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Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "The Girl With No Name"

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Grey's Anatomy airs a new episode this Thursday, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (see image gallery).

The following week's episode, airing April 12, will be called "Support System" (see those photos).

A week after that, April 19, we meet "The Girl With No Name." The doctors work on a Jane Doe, who turns out to be the subject of a case that gained national interest. How they respond remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, Cristina proves to be the highest in demand as the residents begin interviews for post-residency positions, while Richard is faced with an unsettling realization when he visits Adele at Rose Ridge.

Click to enlarge photos from "The Girl With No Name" below ...

  • What is Going on Here
  • Richard in Glasses
  • Rowen
  • He Has Got the Hair
  • That Der Look
  • Internal Arguments
  • Der Looking On
  • Intense Discussions
  • Dr. Hunt Pic
  • Richard and Owen
  • Crisis Point
  • Mer With Der
  • Derek, Mer Pic
  • Mister and Mrs. Webber
  • A Smiling Mer Pic
  • Richard Smiling
  • Webbers Pic
  • Adele at Her New Home
  • At Rose Ridge
  • Rich Pic

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@ uklass
I know, me too. From what I see in the pics, it doesn't look like they are going to fight but you never know...


I hope that MerDer working together doesn't end in disaster


Owen's smile scares me.


Based on these pics I don't think Owen & Christina are getting a divorce! (YAAAYE)
Owen looks happy in one, & Meradith looks fine w Owen in the other.

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

Jackson: Since when do they bribe residents?
Cristina: They don't, unless you're me. A god.

When you're a kid, you always want things to stay the same. The same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different.