Grey's Anatomy Review: Staring At Simba

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After almost eight Grey's Anatomy seasons, I don’t expect to be too surprised by the actions of these characters we have all grown to love so much. Except it happened tonight. And I loved it. There is a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it...

Ripped to Pieces. The cases in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight” were harsh, but in a good way. Morgan reached decision time with her baby, Teddy’s patient made her accept her widow status, and a lion attacked a couple. Well, the lion bit was a little unrealistic. But, hey, it made for interesting television and at least no one was trying to give CPR to a deer. 

Broken Hearts. Teddy’s reaction at the grief group was priceless. First, the laughter and then the outburst. It felt so real, which is something this series does so well. This arc had felt a little dropped over the past few episodes so it was important to bring it back before season's end. Her dealing with the elderly couple was heartbreaking. I know I was not alone in tearing up a bit. 

Teddie Altman

Battle Of The Exes. How do you work side by side with someone for two years that had previously dated your wife and it never came up? That situation totally sucked for Callie but Mark made a great point. She is taking care of a child, a child that Callie had with Mark, her ex. That has to be tough. Who would have guessed that Arizona had such a fun past and that Mark would end up being the mature one?

The Eyeball Doc. Speaking of Mark, he plans to move in with Julia? I don’t think so. This arc has gaping plot holes that need to be worked better. Yes, of course us viewers know they are together. There is a quick mention of them each week. But we don’t know this character. We met her how many episodes ago and that’s been it. Viewers are emotionally involved in Slexie. It’s because we know them. Why would we care if Mark moves in with Julia or breaks up with her? Answer is... we won’t. 

The big brother/little sister interaction between Lexie and Derek was thoroughly enjoyable. We see these two in the OR enough, but seeing the family side is just as fun. 

Der Smiles

Separation. Alex Karev, one of a kind. The man may be arrogant, a jerk, downright rude. But one thing is for sure, he is honest. The situation with Morgan is messy. As much as I want to see Alex get in a healthy relationship, this is not it. The girl needs a friend. 

The Lion. Who knew that Meredith and Derek spotting a lion on their way to work would not be the most exciting thing of the hour? Gotta love Derek bringing a stuffed lion home to Zola. What. A. Dilf. 

Scandal. Now on to the big news. A week had passed and Cristina was still ignoring Owen, being curiously quiet, and had not shared the news with her BFF, Mer. Owen is the Chief of Surgery. He knows better than to discuss this kind of stuff in the scrub room. Breaking the news to Meredith and having Bailey overhear means this story is coming to a head. We still don’t know who the other woman is but we do know one thing: Yang is devastated.

Girlfriend is also super pissed. Her chucking her bowl of cereal at Owen was the highlight of this episode. That was a DVR rewind moment if I ever saw one.

Alex Karev Smiles

Overall, a solid episode on the way towards the finale of Season Eight. TV Fanatics, what did you think? Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. How heartbreaking was Teddy admitting she is a widow? Who do you think Owen cheated with? What is Meredith going to do with the information? Who else thinks Bailey needs her own story ASAP? Sandra Oh killed it once again. How cool was the room of things found in patients??

New episode next week. While we wait, look for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table to gain a new entry in the coming days.


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@Ninni there was a happy couple this week : Arizona and Callie who have been happy the whole season, and actually Mer and Der, despise some downs have been quite happy for a while now.
I agree that sometimes it's exhausting to see all that drama for other couples, but then again, Grey's Anatomy is drama.


Why I am no longer watching: can we have a happy couple? Owen & Cristina for example? Sorry, I'm just weary of it all! Goodbye


The ratings for Grey's are sinking so low that Season 8 could indeed be the final season. Just saying.


I don't know how I feel about the whole Alex situation. I think that his actions were completely unprofessional when he was too close to Morgan and tonight when he was the disappearing doctor they were equally unprofessional. The other thing about the situation that surprises me is that all the people giving him advice have inappropriate relationships with people at the hospital or at least have had them. They are all unprofessional what makes his situation anymore unprofessional than all of them. I think the decent thing would have been to just tell Morgan that he can be there for her but simply as a physician. HUH.... Just saying...this is a show....Physician/Doctors/surgeon never act like that in real life. They work all day and then they go to bed. They don't party up or have amazing times with their friends...They do not sleep, they work all the time and most of them have no life other than work... I know that because I see my dad everyday going to work and do just that.....


Get rid of Lexie, Her pathetic look and demeanor is as bad a her whine. She always looks like a pleading puppy, only she is not cute. I actually haven't liked her or the entire arc from the beginning. THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!
Lexie is pathetic and she doesn't seem to know what the hell she wants! I mean choose Mark or Jackson but don't keep them hanging like that. Mark seems to have actually moved on. Jackson needs to do it too (even if he slept with that girl two episodes ago, I still think he wants to be with her). Lexie NEEDS TO BE ALONE. SHE DOESN'T DESERVE EITHER MEN.


it funny and not serious. Too many places this show could yet go before it ends up in the archives of our lives. Please...everyone except Owen...Stay!


So, I have never liked Owen from the beginning...he over acts...then the writers give him the one line that is the true death for any cheating man...(it was just sex). Really! What man with a brain ever says that to a woman?
I only hope Meridith, and McDreamy, Mark and Lexie, Callie and Arizona, Chief Webber, Bailey...Love Her!!! Stay! Also, Teddy,and would love to see more cross over with Addison Shepherd. I wish that an episode would be created that would have all the main characters in one room, perhaps the lobby...they could all be going home for the evening, and there walking thru the front doors of Seattle Grace is George O'Malley. Standing there all cute in his uniform with those puppydog eyes looking all innocent as if he never knew everyone thought he was dead. After all...the body was badly messed up and unidentifiable except for a small birtmark which Callie could have been mistaken about. There should be more ghost walking the halls and interacting with the staff...making it funny, not serious. There is still so many places this show could go, such chemistry with most the actors...I would really hate to see it end just when things are getting so good. Loved the latest episode by the way.


I really like that the writers are taking their time to tell Cristina and Owen's story.You can feel Cristina's pain in this sterile and cold lab-btw this scene reminds of S4 when Cristina saw the article with Burke and his winning of Harper Avery Award.Mer/Cristina-the most beautiful friendship,this moment of quite support,topped with ice cream was priceless.The last scene-Cristina throwing a bowl of cereal into Owen's face stole the episode.Callie and Arizona totally adorable and sweet and hilarious.And Baily as usual the voice of reason- again flashback in my head,she told the same thing to George when he cheated on Callie.I was even impressed by Mark,telling Callie that he is the living reminder of her past with whom she has a child and how Arizona has to live with that fact every single day.Why on earth Avery and Kepner are so useless the entire season?


She made him a cheater. The ONE man on the show who wasn't either a cheater or a man-slut and Shonda goes and makes him a cheater. When he said he cheated, I hoped he didn't mean literally. Disappointed.


The lion bit was ridiculous. Get rid of Lexie, Her pathetic look and demeanor is as bad a her whine. She always looks like a pleading puppy, only she is not cute. I actually haven't liked her or the entire arc from the beginning.

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I was staring at Simba.


We have a phrase in the operating room. Don't pet the lion. It means no matter how nice a tumor looks, how small it is, how perfect it's margins may be, it's still a tumor. It's still dangerous and it can bite.