Grey's Anatomy Review: Life Changing Moments

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It’s almost that time. It's time for the fifth-year residents to start interviewing at other hospitals and open up the chance that they will no longer be at Seattle Grace. So, who is bound to leave SGH at the end of the season? Time to discuss "The Girl with No Name."

Out Of The Basement. Holly Wheeler, a young girl who was abducted outside of a grocery store, is brought in with several injuries. This was a case that had gained national attention since she had been missing for so many years.

First: kudos to guest star Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth, who played this role with perfection. I cannot even imagine what this situation would be like. Seriously, the worst fear for a parent. Bailey wasn’t able to hold it together and she wasn't alone, and rightfully so. The idea that you can turn your head and your child goes missing is super scary. 

The only thing that could have made this better was to find out some closure on arresting her attacker.

He Has Got the Hair

Meet Alan. I have said it before, but Loretta Devine is amazing on this show and her arc is heartbreaking. Poor Richard. He goes to visit his wife and finds her in bed with another man. I know she has a serious disease, but that can’t be easy for Webber. He needs to have something good happen. Maybe a little visit with Catherine Avery? 

Question to ponder: Which will be more heartbreaking: Adele dying or Richard and her splitting up? 

You’re Doing The Best You Can. As Owen struggles with the pressure of being Chief, Cristina reaches out to him. First step? Allowing him to stay at the apartment until the boards. Second? She supported him at the staff meeting by clapping for him. 

This couple is so confusing. On one hand, they are toxic. He cheated on his wife! But on the other hand, they are able to calm each other, balance each other out. Could these two be soul mates? Who knows. What I do know is that Teddy is right. Cristina needs to stay at SGH.

Dr. Hunt Pic

Uncertain Future. So the residents went out on interviews for where they are going to work after residency. The idea of these docs splitting up sucks, but with no clue as to who is returning next season, this seems to be the best option. Where are the residents heading?

  • Meredith wants to stay in Seattle with her husband and her house. She also interviewed in San Francisco and Boston, which is now her first choice.
  • April went to Northwestern, only to find out that her personality isn’t the easiest to mesh with.
  • Jackson interviewed at UCLA and was put off on their interest in him as the grandson of Harper Avery. 
  • Alex interviewed at some not so nice hospitals, like the one outside of Toledo. Arizona is working it to keep him at SGH. He also got an interview at Yale.
  • Superstar Cristina was being courted by hospitals across the country, such as Columbia, Stanford, Duke and Johns Hopkins.
Richard in Glasses
So another great hour from Grey’s Anatomy. An emotional case, an upset Bailey showing how awesome she can act, super hot BFFs Derek and Mark and interviews outside of Washington. Who will go where? For now, we don’t know.
But we can make our predictions about that and all the other good stuff from the hour in the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. So hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Girl With No Name.’ Until next week, TV Fanatics. 


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I hope Dr. Burke will be back in Season 9. If Owen and Cristina will be apart. Then, i will still hope that there is a second chance for Cristina and Burke to be together again. After all, during the seasons when they were together (Burke&Cristina), it was fantastic!


If Cris is going to hospitals that even I've heard of, where's Burke working then?.
Mer is thinking like a wife and a mom, and letting that influence her in her choices of where she could go. Cris only has herself to please. Mer has a husband with a job in Seattle. Der's prolonged house project is nearly finished, why is it a surprise she is thinking of staying? But Mer has lived in Boston before, so the number one general surgery programme would be great.
But having read all the latest spoilers, all the 5th year plans for leaving I think are gonna disappear. Shonda's got plans for a big end of season. I don't think character is gonna walk away unaffected


on second watch i noticed that when owen scares christina at their apartment he says that the kidnapper has been caught. so they do address it just very hard to notice


When Owen said that to Teddy i thought: IN YOUR FACE TEDDY ;) she deserves that, but i think they will be friends again. it just takes some time I dont know.. i mean yeah thats christina, but she is soo arrogant sometimes. I know she is good but come on.. does she has to be so arrogant?
i hope she will be with owen again, i like them together I also have to say, that maybe she is wrong about Meredith. Look the thing is, every woman has to find out what she wants, family, job or both. Christina was right about telling Meredith to go to Boston, but if Meredith would be a 100% sure that she wants to stay, cause thats what she wants - with her family there, then Christina shouldnt blame her for that. Not everyone can be as her (thank god haha) I love it when Alex, Christina and Meredith are together and make fun of each other ;) Dr Webber - very sad


Not sure where or why I have gotten the feeling that it will be either Kevin McKidd or Sandra Oh that leaves GA ... one of them ... no happy ending for this fabulous couple & I hope I am very, very wrong.


I never claimed I was sane. I think Owen Hunt is going to die, and Cristina will be left alone...and only with his passing will she be forced to realize how horribly selfish she's been, and it will be too late. She'll learn a lot, but at a heavy price. His passing will also be devastating on Teddy, because they were friends in the military; very close friends. She told him she hated him...and thus far has not apologized or made any attempt at a reconciliation. Owen Hunt passing away will be an event that will shatter people to the core. Above all else, it's really about the ratings. The more drama..the higher the ratings. I




Best episode so far this season. The kidnapping storyline really tugged at heartstrings and Marano made an exceptional performance. Richard and Adele's story is heartbreaking and I really felt for him. It must be painful to watch her with another man and know that she doesn't know any better. It was hard but what he did seemed right. Owen and Cristina, some part of me hopes they can get back together but the other part really questions if this is something they can get over. They want different things (namely the baby issue) and neither is going to give in, but at the same time, they're the only ones who can understand each other. It makes me miss that first episode of season 5 when they first met. Even I thought he was HOT! We can only wait and see on those two.


@msles59130 she meant the storylines are the same, you've read it wrong ;)


@Alex Roggio- Teddy's husband was NOT Izzie's dead fiancé. They are two entirely different actors. This was a good episode. I think Alex may leave, though I hope not. They do need to give him a real story arc though. I will take anything at this point!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

Jackson: Since when do they bribe residents?
Cristina: They don't, unless you're me. A god.

When you're a kid, you always want things to stay the same. The same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different.