Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Casino Royale?

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This photo from the set of Gossip Girl may not tell us much, but it speaks for itself.

Chuck. Blair. Smiling ear to ear. At what looks to be a casino. Interesting ...

As we learned in our interview with Joshua Safran last week (and simply by watching the show all season), Blair may be in a romantic relationship with Dan now, yet Chuck's presence looms over the couple.

It's unclear which episode this scene takes place in, but we can't assume Mister Chuck is out of the running. Those two obviously have a certain chemistry about them that isn't about to be swept under the rug.

Share your theories, comments and observations with us below:

Chair Casino Pic

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The only reason I still enjoy Gossip Girl is for Chuck and Blair. Us chair fans have been waiting so long for some happiness for these two..... please please please give us a happy chair season finale to set us up for most likely the final season.


This looks to me like a pic of Leighton and Ed, not Chuck and Blair.


bence bu resimle chuck ın üzgün olduğunu gösteriyor zira şu safranın dan takıntısı yüzünden b f yi oynamaya yani dan le hala beraber olmaya devam ediyor ki büyük ihtimal öylede bitecek yazık 4 yılı boşyere izlemişim bence sebepsiz yere diziyi resmen rezil etti adam izleyici kaybına rağmen hala o verdiği röportajlardan anladığım kadarı ile saçmalamaya devam edecek o kesin dan b nin peşinde koşan kompleksli zengin kızlarla çıkıp sınıf atlamaya çalışan bir dog b de hep güçlü kadın olmayı hayal eden ama bence s nin gölgesinde kalmış onu hep kıskanan bir f olmuştur yani aslında tamda birbirlerini bulmuş görünüyor c yi hala o f nin peşinde koşturmaları çok saçma adamı resmen şey durumuna düşürdüler sonuçta üzgünüm bir daha bu kanalın dizilerini izlemeyeceğim.


Scheme. Nothing more


Yeiii !! They are amazing together and the chemistry between Chair is more than obvious! I can't wait to see them back together :X
It seems that will come wonderful moments for Chair even if we still have to wait a copule of episodes.. I don't lose hope and i'm sure they will be endgame whenever GG series final will be.


No denying how gorgeous they look together. Regardless how this plays out, they "appear" to be in a good place, they look happy and not angsty/upset. I'm guessing this scene is a callback to episode 1 of this season where "Yes is the word" even at a CHANCE for happiness. I'm hoping it's the very last scene, something along the lines of "3 weeks later..." with CB in Vegas...

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