Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

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Next Tuesday, April 10, NCIS is back with a new episode in which Tony and Ziva join Ziva’s longtime friend and mentor in Colombia in a search for a missing Marine Lieutenant and Navy Chaplain.

Also appearing next week, according to CBS' press release? Jamie Lee Curtis!

Karina Lombard guest stars as retired Interpol Agent Monique Lisson, with whom Ziva has a strong bond we'll learn more about for the first time, while Curtis reprises her role as Dr. Samantha Ryan.

Dr. Ryan

Also, the countdown to the first NCIS wedding has officially begun! Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) reveals his best man ... who do you think it will be? One of the guys? Or someone new entirely?

Oh, and the title of this episode? "The Missionary Position." Yes, really.

Excited to see JLC back? Share your thoughts on these teasers below!

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If Jamie Lee Curtis stays -- my husband and I will stop watching. Her character is ruining the show for us.


Jamie Lee Curtis bad for NCIS, NCIS is my favorite serial TV, chemistry between them so perfect dan so interesting until JLC show up and ruin all.... please make her disappear !!!!


I love Jamie Lee Cutis on the show! Keep her on!


Like the 99% of those who have already posted comments Im a big NCIS fan but have more or lees stopped watching. No more JLC please. Huge mistake. Go back to what you were doing , it was great.


Wrong casting choice with JLC and Gibbs. Have no problem with a women who is age appropriate, strong and has a forceful personality - I just don't think Curtis is a strong actor and so the connection just doesn't work no matter what. Please get rid of her - I want to keep watching NCIS and I'm not at all sure I will continue to do so if she is cast as a regular character on the show. They seem to be making a huge effort as well in the dialogue of making sure that we know that all the rest of the cast like her character so that we as an audience will like her as well but I'm just not buying it. They just kissed while I was typing this and I have to agree with "Toni" - this truly is a train wreck. I just cannot fathom or believe that Gibbs would actually be attracted to her. Honestly, JLC is fine as a spokesperson for yogurt but not as a part of the NCIS ensemble.


I can not bear watching NCIS with Jamie Lee Curtis. Her character is insulting, looks down her nose at everyone (not attractive). She has ruined the show for me and my extended family. This is too bad. By the way who's bright idea was it to start her as a regular without doing any fan polls after her first episodes.


JLC is great on NCIs, and their chemistry is more mature than the other relationships Gibbs has had. She does need some lipstick in a color though; she looks way too drab. We get it - she has grey hair too but would it hurt to give her a nice wardobe? Keep exploring this character; good addition.


Jamie Lee Curtis is soooo wrong for NCIS. The flirting between her and Gibbs borders on disgusting because it's not "real". It really cheapens Gibbs, and I just don't see him being chummy with anyone, but especially her. JLC is perfect for an Activia yogurt commercial but not for NCIS!


I have to say JLC is a great actress i have watched her for years. But on NCIS she is not a good fit at all for the show or the team. She needs to stay gone in Season 10


Yeah, I found this site, because I was curious to see if anyone else thought that JLC was bad for the show. Turns out there are lots of us. The CID Colonel was perfect as Gibbs' love interest. JLC just doesn't fit. I go get a beer when her character comes on.