Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: One Man (or Woman) Down?

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Who stays? Who goes? Will there be a jaw-dropping tragedy?

Grey's Anatomy spoilers regarding the Season 8 finale and the potential carnage within have been few and far between ... until now. With the fifth-year residents on the verge of major career decisions - potentially in other cities - the show has reached a crossroads with the cast's contract situations as well.

Bottom line: All bets are off.

This Tweet from TV Guide's William Keck is just speculation on his part, but his experience on the set of the season finale does offer some hints at what "Flight" may entail on May 17 ...

Tweet GA 1

And then there's this follow-up, in response to a reader question of who will be back for the show's ninth season in the fall. Apparently at least one familiar face will not be on the 2012-13 roster:

Tweet GA 2

Who do you think is leaving, and how will his/her time on the show conclude? Will there be other departures as well? Sound off with your theories and predictions in the comments below ...

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According to E! Online, Meredith, Yang, Derek, and Alex have been signed on for next season. So we know it's not one of them!!


i hope it's April or Richard Weber


it cant be teddy or owen bcuz they confirmed itll be better with their friendship that wont happen before the finale i think


omg its going to be alex, i think he's getting a trouble flight and eather die or end up in the hospital and after that going back to izzie


Please get rid of April. I still choose mute button when she speaks. The most annoying character in the history of GA for me. April and then Owen. After this "CHEAT" episode, I hate Owen, too. Do not even touch my MerDer, Mark, Lexie, Yang and Alex. Oh and yes .. Bailey, too.


I think that alex will not come back


i just hope and pray that NOT cristina and meredith....


I cant believe that there's a possibility that one of the CORE cast would be leaving G.A.
I'm a huge fan of Cristina, I super love her and truly adore her... and I just can't help but feel so afraid that she could be the one who will leave. She never made any press releases nor comments about her renewing her contract. And as far as I know her as an actress, I believe that she is the kind of person who will try to prove her talent in other endeavor.. She already proven how good she is in G.A. and already stayed for 8 years what if these reasons made her decide that it's time to step to a new journey? What if she decided to leave and try to pursue her acting with other offers.. like movies, theater, or with a new series? Her character in previous episodes portrays that she is getting herself ready to new beginnings.. what if that's what she chose to do in real life as well? what if she leave Greys Anatomy..
sigh... I CANT LEAVE WITHOUT MY PERSON.. I hope and I truly pray that she's not the one who is leaving.


A lot of you keep saying you don't want any of the original characters to leave, and then you say that Webber should go. He is an original character! The remaining original characters are webber, bailey, shepherd, and Meredith, Christina, and Alex.


Stop being so overly dramatic. You all know you're not gonna stop watching the show if they write out one of the original cast. You said the same thing about if Izzy got written out and guess what... you're all still here! Rather than give up at the first sign of trouble I would like to see Owen and Christina reconcile. That would be a powerful storyline involving forgiveness that really has only been touched by this show before. And as far as April is concerned I think she's a character that hasn't really been given a good storyline of her own yet and if she were to depart already then it would've felt pointless to have her there in the first place. Let her get some resolution, a little bit of happiness, and then move on.