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Grey's Anatomy Season Finale to Be Titled ...

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ABC has released the episode titles for the final two episodes of Grey's Anatomy's eighth season. While few details are available at this time, the titles alone indicate the theme of these installments:

  • "Migration" (May 10)
  • "Flight (May 17)

Tonight's episode, "The Girl With No Name," is the 20th of the season. It will be followed by "Moment of Truth" (April 26), "Let the Bad Times Roll" (May 3) and then the two episodes listed above.

Are one or more core characters getting ready to fly the coop? How do you see the eighth season playing out? Who will return when the long-running show begins its ninth season in September?

Share your predictions and thoughts in the comments below.

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omg this is totally gonna be the last season finale with merder! im going to cry!


I sort of think Christina fails, repeat her 5th year. Avery gets a fellowship in some places else, but Kepner only got one at Seattle Grace, so he decides to stay with her in Seattle. MerDer gets baby number 2, don't really know if i want Mer to be preggo, or if they should adopt another baby... Teddy is in a bad car crash, making owen realize it is her he loves. Alex marry Morgan and father Tommy. Mark and Lexie get together in the last episode and gets married.


Predictions? Cristina gets a great job and leaves; Meredith returns part time; Alex gets the Peads fellowship at SGHMW and a non-crazy girl friend; Catherine Avery comes in as the new Chief, and knocks heads with Bailey/Ben.
Wishful thinking: Mark/Avery hook up, and Lexie/April return to junior high. Teddy and Owen return to the military. Callie leaves, and someone new comes in for Arizona.


please have Cali and Arizona leave the show !!!


Which wild imagination !!!!!!!


Both Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo have said that they would return for addtional seasons. Patrick Dempsey just wants his time to be a little less. I saw the interview he did on tv within the past 2 months and I saw Ellen Pompeo in a couple of interviews in the past 2 months. So I am hoping they both return. I am wondering if Avery fails the boards because he keeps saying he hasn't studied. Now Kristina, April and Alex are all studying with Meredith now that she is confident. Maybe she will fail so she stays at SGH. I think Kepner should go. Her character is of really no importance. I think in the preview it showed her and Avery getting together.


If they off Derrick & Mer I will quit watching the show they can be just as happy in the next season in fact they can build their family by having Mer get pregnant finally, I also would like to finally see McSteamy & Lexi back together already. I don't think they should tae any of the originals off They need to keep Not only Der & Mer but Yang, Alex,Callie & the added people Mark, Lexi & Owen,Arizona. It will not be Grey's if they remove any of these people espically the last of the originals mention. It would also be perfect if Izzy came back.


Avery? Gay. Meredith? Goners! And Derek also. I really want them to be happy, and in order to do so, they have to leave SG. It´s all drama all the time there. April? Well... She has to have sex. The question is - who wil pop that cherry? It´s ought to be a shock. So no Karev or Avery. I´m gonna go with eighter chief Webber or Mark... Possibly a new character. Alex? Will be the best in boars (along with Callie-trained Meredith). Will finally get a decent relationship. Will stay in SG. Will be in a good place.
...and then, Izzie will come back and screw eveeything up. Once again. Lexie? Uggg... Little Grey just bores me. She sould get preggers. Possibly with not-marks baby. And get together with him - putting him in Arizonas shoes. And they aren´t too comfy. And we needs new characters ASAP! Christina - Fails. Unfortunatly, it was made too obvious. Teddy - Leaves. Owen - Well... Falls for Bailey? Gods, I really don´t know. I wish he could work stuff out with Christina but... I just don´t see a way.
He could also father Lexies child. :) And, mostly, I hope there is more medical cases. It´s turning into all-personal drama with scrubs on.


Lmfao! Kyrhyn you are too funny.


@Kyrhyn LMFAO!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! GOOD SCENARIO!! ------- I really hope the cast stays as it is .. I can't imagina Grey's without MerDer,Christina, Alex, Bailey, Webber!!