Gossip Girl Spoilers: Dair, Rufly, Diana & More

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With Gossip Girl back for its spring run, the teasers and spoilers are coming fast.

We got plenty of insight last week in our interview with Joshua Safran, who promises a major season finale cliffhanger that alters the fabric of the show forever. We'll see if it lives up to that promise.

As for what's coming up between now and then ...

There’s a fairly epic Dan and Blair kiss on the horizon, according to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, but perhaps more intriguingly, Dan makes a big professional sacrifice, in the name of love, this May.

Any thoughts on what that could be?

Big Night For Dan

Meanwhile, Safran confirms that what we saw in Monday's Gossip Girl spring premiere was just the beginning of a rough patch ahead for Lily and Rufus, due in large part to their move across the East River.

“There is a lot of relationship drama [coming up] for Lily and Rufus,” he says.

“Let’s just say a tree may grow in Brooklyn, but Lily van der Woodsen does not. She is a Manhattan girl at heart and her transition [to the loft] is not going to last very long.”

And then there's Diana Payne, who's set to return next week. Apparently, whatever mysteries surround her are about to intertwine with the saga of Gossip Girl herself, and things come to ahead. Says Safran:

"[That] is definitely at the forefront of these episodes. We will learn the secret that Gossip Girl has had on Diana. She is not only going to try to take her place back at The Spectator, but also maybe in Nate's heart."

Sound off on this latest batch of Gossip Girl spoilers in the comments below ...

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What if Diana is Chuck's mom? Just a thought....


I miss Dan's hair from the pic above, he should have stuck with this length.


Diana is soooo annoying, I simply can't stand her!


GG is a pathetic excuse for a show.DAIR is a piece of shit rufly probably gonna break up and they keep dan and blair as a couple they are pathetic.Who can still watch this show i really hope they get cancel they don't deserve another season


"Dan makes a big professional sacrifice, in the name of love." I think the sacrifice has something to do with the rumour that Allessandra is encouraging Dan to go to Rome. Drama between rufus and lily probably related to ausiello's spoiler "there's break up in the horizon". I hope I'm wrong though, i dont want a rufly break up.


Good observation. However, I think Lily is still the owner of GG site, but it is not an administrator who maintains the site. It is possible that I was wrong. But here's a new idea - Dan appeared to be GG (of course until Georgina has undertaken site).


Now, Lily as Gossip Girl is a really interesting idea, and I would agree with you; however, GG did reveal some secrets that Lily would want to be hidden - like the blast about a shared sibling between Serena and Dan in season 3. I doubt Lily would do that to herself. If she wanted to tell this to Serena, she would probably do without posing as GG.


I think you are wrong. Charlotte is not GG, because she did not know who they are Chuck and Blair when the car accident occurred. My theory of who the GG is different. I think the GG is Lily. This will corroborate the evidence. In season 2 Blair was to be expelled from school. At a school meeting led to discussions about GG site. One of the parents has proposed to put the injunction on the GG site. Lily has objected to the proposal. Another thing, the main interest has always been a GG to Serena. I think Lily is so helped his daughter to become popular on the UES. When an accident up the GG site has stopped functioning because Lily was devastated by pain!


I think that everyone thinks that gossip girl is so crap
Now because of season three.. I agree season three was the reason why it's so messed up now but like i hate season 3 but season 4 was good and I finally understand what season 5 is. I was so confused because well it had so much plot holes and stuff . When one ends another one starts and then for some weird reason we think it's over they come back and it's even more plot holes like -.- haha lol but I love gossip girl but seriously season 3 was the crappies season ever plus they shouldnt of had Jenny back on season 4 because her leaving Season 3 was a great ending for her.... Until like the last season if she was ask to come back haha lol..


Here's my theory:
Lola IS Gossip Girl, the original. She stopped being Gossip Girl after her last blast contributed to the accident that resulted in Blair losing her baby and both Blair and Chuck nearly dying. She picked Nate as her love interest precisely because he's the only "nice guy" who never sent gossip about his friends into her site. Nate is going to freak out when he finds out that Lola is Gossip Girl, but by then he will love her, and she can explain that she has a conscience because the accident made her give it up. That is why Gossip Girl cares a lot about Diana Payne, as her rival for Nate's affections. More theories: Bart Bass is not dead and never was. The whole thing was an elaborate ruse designed to protect him and possibly others from the murderous secret society folks of season 2. More theory + wishful thinking: Serena + Jack Bass. Match made in heaven, or, wherever.

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