Grey's Anatomy Season Finale to Be Titled ...

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ABC has released the episode titles for the final two episodes of Grey's Anatomy's eighth season. While few details are available at this time, the titles alone indicate the theme of these installments:

  • "Migration" (May 10)
  • "Flight (May 17)

Tonight's episode, "The Girl With No Name," is the 20th of the season. It will be followed by "Moment of Truth" (April 26), "Let the Bad Times Roll" (May 3) and then the two episodes listed above.

Are one or more core characters getting ready to fly the coop? How do you see the eighth season playing out? Who will return when the long-running show begins its ninth season in September?

Share your predictions and thoughts in the comments below.

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(continue)And the title Flight reminds me of S2 finale title when Mer voiceover says when your life is at odds means either fight or flight.Not sure about Teddy-may be she and Owen will find their way back and save the friendship and maybe we will learn the real reason why Teddy went to Iraq after her best friend died


I'll give a shot at my theory based on Keck's tweets.Alex'll either decide to be with Morgan or accept a fellowship at another hospital-that might be the reason why he's struggling with the decision he's made.He stays eventually at some point Owen will give up the CoS position and Webber will take over again.Baily'll end up engaged to Ben.Meanwhile Yang will decide to leave Seattle.Not sure about Calzona-there might be some resolution after her friend dies,may be Shonda will bring them even closer together.Avery fails his boards,Kepner will be there for him.PD might be the one to leave the show and Shonda will kill him,so Mer will be left with the dream house and Zola.This tragic even will cause Cristina to stay.In S9 Mer will be the new Neuro attending.Mark will be devastated after Derek's death and that will lead to the romantic moments between him and Lexie.And the title Flight reminds me of S2 finale title when Mer voiceover says when your life is at odds means either fight or flight.I don't know where to put Teddy in the whole picture


@Kyrhyn best scenario EVER lol !!
April and jackson will hook up in the next episode OMG !!! i've been waiting for that to happen since lexie and him broke up yeahhh ! and i'm so glad cristina (the oldest one) stays that way, she's funnier ! shonda rhimes what a good job !


Quina Between Kecks/Dempeo/ and Shonda


not going to even guess what will be happening bc after obsessivley watching the show for 8 seasons i know that no matter what any of us guess shonda will still find some way to prove us all wrong and shock us once again and that's why i love her :)


i think cristina will fail, go into a deep depression and kill herself. owen finds out, goes on a ptsd induced rage and kills meredith and teddy. derek is despondent and lives out the rest of his life in the woods. adele passes away, and the stress of that and "sexy time" with mama avery causes richard to have a heart attack and die. bailey is so upset by her work-husband dying that she becomes a complete recluse. callie freaks out on arizona because they never have sofia around. arizona goes back to africa. callie tries to find comfort with mark, but lexie walks in, skizzes out and shoots them both and then herself. april loses it to avery which causes alex to go into a jealous rage, and beating them both up. they both go into hiding and he goes to jail. this leaves only bokey, who i believe will carry through the entire 9th season.


To those wondering when and where Shonda Rhimes stated someone was definitely leaving the show; she didn't say that. Keck of TV Guide stated that after the interview with Rhimes, one character was definitely leaving the show. However, after reading the interview in its entirety, Shonda didn't hint at any point that someone was leaving. example of Keck being Keck.


My thoughts on Season 9: April & Avery become an item Teddy & Owen become an item (let's face it, they belong together anyway) Cristina is leaving the show to pursue a movie career. She's had enough of TV and she was created for bigger and better things. I hate...absolutely despise Cristina with a passion. Sandra Oh, however...I adore. Arizona is leaving the show to pursue motherhood and family time. Derek and Meredith are leaving the show and moving to Malawi in Southern Africa to a) bring Zola back to her birthplace and b) provide medical care. Lexie is staying, because they need a Grey to remain there for "Grey's Anatomy" to be..."Grey's Anatomy". However, I really don't like Lexie and haven't since she first appeared. She's a third wheel and her storylines are very dull; lacking any real interest-peaking content. Mark is staying, and I believe there will be a love triangle amongst him, Lexie and Callie (who is also staying). Any cast members that I haven't mentioned is simply due to the fact that I do not include them in my 'persons of interest' when it comes to the show. I foresee Grey's Anatomy lasting 1 more season. A last 'hurrah' if you will. It has had it's run and has solidified its place in my 'best television shows of all time' list - for now. However, holding on to a flower that is beginning to wilt, will place that flower as a remembrance of brown crinkled crud. It's time for Shonda to let go of this show while it is still a beautiful creation, and concentrate on her new and upcomings. I say...give it one more season to provide 'closure' for all the fans. After that, in the words of Sarah Brightman, it's time to say goodbye.


@melissa what war what are they saying hahaha (All I want for the finally is for april & jackson 2 hookup or her & alex)she needs some accion hahaha


there is a war going on on twitter check it out Hilarious!

Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 24 Quotes

As soon as we get out of here, I'm getting the hell away from Seattle Grace Mercy Death!


Meredith: What happened?
Cristina: We were in a plane crash. Plane crashed!