House Episode Trailer: Major Death to Come?

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Seriously, who saw that coming?!?

Last night's episode of House concluded with a major shocker, as - SPOILER ALERT!!! - Robert Sean Leonard's Wilson told his best pal that he had cancer. We know: whoa!

But there's no way the series would kill Wilson off, right? Right?!? Considering the title of the House series finale, it's hard to say for certain.

Get your first look now at next week's "The C Word," followed by a video in which Hugh Laurie discussed his direction of the episode. Then vote on your preferred fate for Wilson...

Do you want to see Wilson die?

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Am I the only who suspects this might be revenge for the whole "I have an eleven year old son" thing? Wilson is House's best friend, he knows how to get under his skin. Plus, he is an oncologist, he would know how to fake scans/symptoms. Who knows? I just can't wait to see what really happens.


Oh, for Chrissakes, get a grip, people. Stage II Thymoma is completely treatable with an excellent prognosis. As much as I loathed her, at this point, I'd rather see Cuddy return.

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