sounds slightly too obvious. But Bart Bass alive - oh my freaking Lonely boy ! I know there's evidence hence the photos in the set. Oh. My. F-ing. Lonely. Boy.


"If Dan really loved Blair he would do the right thing and end the nonsense that is Dair" That's right, twilight ! I absolutely agree. Their so called chemistry-free relationship has almost succeeded to ruin the whole show and even worse: UES. Blair can't choose Dan for the sake of the series, fans and - for heaven's sake - herself. She's gotta come to her senses, and probably she will. How 'bout those flirty photos w/Chuck at a casiono !? Looking forward to her enlightenment.

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