Hart of Dixie Exclusive: Wilson Bethel on Flaring Emotions, Raging Hormones

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In a word: No.

That was Wilson Bethel's simple, straightforward response when I asked him whether Wade was actually over Zoe, as events on last week's Hart of Dixie episode seemed to imply.

"Definitely not," the actor elaborated. "He's in limbo, having felt like his affections for her were either scorned or not reciprocated. He's trying to figure out where he stands."

The Race & the Relationship Scene

And while Wade's ex-wife, Tanzie, does make an appearance on tonight's "The Race & the Relationship," Bethel says viewers will learn the "extent" of what his above quote means during the episode.

"We have an Amazing Race type situation in Bluebell," he previews. "Teams pair off to attack each other in a series of challenges and Wade and Zoe are reluctantly paired up… but it becomes more than just a benign race pairing. Emotions flare. Hormones rage."

And Wade sings? Not exactly. Bethel knows he can't compete with Scott Porter's impressive vocals last Monday night.

"It's a hard act to follow," he said of George going all karaoke in New Orleans.

But we have seen other sides to Wade as well this season, most notably when Justin Hartley guest-starred as his brother in "Bachelorettes & Bullets."

"That was a really exciting thing to explore," Bethell said of Wade's more serious side. "A lot of material on this show is light and fun. So it's nice to have those opportunities to show some range. We want these characters to feel like real human beings on all levels, to have real pathos."

Can he give us any kind of season finale tease, as fans anxiously wait and hope for The CW to pick up the series for 2012-2013?

"Zoe and Wade fans will be pleased with the way the season turns out," the actor teased. "Fans of the show in general will be happy with how storylines are resolved, as well as opened up for the possibility of a second season."

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Can I just say that the photo shown above never seemed to actually appear in the episode? I don't remember Wade ever wearing Zoe's clothing...
Also, i


Am I the only one who wants Zoe to end up with George? I don't see her with Wade at all! I sure hope it gets renewed!


I really hope this show gets renewed for a second season. In the mean time am gonna sit back and watch Wade and Zoe create sparks and hopefully if Wilson's tease about the finale happens i'll be pleased as punch.


Thanks for doing this interview Matt!
I think it's easy to say Wilson Bethel has made a lot of us fall in love with him and of course his character Wade. :) It's horrible this whole season has been about love triangles (everywhere in that town) but I can't wait for Z+W to finally want to be with each other but also remain the different and yet similar characters they are because the fun/kooky/different moments that will come from that will be great. It'll also be nice to see a more chivalrous/trying to be romantic Wade. I actually also love when they give us more character background and although it's nice to have light-hearted moments I really think the actors on this show are great enough to take on some honest 'real human' moments. I was crying when Jamie King was because she rocked those scenes!

Sarah silva

I just read the season finale synopsis on tvguide online and I am very happy with what I read! I love Wade but did not like when he was super mean to Zoe but it looks like it will all work out! YEAH!

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