Hart of Dixie Review: Just A Kiss Goodnight

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Although tonight’s Hart of Dixie episode is titled "Heart to Hart", the most significant development had nothing to do with Zoe and her Dad, Ethan.

No, the biggest revelation had to do with a drunk Lavon finally giving into his inhibitions and the emotions he’s been harboring for Lemon and giving her the smallest of pecks.

With George catching them.

Zoe and Her Dad

Can I just say finally? We’ve been waiting and waiting for something to finally move forward between them after months and months of whispering and do-nothings.

I’ve been critical of Lemon and Lavon in the past for not showing any sort of chemistry, yet it’s something we’re being forced to think they have, but tonight I finally bought it. The two of them absolutely clicked in that small moment.

Plus, I can’t wait for George’s reaction. We’ve begun to see his anger at the things Lemon does begin to bubble up more and more, especially as Zoe’s feelings for him escalated. I’m glad he’s begun to take off his rose colored glasses with Lemon and her constant manipulation and scheming.

Lemon is so focused on pushing and shoving Zoe out of George’s path that she’s going to end up pushing George right towards her. Lemon is getting very, very old, and it seems the only way she might ever see the consequences of her actions is to hit rock bottom.

Ethan and Zoe were mostly awkward as they weren’t sure where or even if they should restart their relationship, but all of it began to come together as Zoe poured her heart out to him and Ethan stepped back into his protective father role as he grilled George.

That scene between Ethan and George was absolutely fantastic. Ethan is giving George the “what are you intentions with my daughter” speech and George is caught off guard over it. As the conversation builds and goes on you can begin to see the flashes of realization on George’s face as he realizes what Ethan is talking about, and maybe even his own growing feelings for Zoe.

Finally, there’s Wade. The poor guy just hasn’t really had much of a direction for the entire series other than having growing feelings for Zoe.

While I love the scenes the two of them share, it’s time we begin to see what his goals and dreams are that do not involve Zoe. Kudos to Lavon for putting the idea in his head that he can use the skills he thinks aren’t worth much to do something with, and make a living out of it.

All in all, tonight’s Hart of Dixie really sets the ball rolling for the rest of the season, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Other thoughts:

  • I wish Ethan called Zoe “darlin’” at least once in honor of Chuck.
  • Did tonight change your thoughts at all about Team Wade or Team George?
  • I would love an episode that really put some focus on Addie. Maybe for season two? Get on that CW.
  • That was one hardcore cold face.


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Did NOT like episode not one bit. I will never root for Lemon/Lavone or George/Zoe. Never. Sorry. Please give us some Zoe Wade action and give Wade a story...... please


I just love this show. It's like relaxing with a "quick-read" book. Happy the secret about Lemon and Lavon is finally out. Thought they played the scene well, actually believable. Sure hope the CW renews Hart of Dixie!

Uss biddle dlg 34

An episode, finally more mature than the usual simpleton nonsense ...let's hope the writers don't regress back to that teeny bopper junk.


I really like this fun little show, but I don't know why as there really isn't much to it. I started watching it because I loved "George" on Friday Night Lights and who doesn't like Rachel Bilson? I also like the setting of a small southern town. I almost want to see Zoe with Lavon. George shouldn't be with Lemon -- at least not until she is honest with him and he forgives her for lying to him by keeping her former relationship with Levon a secret from him. Wade is so cute, but I don't see him with Zoe. If I had to choose between Wade and George for Zoe, it would definitely be George. As for Zoe's father, I thought it was just strange the way they interacted in this episode. All in all, this episode was disappointing.


I love her and wade together. Make a great couple on the show. But i agree with lovely said it turning a gossip girl show and have no meaning for what it suppose to be about.Its wade that she suppose to be with not george. Its like rachel bilson in real life. Always falling for the wrong guy or don't want to change her life for the better. why not hook up with wilson in real life and see how it goes?


Team wade or Team george who cares? rachel bilson have shown no interest in the show at all. Her co-stars are the one that running the show, She have not being interview about it before it came back,


Well I too didn't like this episode. Lavon and Lemon should not have happened. There are too many triangles now. I am team Wade....The mayor of Bluebelle sitting getting drunk....Geoge standing at his father's bedside holding hands with Zoe....I mean in real life how would you like it???? Zoe's father telling her that they will be colleagues. hmmmmmmm This story line needs a little more stability. It's starting to look like Country Style gossip girls. I mean who has a disease and who cares.


Team Wade all the way! George annoys me....I don't like the whole Golden Boy thing. I also don't want Zoe to actually persue George....I don't like when they make girls like that. 'Oh...they just can't help it'...Yes they can! The man is engaged, show a little respect (even if you don't like the woman he's engaged too)! I hope Zoe doesn't turn into 'that' girl.


I LOVE the Zoe, George, and Wade centric episodes I also love Lemon and Lavon I hope this doent get cancelled


And this site cut off the rest of my comment!
Anyway: Lately it feels like Wade, Lavon etc. are in an entirely different world as Zoe and the others. The appeal of a small town show is to have all the characters up in each other's business! Although, like others have suggested, it is a lot easier to sell the supposedly undeniable and epic Zoe/George Love Affair if there's no obvious comparison between Zoe and Wade in the same episode... Man, I would have loved to see Zoe's dad meet Wade so he could see where her true romantic future lies.

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