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What happens when Nick meets other Grimms? Will they try to kill the Beavers and Monroe? I think that is a great story waiting in the wings.


Surprised it hasn't been mentioned that we learned something about the Reapers - they're made, not born. Not sure whether this means that they're simply an order of Grimm-hunting wesen, or they're physically changed from one 'phenotype' to another (so a Blutbad, say, would lose some hair and grow scales). Either way, it's interesting.

@KansasGuest - You've got a point RE: the fight scenes. I sort of like the hectic style in which they're shot, but in this case I had to skip back (twice!) to work out who kicked who. There's something to be said for clarity.

The Eisbieber's name is Bud, by the way. And yeah, I've grown rather fond of him as well. :)


One observation - in fairy tales, it's usually goats that go up against the bridge troll. I guess they decided to change the animal to beavers due to their more amiable nature and association w/awesome construction. Makes sense, and the character of Nick's beaver friend (you know what I mean - what is his name?) is so earnest, hopeful & brave, you can't help but be won over. The final scene was a hoot. Nick & Juliette won't have to shop for fresh produce for years if he keeps helping the Lodge members!


Now I know what has been lacking - Nick has tapped into his inner Buffy and let his Chosen Self fly free! Thank you! While Buffy still had growing pains due to her young age and limited life experience, when it came time to beat down the demons, she was well prepared. They've flipped it around in Nick's case. He's an experienced cop who had a destiny thrust upon him that he had to meld with his other life very quickly. I like that he's embracing it instead of fighting his responsibility.

One nitpick - please film the fight scenes better. Either they're too dark or shot too close. But, I can never tell which characters are where in the fights. Never had that problem w/Buffy or Angel because they were shot farther back. I know it's supposed to be Portland. But does everyone have to be dressed in the same muted tones, making it hard to differentiate in action scenes? I swear, the only character I can always find is Hank because of his brown/tan jacket.


Great episode. The opening scene was adorable and cool. Nick took out 2 Reapers at the same time! Holy crap! The dinner was adorably awkward. I bet a bunch of beavers will come to Nick`s aid in the future. It's weird that Nick and Juliette haven't talked about the proposal right?


(if I were the troll, and found out this Grimm just handily beheaded 2 reapers, I wouldn't risk lying to him...)


1) it's a misconception that every international packaged is inspected. (this I know as real-life fact)

2) he got the address from the guy who ordered them in the first place.
(our speculation)

(We wondered the same thing)

Interesting observation about Reinard and Nick/shadow, but the biggest exception is R craves power, N has reluctantly embraced it. And in an awesome way, might I add!


Loved the episode and the revelation of the Grimm's amazing fighting skills--and now Nick's as well. I loved the beaver tribute at the end.
The conversation over dinner was so awkward its bound to leave Juliette with more questions.
Regarding Renard and Nick for that matter is all about the was things work in America. One of the differences between Europe and American is our disregard for tradition and class hierarchy. The Mafia broke down in America because of American free enterprise--the young lieutenants stopped taking all their orders from the Don's. I think that's what we see with Renard, and Nick's attitude toward the Wesen.


The awkward dinner was hilarious. I wouldn't blame Juliet for being jealous - good thing Monroe's a man.
Love Renard.
I don't mind Hank as much as people do, I like that Nick has human allies.
Nick is such a compelling hero!

Question, why were they speaking French is Germany?



I was wondering the same thing about the package. Exactly how did two severed heads make it through the mailing process without anyone discovering what was inside the box?

I still think Juliette is...something. Nick and Juliette are a great couple, so I really hope she remains one of the good guys. I really hope the writers do not decide to have her revealed to us as a spy for the Reapers, unless Juliette is a Reaper who switches sides because she loves Nick.

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