Grey's Anatomy Review: The Right To Know

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Intensity. This is something that Grey’s Anatomy knows how to bring right through your television screen, doing so once again via "Support System." There were fights, breakdowns, and realizations. So let’s get to the latest review, shall we?

Oh Yes, It’s Ladies Night. The idea of ladies night? Terrific. Watching all the girls try to get out of it? Ehhh. This arc would have been much better if the ladies did actually go out. Not that I didn’t enjoy Teddy showing up with wine and Dirty Dancing (aka the newly single girls favorite move). And Arizona has really grown to be an enjoyable character. The writers have done a great job in making her the type of person you root for all of the time. At least she knew they couldn’t ditch the big sad widow. 

Beef With The Chief. Sloan played Chief for the day in Owen’s absence and he became Hardcore Sloan instead of just McSteamy. He knows the rules and he wants to follow them. Gotta say, I wouldn’t mind having Mark become the next Chief. Plus, it gave Eric Dane a chance to light up the screen for more than just a few minutes.

Mark Prepares to Operate

The McDreamys. How cute have Meredith and Derek become? Watching them in the daycare with Zola made me realize that these two characters have grown the most. Remember dark and twisty Meredith? How about the hot hookup during the prom at the hospital while Derek was still married? These were the building blocks of these characters and they have built them up to perfection. Seriously, love them.

Speaking of dark and twisty... Meredith continued to reach out to Yang knowing her situation. It surprises me a bit that Cristina hasn’t confided in her person yet, but saying it out loud makes it real. That can’t be easy.

Have A Right To Know? Oh Cristina, how much hurt can you take? After Owen admitted his one night stand with a woman from the hospital, Cristina begged for the details. Is this really something you want to know? Does this make it any easier or does it just hurt you more? For one thing, it makes it a reality.

The fact that Owen did this because he wanted to hurt Cristina about the abortion is just plain wrong. If you are not happy in your marriage, if you can’t get over something, try to fix it or walk away. Do Not Cheat. There is no excuse, even if it was just for sex. 

Xtina Yang

The hour ended with Owen leaving the home he shares with his wife. Is this the end for them or will Cristina take him back?

After Thoughts:

  • Mark Sloan should wear a suit every single day. The man cleans up nice.
  • How hilarious was Owen crashing through the door after Cristina unlocked it? Gotta love Yang’s laugh.
  • Last episode, Lexis was all worried about Mark moving in with Julia. Now, not a word about it. Little Grey needs a solid arc of her own.
  • How cute is Mer helping out the other residents for their boards? Those exams are bound to be intense and who knows if they will all pass.

Overall, another solid episode from Shondaland. The flashbacks through Cristina and Owen’s relationship were a perfect touch to prepare us for the breakdown between the couple. What is to come with these two? Will Cristina take her unfaithful husband back? How many of you with Burke would make an appearance right now in one of his sweet turtlenecks?

So until next time, TV Fanatics. Hit up the comments and let us know what you thought of “Support Systems.” Was the build up of Owen’s affair a let down? Don’t forget to check back later for the official Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. There are only a handful of episodes left. Make your predictions for the end of the season now!


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To the comment about Cristina not able to have babies due to an ectopic pregnancy that burst ONE of her Fallopian tubes. Women have TWO Fallopian tubes and TWO ovaries left and right sides. So if she lost one she still has the other. She can still have babies. I love Cristina and I'm proud if her for standing up for herself and letting Owen go even though I know it hurts. But he needs to know (and all men for that matter) that cheating is a deal breaker. I don't care if you are drunk, high, on whatever drug or medication you know who your wife is and isn't and you should know the consequences of your actions. It's sick. And if he didn't use protection he's putting her at risk too and could have gotten this crazy lady pregnant then what?


I truly hope with all of my being that Shonda doesn't end up letting this "other woman" get pregnant. This whole arc is painful to watch, to endure and it's time for an upswing. Her getting pregnant just seems mean. My first choice would be for Crowen to get back together, but if they don't, I don't want it to be because of a baby with the "hook-up". As much as I want to see what happens with Mark and Lexie, I might just have to be done with GA. This was a painful season and I initially thought seasons 2 and 4 were hard. Jeesh!!!!!


i think its interesting how much of a kickass surgeon Christina is, but when it comes to relationships with men, she apparently has some serious esteem issues. it's like she totally gives herself away to them. i hate it when i see this in women in real life, and i don't hate it any less on tv. get some gumption, girl! maybe if she got some true self-confidence, she wouldn't have to completely shut down when it comes to a discussion.


I'm suprised how many women here think Christina is guilty of his cheating just because she got an abortion. I'm aware that when you get married you make compromises, but there are things that are not negotiable. If Owen wouldn't have known from the beggining her stand on children, than I would have said, Ok, they should discuss it, but he knew from the start she didn't want any kids. Being married doesn't mean you stop being the owner of your body and no woman should be forced to have a baby if they don't want one. Just because she doesn't want to be a mother that doesn't make her inmature as he tried to make it looke like.


I honestly think what Christina needs is someone who loves her for exactly who she is. If you re-watch old episodes with Christina and Burke, you'll find that he was trying to change her and mold her into this "wife" figure. She even told Owen at one point that Burke stole pieces of her throughout the relationship and she lost who she was. That's not a real healthy relationship. And now Owen, who knew from the get go she didn't want kids, wants her to become a mother which is again, not what she wants. Christina is a strong, independent character who loves being a surgeon but still has a lot of love to give a husband. And she deserves to be loved and accepted for who she is!


Webber had reason on that situation and Mark just because want to be a Chief, he was leaving the patient died. On the end of the episode Owen told Derek that he had not told to Mark for replace him. So Mark cheated everyone to get along and be a leader and boss of everyone, this is an attitude of a Chief? Deceive the whole hospital? He should be prosecuted for it, but as he is Mark I doubt that they do something, as he always does what he wants and does not lead to any consequences. Mark is not the spectacle that you guys say and disgusting no one saw that. Go Webber.


I hate this whole Cristina/Owen arc because I feel like they're trying to give people a reason to hate Owen as much as some disliked Yang after she decided to have an abortion, knowing fully well how much Owen wanted a kid. This whole storyline is just one big mess. Can I say that I HATE Dr. Webber? The man is so full of it, so arrogant. He defies everyone's authority, does what he wants, steals away surgeries from everyone... The man is so pathetic. He doesn't want to be Chief when there are interesting surgeries floating around, but he suddenly does act like the Chief when he wants something done. And then Bailey with her "are you saying no to Dr. Webber?" Please, this man is no better than the rest of the surgeons and shouldn't get any special treatment just because he happened to be Chief. And when he basically humiliated Mark and his authority by telling him to stand down.. ugh.


I'd really love to see Burke back. Even if its for a few episodes...maybe as a patient? A victim of Hit & Run?. Cristina and Burke were great together...that's what got me hooked on the show.


I nearly cried when Owen left and really felt for Cristina. No woman deserves to be cheated on for any reason and the fact that he did it purely to hurt her is so wrong in itself. But then again, it takes two and that other woman to jump in bed with a guy she knows is married makes me question her morals as well. It was nice to see someone other than robot Cristina for once, she showed a lot more of a human side this time around. I really hope that she can get a guy that will actually get her as a person. Still on the fence as to whether or not these two can make it. I think she might actually take him back...but I wouldn't know what to do if it were me. Honestly. Cristina is a character I've been interested in since the show began and it's been great seeing her develop. However, after eight season, she really really needs to be happy. Mer and Der are have definitely come full circle since the first episode. I would love to see her in a white dress for a wedding reception just to close everything off.


I wish they would give Patrick Dempsey more than 5 second scenes with a little bit better writing and editing. The Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd scenes were redundant and dragged on too long. Sandra Oh is a good actress but these scenes were the opposite of her personality. She would have booted him out quickly and got on with it.

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