Gossip Girl Spoilers: Three Words, Eight Letters For Dair?

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They became friends. They bonded. They flirted. They hooked up. They had drunken elevator sex. Then on this week's Gossip Girl, they make their public debut ... a disastrous one from a PR perspective, but still.

Our point is that while Dan and Blair have faced their share of obstacles, they've survived and even thrived as their unexpected courtship progresses. Love them or hate them, this is officially more than a fling.

Does this mean that, just maybe, those three magic words are next?

Dan Humphrey's Hair

Asked if Dan and Blair will go the three-word, eight-letter route, TV Line's Michael Ausiello responds in his latest spoiler column: "One of them will. The other one won’t be quite ready to go there."

Who do you think goes there? And will the other come around eventually?

We'll leave the Dair endgame conversation to your comments below, but before we do, there's also this nugget: "In an upcoming episode, the role of Blair will be played by ... Blake Lively."

That's a new one. Share your theories on this teaser with us as well!

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There are a couple of spin offs from the Gossip Girl seeris. The It Girl and Gossip Girl: The Carlyles. The Clique Series is a younger version kinda. Also, the A-List Series and The Seven Deadly Sins are a lot like it.


Thing is it has to be Dan that says it. He was the one who told her he wanted more, he was the one who fell for her, he is the one telling her "if you can only see what I see". She belittles him, uses him as her minion, can't see beyond herself to celebrate sucesses with him. How could it be that she says it first...and means it?


If Blair says those words, then we all know that GG is ending this season or canceled. This show is getting so bad with the Chuck's paternal storyline that the writers should just all quit. I feel badly for the actors.


this will be in the 22th episode. Blair and Chuck waste lots of time together but they realise they have no feelings eachother anymore.... sooo Blair says to Dan she loves him..... That's the point how can JOSH Safran ruin the old Gossip Girl !!!!! Im so sorry about this... I want back Chuck and Blair together.........


People are going to start hating Gossip Girl, really we need Chuck and Blair thats what keep us dreaming and in love with this show, pleasee!!!! come on the watchers are claiming we want to see Chuck and Blair


hope blair say it first! that would be awesome


Blair is ruined.


Were is the heart of GG now??-- it's dead!:(


The writers are completely ruining the show. I miss the old GG.


Ugh I HATE DAIR. They are awful and a pain to watch. I feel bad for Serena because her life completely sucks now, and poor Chuck has come full 360, he's perfect

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