Gossip Girl Spoilers: Twist to Shake Up Love Triangle?

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Monday on Gossip Girl, a good deed by Chuck became a catalyst for setting Blair free ... to take her relationship with Dan to a new level, as they go public next week. Funny how life works out sometimes.

Looks like there's trouble brewing, though, or at least a new bombshell. According to TV Line's Michael Ausiello, "There is a huge twist coming that (I have to imagine) will impact the Dan-Blair-Chuck triangle."

What do you think that could be? And how do you see said love triangle playing out the rest of this season, and heading into the sixth (and presumably final) season of Gossip Girl? Comment below.

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I agree how could Dan change a paternity test? This show strives to be a little more clever than the daytime soap operas. But, in the end, it is still just that only prime time. Does anyone think that the show's producers bother to look at our blog. They'll write whatever they want.


how would Dan change the paternity test? Come on get real.


Everyone needs to stop hating on Dan and Blair, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks at the end of the day, it's the writers decision about who ends up with who. If Dan and Blair end up together then that's how it's gonna be and if not then at least they deserve a decent chance to be together without everyone complaining about it


Or the twist is chuck and Serena end up together after Blair chooses Serena now that would be a great cliff hanger!


I have a feeling that Dan changed the paternity test and that's the whole twist in the triangle and the baby Blair lost was Chucks. That's why the spoiler that was revealed was something that will connect Chair and may be good or bad for them. I also want to say that people can change and some people can get second chances. Yes Chuck treated Blair really badly but he has changed and everyone deserves a second chance especially if you have had the complicated past that Chuck has had.


eva come back please!


I think dan and blair will stick together till the start/end of the 6th season.
Chuck and Blair are epic. They have that love connection no other of the characters have on the show. Chuck was going to ask blair to merry him.. and I think that wedding is going to happen in the 6th season.
Sorry dair-fans.


I love Dan and Blair together, it's so refreshing to see a cute, drama-free couple on the show. I hope they become a long-term thing, because i'm really tired of constantly watching people come together and breaking up all the time..


WHo cares about this coming out party I want chuck he's interesting character,I hope he finds his own happiness but him and blair will always have that connection.


there is nothing sadder than the phrase 'i quit watching because of dair....i just trawl through internet blogs hoping to see a glimpse of a chair reunion'. to those fans please get off your high horse and just watch it on tv. obviously you guys are still enough of a fan to want to spend time researching it online. besides the dair storyline is the b plot now, there is more to gossip girl than dair/chair.

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