Hart of Dixie Trailer: The Race for George Tucker

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The race for George Tucker is about to be on. Literally!

This Monday, Hart of Dixie will feature the Bluebell Battle, which may feature Zoe and Wade as a team, but will apparently come down to Zoe and Lemon competing for George's heart and attention.

Who will come out on top? Watch the following trailer and get an early look at a few scenes now:

Following the events from last week's "Destiny & Denial," who do you want to see George with?

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George needs to get outa town........they are both toxic......I can't stand that stupid blond "Lemon" she certainly is a lemon sour and bitter at the same time........Zoe is a bit of a dingbat hard to believe that anyone lets her into the O R and OPERATE............we need a new character for that poor southern man!!!!!!!


Sigh. For me, it's not even really about the triangle anymore (although I'm still definitely Team Wade and Team Lemon, in that she deserves better than George OR Lavon at this point, and frankly, Wade deserves better than Zoe, but I'm still hoping she'll see the light). What bothers me most about the direction the show is apparently taking is that we're actually expected to believe two grown women-one of whom is supposedly a massively-educated professional and the other someone who prides herself on classy, ladylike behavior-would act this way over a man. Especially a man who is decidedly NOT worth the humiliation or heartache, in my opinion. It's insulting, and it's certainly not behavior I'd root for in a lead or indeed any member of an ensemble.


The triangle still feels pretty much forced and this show is more focused on the rest of bluebell. I think Zoe's growth is the key to saving this show. Not that i don't love this triangle between wade "cowboy" and george "ex new-yorker", i mean IT IS an image of the real life choice zoe has to make, the lesson she has to learn. But i have no idea why, they are just not going there yet. i hope it gets deeper into zoe's character! and i hope they save the show!
as for the next episode, who knows they might have zoe wake up gracias to bonding with wade, she'd realize she is rushing into things, having not figured out anything yet. (we kind of saw that in the homecoming episode.)

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Hart of Dixie Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Lavon: Zoe, I really don't get how you still don't know this, but Wade likes you.
Zoe: What? No, maybe he did before, but definitely not now.

All it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.