Hart of Dixie Review: George Tucker Time!

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It took George and Lemon to split up for me to finally understand their relationship.

Throughout the opening season of Hart of Dixie, I've questioned why someone so kind and understanding would be engaged to someone to stern and demanding. But George's pre-New Orleans speech to Zoe in "Destiny & Denial" actually made a lot of sense:

There's no way Lemon could date someone like herself. The guy would just fight back and the couple would spent every night apart, one attending the opera and the other a jazz club, for instance.

George in New Orleans

And can you actually imagine Geore Tucker dating someone like George Tucker? It would stand a better chance of success, but it would also lead to nauseating moments where each side coos and tells the other to hang up... no, you hang up... no, you hang up! There's a reason they say opposites attract.

But when it comes out that one of those opposite sides has cheated on the other? With the town's Mayor? Yeah, that's grounds for a break-up, as we saw last Monday.

The development led to this fun episode, which Scott Porter simply owned. It was a hoot to watch George smiling and prancing around town. It was a blast to watch him on stage, showing off the singing voice that he also featured in the film Bandslam and the off-Broadway production of Altar Boyz.

Heck, it was practically inspiring. How great would it be if we all could react to life's most disappointing moments by seizing the day and following the saying that every letdown is merely an opportunity to learn and grow? I know I'd feel better after any split if I could make out with Rachel Bilson.

Sadly, though expectantly, it could not last. George's wonderful world came crashing down on him at the drop of a song, bringing him back to stark, depressing, anger-filled reality. This did at least give Porter yet another moment to shine, as he confronted Lemon on her doorstep, tears streaming down his face.

My only criticism of the episode? And the last few weeks in general? They've rushed Zoe's feelings for George, to an extent at least. The series spent most of its season teasing some kind of love triangle between Zoe, George and Wade, with the latter in the lead. (Remember how the winter finale concluded?) Then it seemed like someone simply decided Zoe's true feelings lay with George, which has left the show scrambling with what to do with Wade.

The apparent answer? Match him back up with his oddly-named ex-wife! (I'm sorry, but... Tancy?!? Is that short for something?) Talk about feeling rushed. We'll see where this goes, but it will take more than a speech from Tom for me to believe Wade has any real interest here.

Overall, though, a strong follow-up to last week's emotional hour. George and Zoe displayed real chemistry throughout the episode, while I even felt sort of bad for Lemon when she broke down in her father's arms.

And speaking of that father: Way to go, Tim Matheson! You really did nail every word of "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General!"


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No one really wants George and Zoe. So come one! Wade and Zoe would be SOOO SOOO much better! Please writers!!!


As much as I love this show it's going to be cancelled & the writers will only have themselves to blame. As others have already said on here, they started out with Zoe & Wade teasing & just completely dropped it like it never happened. Heck it's like they were never even friends. The whole George thing definitely feels force & I agree with LoveWade, Zoe is acting like a nutjob running around now. It's just plain embarrassing. I realize now after watching last nights episode the only time I actually like George is when he's with Lemon. He was acting like a silly cartoon character & it was painful to watch. Lemon drives me insane sometime, but she & George are perfect for each other. I just wish Lavon would stay away & Zoe would just leave it alone before she embarrasses herself anymore.I loved Wade & Zoe together, but he needs someone who will appreciate him & I don't think Zoe is that person anymore.


I think it is sad how much I like this show, given that the plot of the show itself makes absolutely no sense. The writers just decide to make Zoe go back on her decisions; she and George agreed to not flirt anymore at the christmas pageant, and now they're almost getting a room together. Wade and Zoe have chemistry, he asks her out, she rainchecks him, and then it is completely forgotten. It's like the writers only put energy into coming up with ridiculous town events (what kind of play features only adults...including the town doctors and lawyers?) and then as for who Zoe is attracted to, they just decide on a whim. And if they get really stuck, they just throw in an attractive guest star to distract her for one episode, maybe 2. Regardless of how preposterous Zoe's actions were tonight; I thought Scott Porter was awesome in this episode.


Sarah nailed it for me. Is Zoe really that dumb that she would race Lemon for George, especially after Lavon's spot-on insight?? Of all the silly plot twists ... And after this episode, I have to say, I would like to see Lemon and George get back together. Jaime King makes you see how desperate Lemon is to hold everything together ... I felt sorry for her. And these forced triangles do get tiresome.


Well, desperate Zoe's rush to George was so dumb....


I loved this episode, it was perfect and I agree Scott Porter owned it, he's fantastic. I disagree that Zoe's love for George seemed rushed. Zoe's attraction to George was always there, I saw it already in the pilot, and so was the chemistry between Zoe and George.It was also clear (to me at least) that George's interest were primarily with Lemon, allthough he also felt attracted to ZOe. I always felt that the Wade and Zoe relationship was mostly what it was because of Wade's huge crush on Zoe and not because of Zoe having more than friendship feelings for Wade. So the getting together of Zoe and George this episode felt completely natural and inevitable to me. The return of Tansy didn't surprise me at all, I always expected her to come back for Wade. I like her and I like her with Wade too. I think Hart of Dixie is a great show with very talented (and very goodlooking) actors who have created all these wonderful characters that make this show so charming. It's my happy hour every week and I have my fingers crossed for a second season.


I feel like George takes advantage of Zoe. He acts like a super awesome guy but when he reacts with Zoe its like he is making her his backup girl for when things with lemon explode permanently. Even now she cheats and he goes back to her or at least I think its him going back. Not that I don't like him but after his scenes with Zoe it just bugs me that aspect of his personality.


i cant stop laughing at all the z/w fans complaining..just because the show is not exploring the relationship u like does not make it wack..u guys always talk about how popular you are,yet the show's ratings has not increased..maybe the writters want to explore g/z to see if viewership would increase(last week's episode did).so get over it.if u feel u dont want to watch it again,pls do.no one would beg u


That poll is 60% in favor of Zoe/Wade.... just saying
Not that it matters to tptb.


The episode didn't make any sense. Why would Zoe warn Lemon in the last episode and then run off with George in this one? Rant: I really hate when TV shows press so hard for couples with no chemistry whatsoever. It's like Revenge with Emily and Jack...we get it you originally planned for these two to be a thing...sometimes you have to differ from your plans when actors have no obvious chemistry and go in a different direction. Zoe and George are just friends, except it and find her another male love interest.

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