Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Song Lyrics?

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Things were going so well for Dan and Blair by the end of this week's Gossip Girl, but looking ahead to next Monday, it appears there's another roadblock in their path. We just don't know exactly what.

Something's amiss, however, as evidenced by this new sneak preview from "It Girl, Interrupted." As you can see, an awkwardly nervous Blair is clearly trying to give Dan the runaround despite his overtures.

What's going on that she's not revealing to him? Something tells us those aren't song lyrics on the table. Is her sham marriage to Louis about to rear its ugly head again? Or does it go beyond that?

Check out the clip and share your theories with us below ...

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I'm sorry but starting out the series together does not make it automatically an endgame. Saying that television series are not real life is a poor argument because we already know it. But a part of why a storyline is appealing or not to an audience has a lot to do with viewers' experiences in their own life. So writers keep that in mind, especially if they want to make their characters develop. Gossip Girl isn't a comedy or a supernatural/ police show where the focus is less on the drama of the characters than it is on the plot or jokes. Therefore, character development is necessary and by making characters like Blair seek Chuck countless times, knowing she has been hurt and probably will be hurt makes no sense whatsoever especially since she has stated wanting "pure, simple love". You may disagree that it is with Dan but you can agree that that's not Chuck because the writers haven't developed his character to the point where he could offer her that.
There is no rule in script writing that forces the first two to get together to be secluded from any other endgame. I think it limits the writing and we have been seeing that with Blair before Dair started burgeoning. She was always about Chuck as if there wasn't any other option in her life. The same thing applies to Derena. While Dan has certainly become less judgemental, Serena hasn't changed much from the beginning and it would be unlikely that the new Dan doesn't recognize that he can find happiness eith another. In all honesty, I never found that Derena were a good match. I can understand the appeal they had at the beginning but right now, especially after he bad writing,I see none.


DAIR is very exciting and unpredictable I can't wait for what is in store for them in the following episodes!!! By the way, CHAIR and DERENA??? lame and boring!!!!..haha.. Chuck and Serena make the Dair couple exciting and interesting though.. I suggest that they should hook up and be CHERENA..:))))))))))) DAIR and CHERENA FTW!!!!!! PS. I love Dan's eyesex and hands!!! I wanna eat him!!!!!!


@Alice You Said Everything!!!


If you watched the series from the beginning you would not be surprising that I emphasized that what started at the beginning and should be completed at the end. I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, and my remark referred to the two of them!


This is a TV series, not a real life. You can not compare TV series with real life, unless it is a documentary series. Everything here is made up. If writers want to be in the next episode to put that Dan is an alien and he has kidnapped Blair! Alice you've never been fan of Chuck and Blair. Because if you are you will not be able to change your opinion for two episodes. Chuck and Blair are along the 4.5 seasons. A Dan and Blair are together only two episodes. Secondly you have not watched the series from the beginning, because if you did you will not glorified the relationship Dan and Blair. The links between Dan and Blair not to be better than the relationship between Chuck and Blair because it takes only 2 episodes (17x5 and 18x5 episodes), was not to develop prematurely. Please do not discover that you are paid to cheer for Dan and Blair - long-term relationship between the two of them it is incredible stupidity! If you watched the series from the beginning you would not be surprising that I emphasized that what started at the beginning and should be completed at the end. I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, and my remark referred to the two of them!


The idiotic writing in the show has caused people to resent Dan, something that didn't happen in past seasons in such a large scale. Yes, like Chuck, Nate and the girls, Dan always had detractors, but never in the amounts we are seeing now. The GG writers are making that more and more fans turn against Dan in a similar way they did this to Chuck in the past, which landed in the current situation that we now have where a good portion of the fandom hates Chuck's guts and many of those fans support Dair, in large part because of that hate whether they want to admit it or not. It seems it's now Dan's turn. This further illustrates my point: http://www.twitlonger.com/show...


@Jonas Dan was there for Blair because of the way the retarded storyline was written to where she would run away from everyone and straight to Dan.. She wouldn't even let her supposed best friend Serena in on her running away from her wedding..aside from unbelivable storylines Dan spent season after season chasing Serena and getting steped on by her just to suddenly change and his mind and fall for Blair so she can step on him..so we will continue to disagree..


Life brings unexpected surprises. I can't tell you how many times I have watched a friend fall madly in love with a guy during college and everyone love them together... only to realize that they were young when they met and were not soulmates. I was a former Chair fan, and I am now convinced that Dan and Blair belong together in the end. DAIR is more realistic, more like true love in contrast to lust and passion, they are funnier together (they have the BEST banter on the show) and there chemistry exceeds sexy passion and demonstrates an unselfish and long-lasting love. "They started the series together..." seems like a very, very stupid argument as to why they should end the series together.


You are right. I totally agree with you. Serena and Dan have started the series and the two have to finish it. Chuck and Blair are the longest of time together and they have to finish together. Relationship between Blair and Dan breaks all around. In the end, Blair and Dan are finish alone without friends. I think this series is not just about romantic couples, but most importantly friendship between the main characters. If there is no friendship there is no series! And something else, like your name!


This Dan and Blair thing is ridiculous, it was cute during the chase but as a couple they are blah.