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I loved this episode of House! More so when it first aired, in season 3, when it was titled "Half-Wit." 

In that episode, House fakes being ill in order to receive a cancer treatment that basically gets him high. His team finds out in the process and in an effort to treat him, discover that he's not really sick. Watching Dr. Adams convince the team House was ill brought me right back to when Cameron attempted to stick House with a needle and kiss him in the process.

While tonight's episode "Blowing the Whistle," was the first episode in a long while where I found the patient storyline captivating, it was ultimately difficult to watch because House's sick plot was so completely recycled. But I suppose if House is going to recycle anything, better this whole "I think House is sick storyline" than a few other choice storylines in the last eight years.  

House and His Team

But back to the patient, Brant. It took me awhile to actually latch on to what he did that was so treasonous, but now I think I've finally got a grasp of it. This patient, (Arlen Escarpeta), and his brother, (Hayes, played by former ER actor Sharif Atkins), reminded me of something in The Good Wife. And yes, I realize that this is a major compliment for House.

This week's patient worked so well because, like House, he did what he thought was honorable, with a compelling reason behind it, even though it clearly broke the black and white rules of engagement in war.

So was he a traitor? Without getting political, I liked his motivations. He saw his own country make a terrible error and he wanted to make sure it never happened again. Of course, his methods of going about this were entirely questionable, but that's what got him into trouble in the first place. So here we have a resolute, determined man who will not back down from his perspective, while on the other side, Hayes, the clear-cut, color within the lines type, who thinks his brother is a fool. And to more clearly show that they are two sides of the same coin, they both involve their honorable deceased father in their beliefs.

Brant feels that his dad would be proud of him for holding true to his principles, while Hayes does his best to convince him otherwise. In the end, we find out that the patient's brother is capable of breaking some rules, and they're are not insignificant ones. Brant and Hayes' father died in an accident and Brant had been searching for a long time to see if the military had any involvement with the death of his father. Rather than confirm his beliefs about military cover-ups, Brant's brother confessed to falsifying the records to cover-up his father's dishonorable death: driving drunk and killing a pedestrian in the process.

We're left wondering if honor is in the intentions of an action or the action itself. Both brothers did what they felt was best and right. And both were to protect others. This leads us right to Chase, the supposed "rat" of the episode. House's Ferris Bueller routine turned out to be a litmus test to see who House could trust. Turns out Chase ratted out House's sickness to Foreman. And as payback, House released rats in his apartment. But really, what does it prove other than Chase knows House better than anyone and that he's a good friend to House? 

Bravo on the patient's storyline this week. And while I know after eight years, it's a challenge to reach for new storylines, let's at least try not to so blatantly steal from House episodes past. 

Question of the week: Is the patient honorable?


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I think House really is sick. The last episode of House is titled "Big C" which might stands for Cancer. In the interview, the show producers said that the last four or so episodes of House will all be related and that Wilson may be too late to realize that House is in trouble because Wilson is caught up with his own personal matter (which according to the promo, it seems that Wilson has a 12 year old son that he doesn't know).
I think the producers will not just recycled material, I mean this is their final series. Don't you think that they will try to go out with a bang. Whenever I watch House, I always get reminded that everything is not what it seems. This episode does not show for a fact that House is not sick, we just meant to trust Chase's judgement, i.e. there is still possibility that House is sick.


All I have to say about House is: I'm really going to miss Chase :'(


DCB, you missed the point, Old Son. Its not the SIZE of the SPEEDO in Boca, its the SIZE of the WALLET attached to that Speedo. And Old Speedo's still admire Old Thongs. And Old Thongs still "put out" just as enthusiastically as they did back in the day. However, I like the Hunter Thompson quote. Very appropriate. And it shows you've read a book or two. :)


but as with the A-Team in the 70's, House has formula'ed itself into a corner.
As for the 'finale' I hope the producers/writers take some advice from another wise Doctor:
"Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba…� ― Hunter S. Thompson


Knowing that this is the last season, I've given this show quite a bit of slack. House has entertained me, been on the top of my watch list for several years. Like an aging dog, you still love it even though it can't run and frolic like it used to. This episode was certainly not the most engaging, but it contained most of the elements I enjoy about the series.
I'm also a long-time fan of NCIS, and have been rather critical of recent episodes even though they are no worse than recent 'House'. The difference is that House has accepted it's own decline and demise. NCIS still parties like in-denial Boca Raton Snowbirds. Unaware that the thongs and Speedos just don't work anymore, refusing to accept the passing of time.
But I digress.
House is stuck in a self-inflicted formula. The mysterious disease, the multiple plausible, yet incorrect diagnosis, the tom-foolery between house and Wilson, the worker-bees' frustration, all that worked beautifully for several seasons, but as with the A-Team in the 70's, House has formula'ed itself into a corner.
As for the 'finale' I hope the producers/writers take some advice from another wise Doctor:
"Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube. That is why God made fast motorcycles, Bubba…� ― Hunter S. Thompson


I, too, did not enjoy this episode. I had the chance to do something more interesting with my son, but didin't and now I regret it. lol I didn't even remember that it was a recycled plot. I wish they could get something better going as they get to the end.


It's as if they've stopped working on House plots - it's finishing, so why put the energy in? Frankly I'll be glad to see it go. I only dip in now and again nowadays anyway.


you are right, this is a weak ep with recycled material and even Hugh Laurie couldn't make it interesting. if he couldn't do it, no body could have.
i do agree with what the soldier did though, it wasn't the right way to expose the army, but who can propose the RIGHT way. the army is both heroic and villainous, depends on how u look at it.
i fully support the soldiers but i do think that their management sucks and has to be exposed otherwise nothing is ever going to change. i just feel sorry that this will cast a shadow on the soldiers that are actually fighting honorably.

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