Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Sarah Drew on Surprising Hook Up, "Gigantic" Season Finale Event

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It's depicted in the Grey's Anatomy preview for tomorrow night's new episode, and Sarah Drew wasted no time getting right to the point of it when we talked on the phone yesterday:

Yes, April and Jackson "definitely hook up" on "Moment of Truth," the actress said, but she added: "I cannot reveal whether she gives up her V-card or not."

Well, alright then!

What can Drew reveal about what she admits was a "surprising" development between two characters who have been more like siblings than love interests over the past year?

Jackson and April Pic

"There's a lot of confusion between the two of them regarding what the relationship actually is after they hook up," said the star. "There's also something very cool revealed about April at the end of the episode and it plays into her relationship with Jackson. It becomes a point of conflict."

If April and Jackson do become an item, of course, this is Grey's Anatomy; there's the matter of what fans should nickname the couple. Drew says Twitter followers have suggested Japril - but we can do better than that, can't we?

Personal life aside, the residents at Seattle Grace are embarking on a major professional endeavor these days. How is April holding up? Will she be able to focus on her Boards or is she on the verge of a breakdown?

"She's trying to focus with all of her might," Drew said, but… "She's totally freaking out at the same time. She's sort of jumping out of her skin because she's been working for the last eight years for this moment, for this exam. It will determine her career."

As a result, Drew teases that "jaws are going to drop" across the Grey's Anatomy universe when viewers see just how April handles the stress. Prepare to see a different side to the character, fans, and prepare to ask yourself:

"Who is this person?" Drew says.

Finally, Shonda Rhimes created major buzz this week when she previewed a significant "thing" that will take place on the Grey's Anatomy season finale. Naturally, Drew will shed total light on this topic, right? She'll tell us exactly what to expect. Not exactly...

"It is gigantic and it will forever change the face of Seattle Grace and the characters who work there. It's really intense and emotional."

Oh well. Guess we'll need to tune in and find out.

Grey's Anatomy airs a new episode Thursday on ABC at 9 p.m. EST. Look for Drew to live Tweet throughout the hour and visit TV Fanatic soon after it concludes for our weekly, detailed review of all the (April and Jackson!) action.

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I will cry my heart out and take a BREAK from GA if Mer or Der or Alex or Yang or Mark or Lexie die. :(

Sarah silva

Sarah Drew said the big event takes place outside the hospital. She also said she is at the hospital so we know she is safe.
The show title will be flight so I bet it is a plane crash and Mer, Der, Zola, Christina and Alex will be on the plane for various reasons and we will be left wondering who will survive that will be the least that is my guess.


I know it's not spelt right, but I like Jackil.


Their name should be: APRON! (lol)


I love April and Jackson as friends. They're like a different version of Alex and Meredith. So a couple/sexual relationship would ruin it. I don't care if they get together, as it gives something to the characters, but I guess for now I'll roll with it.

Jose t

interesting interview i guess..... we´ll hve to watch to watch what happens.... as for the ship´s name, Kevery?

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