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"Leave It To Beavers" is the episode we’ve all been waiting for. In many ways it is the perfect episode to transition towards the end of the season. So many of its plot culminations are moments we’ve been rooting for and wanting and waiting to see since the beginning of the series.

Juliette, Nick, & Monroe

The negative to tonight’s episode is it, in what is typical Grimm fashion by now, leaves more questions than answers. It ends up hindering the quality of the episode, all of these pieces are in play but we’re still mostly in the dark. There are no plot revelations at the end of the episode that shine light on what we’ve witnessed nor are we any closer to figuring out what is going on in this struggle that Nick is finding himself deeper in.

Hopefully, with three more episodes left in the season some of these questions will be answered.

Aside from those complaints, “Beavers” is a fantastic episode.

To begin, Juliette and Monroe finally had a chance to sit down together and get to know one another, and it was as awkward as all of us have hoped for. I would not be surprised to learn that the writers might have been holding out on letting Juliette in on Nick’s Grimm life just for this moment. Watching them try to cover up their slip-ups in stories as Juliette slightly probed Monroe on his friendship with Nick provided a lot of comedy the show has been missing lately.

Not only that, the bromance between Nick and Monroe has really hit its stride as well. I can’t remember the last time a solid bromance began with tackling and Grimm survival training in the woods, to awkward dinner conversation, to hiding bodies and deciding to invite more reapers to town.

Sounds like just another day in Portland.

Can we just take a moment and relish in just how much of a badass Nick is tonight? His character shift is absolutely fantastic. At the beginning of the series Nick was a cop and maybe a Grimm. Now he’s

Nick: I'm a Grimm. I'm also a cop. | permalink

Nick is doing the bare minimum to cover up being a Grimm now. He has fully immersed himself into his new role and his new world. He’s hiding bodies, shooting to kill, rallying support and using his position of power in the Wesen world to his advantage. It’s a very far cry from the Nick we started with, but even for all that’s changed his core is still the same. He’s a good man and he wants to help and protect people. He’s not afraid of going against the norm if it means doing what he believes is the right thing to do nor does he cut off heads for dissenting opinions amongst the Wesen.

No, Nick and Monroe cut the heads off reapers to send a message. The reapers were not very menacing this time around, and not just because they were thoroughly beat down by the chief ass kicker. No, they weren’t very scary this time around because their leader seems to think Renard’s greatest weakness comes in twos. Seriously? Your master plan to get the Grimm and outwit Renard is with two Reapers?

No wonder Nick and Monroe sent a message asking for better Reapers.

What did you think of tonight’s Grimm?


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Ronald simkins

You do realize that French is the diplomatic language. So not so weird - but you probably don't speak either German or French do you?


I liked the episode, but still there are so many oddities... the reaper is afraid to return in Portland after Renard cut off his ear (regrown? he has both of them in the episode) and what is the answer? We send two reapers. No further objections. Where is the logic in this? Are reapers so easy to track down, that everybody can call them on the phone or send them a package? And what wrote down Nick as recipient? "The guy sitting in the pub drinking a beer"? Last incongruity: why do the reapers speak french, if they live in Germany? The bounty hunter from the previous episode spoke german...


think Grimm is one of the best 3 programs on t.v., if not #1...keep up the great it.


@Al - This is becoming an ongoing question from fans. We'll probably find out in the finale. I'm of the mind that perhaps Renard ISN'T a Wesen, which could be more interesting. If he's not, would that make Nick more reluctant to go up against him, being human and all. It's one thing to cut down a supernatural/animalistic being. But, a fellow human?


@wolfshades - I recall the Troll calling for one Reaper to handle Nick. Then the Reaper contact decided by himself to send two because it sent a "message" to the Lodge members that the status quo must not be changed. It's not that Nick is more special than any other Grimm. The Reapers were trying to intimidate the Wesen into not bucking the current system. They were probably planning to kill Bud & his friends after finishing off Nick.


I can't help but smile thinking that Nick no kind of has an army of Beavers. Awesome episode, the fight scene almost broke my replay button. Nick used somde serious Buffy moves there when he jumped between the blades. Nick and Monroe are becoming an epic bromance!


Why hasn't Nick seen through his Captain yet? He sits down with other critter folk and can see what they really are, but not the Captain. Is this a story that is building or what?


There was a little more action and hard-edged scenes in this episode, which is why I like it. I remain confused though about what it is about Nick as a Grimm that makes him so special and so fearful that "Angel Battista" (I don't know his name in the show) decided he couldn't take Nick on by himself - the he had to call in the Reapers. Is it that Nick has all of those special weapons? Or is it that he has incredibly good luck when fighting? Beats me. There's got to be something innate about him - some power - that makes him a fearful force to deal with.


BADASSERY. That's all I can think of to describe the freakin' Reaper massacre. Pure, unadulterated badassery. When he did that spinning kick gosh, I rewound that a good 6 times. Looks like we found a Grimm power for certain - the innate power to be a badass. Man, I loved this episode. I actually like the fact that Grimm leaves us with questions - it doesn't detract from the show for me, it actually makes it more exciting to me. I love the mystery that surrounds the show, and I love that we're learning at the same pace with Nick. I love how close Monroe and Nick are now. Nick tells him to bring a shovel and he doesn't even flinch - he even cuts the other head off for him! On another note: My brother & I have been calling Wu "network-Masuka" for some time, so having Angel Batista as a bad guy was fun for us.


@KansasGuest The trolls alibi was that he was drinking at The Trip Trap Club - 3 Ziegevolk Gruff ???? Makes sense though that the beavers are all in construction though .

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Grimm Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Oh my God, dude, you took out two reapers.


Nick: I think I need to send 'em a message.
Monroe: I think you do too, and you know what? When it comes to sending these guys messages two heads are better than one.