Grey's Anatomy Episode Promo: Who Failed?

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Someone is about to receive some very bad news on Grey's Anatomy.

Following an episode that sent many of our favorite doctors to San Francisco - and sent Avery and Jackson into bed together! - the ABC hit is set to deliver some bad news in the aptly-titled "Let the Bad Times Roll."

Look for the residents to agonize over their tests and to relive each answer, awaiting what all presume will be devastating career news. Elsewhere: a friend of Arizona's will arrive in need of medical attention; Julia will ask Mark to start a family with her; and Catherine will deliver the troubling news to Richard:

Yes, someone has failed.

Who do you think it will be?

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There was no way that Meredith and\or Christina would have failed that test. Meredith was tutored by Cali and then she tutored the rest of the attendings. The vomiting was Meredith's only problem she was able to finish her test even with all the vomiting; Christina was also right on top of her game even if the old doctor questioning her did not like her aggressiveness. I thought it was going to be Alex because he had already failed the first section and then he went off on the doctors. They surprised me with April because they made it so obviouss it was going to be her than you didn't expect it although I was praying it would be her. I guess now we will have to wait and see where they are going to go.


what a horribly predictable, shocking Kepner completely cowardly of the writers to fail the one character that is least liked, but has had the most amount of growth....why not at least take a bold move and fail Meredith or Christina...I'll watch till the end of the season but then I'm done.


I was thinking Cristina too. It would be a character plot development if she failed this when she relies on her ambition - who is Cristina yang when she gets her success stripped from her? It would be great to see how she reacts...


It wouldn't be Jackson, Catherine would be raging at Richard. With all the weird speculation with the whole dream house thing now not being set on fire as previously thought, I'm thinking it might be Mer...


Alex does not miss I checked @jtb83 and he is right. Your geekiness has proved successful


I think it's Alex because he didn't make
It in time for the interview on the lat episode but then against could be April since she breaks down


Does anyone notice how it says Avery and Jackson??


i don't get who fails, just not mer! and i don't care who dies at the end as long as its not mer or der or zola. u touch my mcdreamy family and i declare war against you SHONDA!


These last episodes have gotten everyone on edge man this is crazy but if I had to choose who would fail it would be weither April or Cristina Alex can always reschedule and retake the test he could say that he had an emergency blah blah but I am not sure i even care as I am writing this now LOL I just want this show to end can't wait for the blooper reel though


@jtb you're right, that's Alex when the two proctors stare at eachother, you can see the back of Alex's head and his hair, so he obviously made it to the exam.

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