Grey's Anatomy Episode Synopsis: "Let The Bad Times Roll"

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As the eighth season winds down, two weeks from now, the May 3 episode of Grey's Anatomy will be called "Let The Bad Times Roll." Think that sets the tone for an uplifting, magical hour of television?

We have our doubts, as the Seattle Grace residents agonize over their oral boards, reliving every answer they gave during their exams ... and Catherine tells Richard that one of his residents has failed.

Who do you think came up short, and might it mean the end of a doctor's tenure at the hospital? Moreover, is it tied to an open-ended contract situation for one of the core cast members?

AZ and Mark

Meanwhile, Arizona's close childhood friend comes to Seattle Grace for medical help; the doctors work on a patient who is missing one third of his skull; and Julia asks Mark to start a family with her.

Debbie Allen returns as Dr. Catherine Avery, William Daniels guest stars as Cristina's Examiner and Jordan Belfi begins a multi-episode arc as Nick. Share your comments and theories with us below.

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I agree. If they had some great storyline for Teddy I woludn't be entirely opposed to her staying on, but I can't imagine what that would be. It really does seem like that character has run its course.


i think it will be alex, i think he leaves during the exam to go back to be with morgan as tommy has taken a turn for the worst


It would be interesting if it were Meredith after she is so confident. I don't want her to fail. I do think she and Patrick Dempsey will be back based off of recent interviews they have both given. In the preview above, Mark and Lexie both state that they miss each other. Watch Julia end up pregnant after they get back together. I really hope Meredith and Derek are back. Meredith Grey is the basis for the show. Not Lexie Grey, but I do like Lexie. I like the interaction between her and Meredith too. It's nice for Meredith to have actual caring family after having such a bad Mom.


I think Cristina Yang (Hunt, ahem) is going to be the one who will fail her boards. Sandra has stated several times that she adores her character and would love to stay on the show for season 9 and (if any) seasons after that. It would place Cristina in a good spot for season 9 if she were 'held back' due to a board fail. It would also give her and Owen a chance to put their rocky marriage back on solid ground. I still believe Teddy belongs with Owen, and that Cristina should be in a nunnery...or on some secluded island away from the male gender. But hey...opinions are like.... =) ...I initially said that Cristina would be one of the ones leaving the show after season 8, but I'm beginning to rethink that thought process. I think she'll most likely fail the boards and stay at Seattle Grace. In all honesty, the marriage between her and Owen is the only storyline that is stricken with disaster and unfinished business. Neither Cristina nor Owen will be leaving the show (at least not this season).


I want Mark and Lexie together agian come on they love eachother everyone knows it come on. I think that Meredith will fail


I'm pretty sure this whole "Julia asks Mark to start a family with her" thing is just a way to push Mark and Lexie back together. I mean, how can anyone believe that Mark and Julia are even really a couple or are in that place already? We haven't seen Julia at all recently so no one can really connect to them as anything. Mark and Lexie just need to find their way back to one another. And as for the resident who failed, I don't know who it could be but it'd be very interesting if it were Cristina. Although at the same time, I feel like she's gone through enough this season and she needs a break.


come on slexie!!!


I wouldn't be happy to see any of the originals fail their boards. Not suprised that one will though it's a storyline waiting to happen like when George didn't pass his intern exam first time round.


Well, i'm rooting for Sloan and Lexie


The resident who'll fail IMO will be one of original SGH residents.Cris's examiner is specifically mentioned and with all the offers for jobs she's getting and her marriage seemingly over, why would she stay in Seattle?If SO renews her contract I think it could be Cris who'd fail.
It would be ironic if Mer teaching her Grey method of learning to the others were to fail.At the beginning of S8 she got fired,then to see her fail the boards would be horrible. But Ellen likes to have interesting SL for Mer. If we see MerDer back for S9 I'll be happy enough to learn to cope with her redoing her residency.

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